Aussie Chicken

This is not as frugal as something like beans and rice, but it is way cheaper than takeout, and this will also be less expensive than a prepared meal if you get your chicken and bacon on sale.


– Boneless chicken breast – Seasoning salt – Yellow mustard – Honey – Corn syrup – Mayonnaise


I combine mayonnaise, honey, mustard, corn syrup, and dried onions with a whisk. If you use a spoon, the mayonnaise will stay in lumpy white bits.

Step: 1

Then I sprinkle seasoned salt over my chicken breasts. You can use SeasonAll, but I just use the generic brand.

Step: 2

Step: 3

Then I heat my cast iron skillet and cook up some bacon slices and some sliced mushrooms.

Step: 4

After that, I cook my seasoned chicken breasts in the same skillet, which gives them a lovely bacon-ey flavor.

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