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WIS, WWA | Plus one!

Lisey arrived this week! So we are temporarily a household of three (plus a cat and hamster. Ha.)

Kristen and Lisey

how we feel about being reunited 😉

What I Spent

I spent:

  • $111 at Aldi
  • $6 at Safeway
  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box.

So, $147 for this week.

I feel like I still do not have a good idea of what a “normal” grocery average is going to be for me, since my pantry/freezer are still not quite stocked to a normal level.

And Lisey will be here over the summer anyway, so we are going to have a summer normal, and then a new normal in the fall anyway.

What We Ate


I salted and peppered some chicken thighs, let them sit in the fridge for a few hours, cooked them in a skillet, and then shredded the meat, tossed it with BBQ sauce, and served it on toasted buns.

BBQ sandwich on white plate with a bowl of veggies.


I made BBQ chicken naan pizzas with the leftover chicken from Saturday.

A BBQ chicken pizza on a white plate.


Remember how one of my neighbors brought me a lasagna when we moved here? I’d frozen half of it (a whole lasagna was too much for Zoe and me!), so on Monday I thawed the other half and baked it. Lisey had arrived on Monday, so she was here to help us eat it. 🙂

Strawberries in a white bowl.

My parents had kindly given me some strawberries from their garden, so in honor of Lisey’s arrival, I baked an angel food cake, which we ate with strawberries and whipped cream.

Angel food cake in aluminum pan.


I made one of Lisey’s favorites: quesadillas with a corn, lime, cheese, and cilantro filling.



I roasted a pork tenderloin, roasted some baby potatoes, and cut up some fresh fruit.

Pork and potatoes on a table.


While Lisey was away at airplane mechanic school, she finished up the requirements for her associate’s degree from the community college (she just needed to take a few more CLEP tests), so we went out for sushi to celebrate.

In another year or so, she’ll graduate from the airplane mechanic school, and then because those credits also count toward a four-year degree, she’ll be pretty close to a bachelor’s degree.

So, if she’s not TOO tired of school by then, she may take a few classes just to reach the bachelor’s degree level as well. We’ll see…one step at a time!


Boy, I’m not sure! I need to see what the girls’ Friday night plans are so I know how many people I’m feeding. 🙂

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Monday 30th of May 2022

You can be so proud of Lisey!


Saturday 28th of May 2022

121 spent in Kroger pickup. Sunday and Monday - grilled beef hot dogs. All the fixings. Baked beans. Jalepeno chips. Tuesday- Turkey and cheese sandwiches on sub buns. Cucumber salad. Chips n salsa. Wednesday- breakfast for dinner Thursday- I was running errands after work and right by a Sonic. Two shakes were picked up. Later I had a cold of cereal with blueberries. No idea what everyone else ate. Friday- went to see TOP GUN MAVERICK ( loved it). Matinee after work. We had movie popcorn for dinner and I made smoothies when we got home. Today- taco bowls with brown rice and all the fixings!


Friday 27th of May 2022

Grilled chicken with white onion gravy, blanched asparagus from our garden, and cheddar onion biscuits. We had an avocado going brown so we ate chips and guacamole while my husband grilled the chicken.

Tacos with grilled chicken, avocado, carrot/purple onion/cucumber pickles, and lime sour cream sauce.

Chicken quesadillas and tomato soup

Vegetable coconut curry and rice

Pork chops, pasta salad, and green beans

Split pea soup from the freezer. We had a big late lunch for my Grandma’s funeral so we needed something light and quick.


Friday 27th of May 2022

Bought a pound of red potatoes to make potato salad. Needed mayonnaise, oh my goodness, last time I bought Hellman's it was 3.50 a jar, 4.99 now. I need to lower my tastes or give it up. Costco rotisserie chicken is still 4.99 but I have frozen tenders to use up. Been having Costco frozen beef burgers on bun with mustard and pickles. I buy Costco 2oz hummus and have with carrots. I like it & it freezes well and can stick in purse for a snack. Apples from Aldi, they have nice smaller apples. I get almond butter that you grind up in the store for my apples or with chocolate chips mixed in. I toast Bob's gluten free rolled oats and mix with nuts and dried cranberries for a take along munch. By the pound popcorn I pop in microwave with some cheese shredded on top. I eat a lot a snacky mini meals with protein & fiber. I've been looking for a tasty gluten free pasta but haven't found one yet.ew. I have eggs, cans of beans, dry quinoa, frozen vegetables and fruit to make quick meals. It's almost time for fresh cherries that will probably be so expensive. I hope they taste good.


Friday 27th of May 2022

@Becca, I've had Aldi's gluten free pizzas and they are good. I like Costco better and I think they are cheaper .


Friday 27th of May 2022


Oh wait, just saw you said gluten free pasta, not pizza! Sorry! I think Aldi has a pretty decent gluten free section, so they might have a good pasta too. I've had lentil pasta before and it was ok, and rice pasta was also fine, but neither taste as good as wheat, to my tastes so I'll defer to all the people who actually are gluten-free and know what they are talking about! ;) There's also always squash, like spaghetti squash or yoodles/zoodles. I do like both of them, but they are a bit more work than dumping a box of pasta into water.


Friday 27th of May 2022


I've been reading about Aldi's frozen cauliflower pizzas lately. I've not tried them yet, so can't confirm, but they are supposed to be pretty good and it looks like some of them (I don't think all) are gluten free. Since you already shop Aldi, maybe they are worth a try? They are in the freezer section and I don't think they are super expensive (at least not yet). I'm planning to get a couple different ones to try next week because I've been consumed with cauliflower pizza curiosity lately, so I'll let you know what we think!


Friday 27th of May 2022

Yay Lisey! As another mom whose daughter came home from college for the summer earlier this month, I can wholeheartedly confirm that the feeling is indescribably wonderful.

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