3 Ways To Use Ripe Bananas

banana chocolate chip muffins

Bananas are a somewhat unpredictable fruit…sometimes I buy very green ones and they last for days and other times I buy very green ones and they get overripe in a very short while. If you’re not too particular about banana ripeness, this wouldn’t be a big problem, but I happen to have very specific ideas […]

How To Use Up Cilantro


Those of you who are regulars around here know that cilantro has been my nemesis in my battle against food waste. It’s tough to use up an entire bunch before it gets wilty or slimy. I’m happy to report that though I do still waste some every now and then, I’ve gotten much better at […]

I think my kids are on the “Use it up, wear it out” wagon…


…judging from the pile of almost-used-up pencils we found while cleaning out the bin (Katy would be proud!). Most of these are so short, it’s nigh onto impossible to sharpen them. We’ll use them up to the best of our ability, of course, but a lot of them are about done. Can you compost pencils? […]