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Christmas Pictures (well, some of them)

You know how I said I usually unload my memory card(s) every day? Well, I’m now reminded why I do that. Sorting through 3-4 days of photos is kind of overwhelming.

So, you’re going to get Christmas photos in installments. Today: Christmas Eve photos.

On Christmas Eve day, my in-laws came to our house to exchange presents (for those interested, our lunch was clam chowder, honey glazed-rolls, and a spinach/orange/cranberry salad.)

A piano bench is so handy to have around for company…we can add two seats to our table that way (we put two chairs on one end, and two people can sit on the bench. And that’s usually Mr. FG and me so that we don’t make our guests sit on a backless seat!)

My in-laws brought some gifts.

A perfect amount, really…not too many, not too few. Fabulous.

Ok, so, Zoe had a little trouble with the ribbon. 😉

Among other things, she and Sonia both got a matching set of rain coats and boots, which they are just so in love with. They’ve been wearing them even on sunny days.

“It might rain, Mommy!”

Aren’t these ladybug boots just too cute?

After a nice visit with my in-laws, we headed over to Mr. FG’s aunt and uncle’s house to see more family.

Mr. FG’s aunt, who is great with kids, had an ornament craft kit for everyone.


After we came home, I stuffed stockings,

made a gift for Joshua out of this Goodwill frame (photos of the finished project to come, I promise),

and got things ready for the next morning’s caramel monkey bread.

And that’s where we’ll leave off for now because if I add Christmas morning photos, this post is going to be unbearably long.

What did you do on Christmas Eve?


Today’s 365 post:Two point and shoot photos (one from me and one from Sonia)

Joshua’s 365 post: Christmas Craziness!

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Tasmanian Minimalist

Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Looking at your photos makes me rather sad that my daughter is an only child. I see how your children get along with one another through your pictures and I love the clear relationships they have. At least it makes me more focussed on being a good mum to our girl....lovely work as ever.


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Loving the photos and feeling very inspired. We finally did it and invested in the UK version of a T3i. Only prob is I haven't figured out the software yet! So I too have quite a few photos to upload - including one of the Hubby and I in our newly purchased (mine second-hand) Cheesy Christmas knitwear! Hope you Guys had a great Christmas!

drea :: dre of white stables

Wednesday 28th of December 2011

hi! i found your blog through a recipe on pinterest, and i'm really enjoying it! i'm a mommy to 4 little ones, too, so i love to read about more frugal ideas. =)

Paula in the UP

Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas Eve. My daughter, son in law and "grand dog" Zoey drove from Colorado to Michigan to spend Christmas with us, that was the BEST part. On Christmas Eve we go to a family church service, although this year we lost a few to a football game, don't worry the rest of us prayed for them(haha). Then we head to my in laws for a wonderful meal and some gift opening. Then back home, everyone went to bed and I filled stockings, yes my kids are 24 and 22 and still look forward to their stockings being filled, I guess I sort of enjoy it too!!


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Aaaah, such a great day. It was our Christmas with the kids. The night before (Friday - our Christmas Eve) we watched Elf and had pizza. In the morning we had to wait for our oldest daughter to wake up - we did presents, stockings - followed by a big breakfast, and a lot of laying around and doing nothing (Actually I did quite a bit of cleaning up. Ahem.). That night we went to church at 5:30p, followed by our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was awesome.

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