If you bake, and you have a Safeway near you…

you might want to make a stop there sometime before Thursday. I wish I’d realized this sooner so that I could spread the good news, but they’re having a reeeeaaallly good sale on flour and sugar.

Five pound bags of Gold Medal flour are on sale two for $3, and 5 pound bags of sugar are two for $4. These are pretty decent prices(remember that I was paying $2.50 for five pounds of store-brand flour!), but there’s more! If you spend $30 on baking supplies, you get a $10 coupon off of anything in the store.

If you buy $30 of sugar(15 bags), the coupon effectively reduces the cost to $1.33 a bag.

If you buy $30 of flour(20 bags), the coupon effectively reduces the cost to $1 a bag(I know! That’s even cheaper than the $1.25 I got at Shoppers last week).

The coupon prints after you pay, so you can’t actually use it to pay for the flour. Here’s what I did…I bought $30 worth of sugar and flour and paid for it. Then I had the cashier ring up $10 worth of groceries(two gallons of milk at $3.50 each, a container of Hershey’s cocoa for $2.50, and some organic pears that were on sale for $.99 a pound. Oh, and some OJ concentrate, because we were out of juice), and I used the $10 coupon to pay for those things.

So, I now have 50 pounds of sugar, and I’ve added 35 more pounds of flour to my stash. Plus, thanks to the $10 coupon, I’m not going to have to buy milk, cocoa, and pears when I go shopping on Thursday.

I’m a happy girl. :)


  1. Gail says

    Wow! Those are great deals. I wish we had a Safeway or Shoppers here. My choices for shopping are Walmart and Food
    Lion. There is a Kroger an hour away, but often not worth the trip. Lucky You!

  2. says

    Ah yes…I live in grocery shopping heaven. There are 6 different grocery stores all within 5 miles of my house! I don’t usually have time to shop the great deals at all of them, but it’s nice to have the option when I do have the time.

  3. Jennifer says

    Wow, I am jealous! There is only a Kroger nearby (and I live in a large metropolitan area!)…I do so much baking that I go through flour & sugar like water!

  4. Anna G. says

    Wish I would have read this sooner (or picked up the Food Day this week)! At least it’s motivation for me to remember to pick it up in the future. Deals like that are too good to miss!


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