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Don’t forget I’m giving away a box of some summery goodies!  Plus, a bunch of other bloggers are doing the same, and some of their prize packs are HUGE.

favorite summer things giveaway

(Links to all the other giveaways are right there in my giveaway post.)



Secondly, I got an email from ePantry yesterday reminding me that I have a referral link that gives you $10 off an order plus a free $12.95 soy candle.

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I’ve gotten two ePantry shipments so far, and I thought it might be helpful to share what I’ve loved (and haven’t loved.)


-The Method hand soap, foaming and non-foaming, is great.

-The soy candles are lovely, and we especially like the eucalyptus spearmint scent.

epantry soy candle

(This candle is a freebie you get when you order through my link, and I’m also including one in my summer giveaway!)

-The Seventh Generation paper towels are fine and dandy, except I accidentally ordered two 6-packs.  Given our snail’s pace paper towel consumption, this means I have enough paper towels to last me, like, 3 years.


Don’t Love So Much

-The Method dish soap just does not seem to work as well as Dawn when it comes to dissolving grease on dishes.  It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great, so I think I’m gonna stick with Dawn.

-The Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent works well, but the container it comes in is SUPER hard to use.  It has no handle and is too wide and round to be easily grasped by one hand for pouring.  Also, too much comes out too quickly, so I end up making a mess whenever I use it.

(This could be solved by pouring the soap into another dispenser, of course.  The product itself isn’t a problem, it’s that the packaging is poorly designed.)

Aha…I just googled and discovered that I am not the only person who struggles to use this bottle.  Hopefully Mrs. Meyers will redesign it at some point.


If you’ve ordered from ePantry before, what are your favorite items?

(Here’s the link for the $10 credit and the free Grove candle.)

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