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WIS, WWA | and a trip wrap-up

What I Spent

Mr. FG and I were out of town for my brother’s wedding until Wednesday night.

Which means I really do not have a real grocery shopping and menu plan post to share with you because….I was mostly not in my kitchen. 

A scallop roll with fries and ketchup.

I left cash here for the girls, so they fended for themselves while we were gone. And Mr. FG and I ate out the entire week.

That money will come from our vacation budget, though!

Generally speaking, we got a pretty slow start in the mornings, so we just ate two meals a day, with snacks in between.

A white WRX in a Maine parking lot.

Since we were driving, I was able to bring a cooler, which allowed us to buy cheese and produce and such for snacking.

Strawberries and sliced Cabot cheese.

I love doing that because it’s a win in terms of both health and money; without a cooler, it’s hard to eat as much produce as I’d like while traveling.

And a bowl of fruit at a restaurant is so much more expensive than a container of berries from a grocery store.

What We Ate


This was the wedding day, so…we ate dinner there. Obviously.

Mr. FG and Kristen dressed up for a wedding.



We headed up to Portland, Maine, where we stayed in a really nice Westin hotel.

(I love my brother’s hotel discounts!)

A view of a brick wall through a black-framed window.

You know a hotel is fancy when there is a sitting area by the elevator on each floor:

Kristen sitting in a chair in front of an elevator.

Once we checked in, we walked down to the dock and ate at an outdoor seafood restaurant there.

A lobster roll and fries with ketchup.

The weather was just perfect for walking around and eating outside; not too hot and not too humid.

Mr FG and Kristen, sunglasses on, sitting on a dock.


We walked to a local doughnut shop for breakfast and I also got two hard-boiled eggs and a Greek yogurt from a convenience store.

Because I will crash hard if I only eat doughnuts for breakfast!

A box of doughnuts from Portland, Maine.

After doing a whole lot more walking around the Portland area, and visiting a beach, we headed down to Providence, Rhode Island.

We got there pretty late, so we squeezed in a quick meal at P.F. Chang’s.


We went to the beach in Rhode Island, but we didn’t get to stay there super long because a serious string of thunderstorms was about to roll through.

A Rhode Island beach under cloudy skies.

But that was ok because we had a 5-6 hour drive to our next hotel.

The view from the Mario Cuomo bridge in New York City.

By the time we got there, it was quite late, so we hit a fast food drive-thru.


We spent our last day in a little Pennsylvania town called Lititz.

It was another gorgeous weather day to walk around the town and visit the shops and the Lititz Springs Park.

An old-fashioned white porch with bushes around it.

I could not possibly have ordered better June weather even if there was such a thing as a weather menu!

We weren’t very hungry at dinnertime, so we stopped into the Appalachian Brewing Company and just ordered a few appetizers.

(And no beer, because we are just not people who enjoy alcohol! We are not quite this restaurant’s target demographic, but their appetizers were delicious.)

Then we drove home, where Sonia and I promptly took an ambulance ride. 


We were all pretty tired after the previous night’s ER shenanigans, so we had an easy meal of grilled BLTs.

A grilled BLT sandwich, on a wooden cutting board.


I don’t know! But I do plan to sit down and make a menu for the upcoming week now that I am done traveling for a bit.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Becky S

Saturday 26th of June 2021

Great trip and your dress is beautiful!

We had wedding week for our daughter this week, so meals were very different than usual.

Saturday - snacks after a lunch out when my husband picked up his mom at the airport Sunday - big lunch of burgers, salads, chips, and fruit for my parents 50th anniversary Monday - rehearsal dinner - hummus platters, steak and shrimp, potatoes, and asparagus followed by cheesecake Tuesday - afternoon wedding with catered pulled pork sliders, mac & cheese, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato chips, and watermelon followed by pie instead of cake Wednesday - pizza at a local brewery while watching the bulls run for the rodeo this weekend Thursday - chicken salad on croissants Friday - fried fish sandwiches with bass that my husband and dad caught

We have been laying low the last few days after a busy wedding week with lots of family and friends. We stocked the fridge on Thursday when everyone left, and we haven't done anything other than watch a little bit of slack at the rodeo the last 2 mornings.


Saturday 26th of June 2021

You were pretty close to our house when you stopped in Lititz! It really is a nice little town to walk around in. I'm a bit envious of your trip to New England...someday we WILL get there for a vacation!

Edit Jeremias

Saturday 26th of June 2021

Nice mini vacation.I love the wedding picture. ;)


Friday 25th of June 2021

You look absolutely stunning!


Friday 25th of June 2021

Aww, thank you!


Friday 25th of June 2021

So glad to hear all is well! Sounds like a great vacation time too.

I'll work backwards and see if I can remember...

Thursday we had Half Baked Harvest's Sticky Sesame Sheet Pan chicken with crispy brussels sprouts. Wednesday we are with friends and they made a chimichurri chicken dish with cauliflower rice and watermelon salad Tuesday we had leftover shrimp stir fry with egg rolls and stir fried veggies Monday we had pasta with red sauce and zucchini Sunday we had shrimp stir fry and salad Saturday I think we made pizza

Tonight we're having salad, roasted potatoes and chicken tenders.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.