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Buy One, Get One Free sales (and especially Buy One, Get One 50% Off or the Buy One, Get One for $1 sales) are ticking me off lately.

why i hate buy one get on sales

They’re not crazy bothersome at the grocery store, where I can happily pick up two packages of frozen fruit, knowing that I’ll use them both.

But it drives me nuts when these types of sales are run on non-consumable items.

For instance, as part of Joshua’s room re-do (photos coming soon, promise!), I needed to buy him a twin-size blanket. I found one on the Kohl’s website that looked like it would work, and waited a day or two to buy it, because I had a coupon that was only good at that later date.

But lo and behold, the day the coupon was valid, the blanket went on a Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale, instead of the previously “discounted”* price (I think it was something like 30% off before).

*discounted is in quotation marks because the prices on everything at Kohl’s are artificially inflated and are rarely, if ever sold at what they call “full price”.

Ugh.  Having to buy two food items to get the discount is one thing, but I didn’t want TWO blankets!  The extra one would merely clutter up my linen closet, and I’d be spending far more out of pocket than I wanted to.


So, Kohl’s lost the sale to me and I bought a blanket from Amazon.

Shoe stores are awful for this too.

Recently, we stopped in at Famous Footwear to buy shoes for Joshua and Lisey (two pairs would qualify us for the discount. Yay!).

Well, we found a pair for Lisey but not for Joshua, which meant that if we just bought Lisey’s shoes, we’d get nothing in the way of a discount.

So, we walked out with no shoes and opted to shop elsewhere.

I would so much rather have a 25% off sale that requires the purchase of just one item.  But of course, the store wants me to buy two, and they know that this type of sale will have that effect on most consumers.

This is a big reason I love shopping at stores like Aldi or Costco (or even Goodwill). Instead of running these gimmicky sales, they just offer their best price every day, all the time.  It really takes a lot of the headache out of shopping.

I imagine these sorts of B1G1 sales are here to stay (consumers love thinking they’re getting a discount, even if they’re not really saving money!), but a part of me holds out hope that they will someday go the way of the dinosaur.

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