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WIS, WWA | We’re giving Mr. FG a hard time

What I Spent

I made a quick stop at Weis and spent $14.

And Mr. FG made three trips to BJ’s warehouse club, his new favorite store. Heh.

BJ's Warehouse Club receipts

He spent $41 on milk, coffee, some snacks, lunch meat, and a big bag of organic blueberries. 

The girls and I give him ribbing about how much he’s been going there lately, but in all honesty, this is an area where we are a good match; I hate running errands, and he’s getting cabin fever from working at home for months on end.*

So him doing a five minute run out to BJ’s for some things we need is good for him (a trip outside this house!) and good for me (I get to not run an errand.)

The downside is that I still have not gotten myself out to BJ’s to form an opinion on BJ’s vs. Costco. One day I will.

*I have not, in the history of ever, gotten cabin fever. It is a feeling that is utterly unimaginable to me.

What We Ate


The girls fended for themselves while Mr. FG and I had a takeout date night; Mod Pizza this time.

The best thing about Mod Pizza is that I can get exactly what I want on my pizza, because my pizza toppings affect only me. And this is lovely because I like my pizza different than everyone else in my family, including Mr. FG.

(No meat, many veggies, hot peppers. Yes, yes, yes.)


Another installment in our efforts to support local restaurants; this time we got a pasta family meal from a local pasta place that we’d never tried before.

The family serving was very generous and made lots of lunch leftovers, so it was a pretty good deal overall.

One weird thing; garlic knots were included, but they were more like a garlic version of cinnamon rolls. The  garlic knots I make are actually knot shaped, so I was surprised by this.

Garlic Knots on a cutting board

This is what mine look like.


I made burrito bowls with chicken, veggies, cheese, rice, and so on. I used this chipotle chicken recipe for the chicken part of things.

Those are basically a one-dish meal, but we had some oranges on the side too.

Well, except for me because I have a really bad canker sore right now and oranges are disastrously painful for canker sores. 

Same for bananas. Chocolate. Tomatoes. Woe is me! 

Kristen annoyed

How I feel about having a canker sore


Sonia made chipped beef on toast for everyone, and she made a little separate pot for herself, using diluted heavy cream in place of the milk. That works great, since she can tolerate cream but not milk.

I do not remember what produce we ate with our chipped beef on toast.

(But we know I wasn’t eating oranges. 😉 )


I had a mammoth geometry session with Zoe in the afternoon, which was good in the sense that we got all caught up on geometry.

But it was bad in the sense that I did not get anything started for dinner. So, we got Firehouse subs.

You win some, you lose some. In the grand scheme of things, I do way more cooking at home than buying takeout, and that’s what matters most, financially speaking.

(because what you do most of the time matters more than what you do here and there.)


I’ve been on a hunt for interesting waffle flavors, and Lisey suggested blueberry waffles. So, I gave this recipe a try. 

Four blueberry waffles.

Verdict: most of us liked them, but several prefer blueberry pancakes. 

And I will say that blueberry pancakes give you fewer sticking issues than blueberry waffles!


I think I’m going to make pasta alfredo with chicken. And probably a green salad. 

What did you have for dinner this week? 

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Monday 8th of February 2021

The Costco vs BJs debate! We had a BJs membership and let it expire. Shortly after, signed up with Costco. There are a few things I miss from BJs—Costco doesn't sell the whole milk firm mozzarella we use for homemade pizza, and BJs sold it in the perfect size! I also really like the Daisy sour cream in the squeeze bags, which BJs carried and Costco does not. I also like that BJs accepted coupons. BJs also sells grass-fed steaks, which Costco does not—though the latter's grass-fed ground beef is more economical.


Monday 8th of February 2021

No meal comments. It's just me and my husband home these days, and we don't eat anything very exciting! your canker sore dilemma. I have struggled with them for MANY years. They're the worst. I have tried everything--and I mean everything--to no avail. If it's bothering you badly enough (I have some that make my entire jaw and head ache.), call the dentist and ask them to cauterize it for you. It hurts like blazes when they do it, but it is immediate relief. I promise. SOOO worth it! I have gotten to the point now where I can feel them coming and can usually catch them with lots of salt immediately. But, if not, this is a great--albeit painful--solution. Good luck!


Monday 8th of February 2021

So, tell me about the salt. What do you do with that?

Jennifer Y.

Monday 8th of February 2021

I make two batch meals for the week.

For lunch, we had burgers, roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli.

For dinner, we had black bean and sweet potato enchiladas and a simple green salad. (This was not a hit. There was a lot of long faces and whining as we ate through these meals). We ate it, but I will not be making a big batch of these in the future :)


Saturday 6th of February 2021

A little late to the party, but let's see what can remember... Monday- baked applesauce pork chops with couscous Tuesday- hmmm ??? Wednesday-Kilbasa and fries- last minute but it got everyone fed Thursday- Take out- local chicken spot Friday- Pulled Pork sandwiches Saturday- homemade pizza


Saturday 6th of February 2021

Sun. - Chicken pot pie soup, (without the chicken) Rolls Mon. - Tofu soup & rolls (Broth, tofu, & pasta, over fresh spinach) My DS favorite, without the spinach, of course. :) Tues. - Refried beans and rice Wed. - Rice and veggies (Mix about a Tbls of peanut butter with soy sauce/Brags liquid aminos-delicious!) Thurs. - Rice and veggies with marinated tofu. Thurs. - Potato nachos (Roasted potatoes, leftover refried beans) & toppings. Sat. - Pizza with green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.