Summer Bucket List Update (#2!)

Kristen @thefrugalgirl

Every summer I make a bucket list; a plan for how I want to spend my time before summer kicks the bucket. And every month I share an update to let you know how I’m doing at knocking things off my list. It’s not quite August yet, but it’s close enough for a bucket list […]

Ting has a GSM network! And you can get $50 for switching!

Ting GSM

You all already know that Mr. FG and I use (and adore) Ting Wireless, right? We’ve been over this before. Really, our $25 bill can’t be beat.  And that’s for TWO iPhones. (Be still, my heart.) You could save tons of money on your wireless bill too.  Check out Ting’s savings calculator here to see […]

We did the Chick-Fil-A cow thing. For the first time!

cow appreciation day DIY cheap costumes

We’ve never participated in Cow Appreciation Day before, but this year I randomly decided it would be a good idea. (Cow Appreciation Day is when Chick-Fil-A gives away free meals to people who dress like cows.) Obviously, spending money on a cow costume would be a silly way to get a free meal, and I […]

A Kitchen Sink Update with Moen + a Giveaway!

moen reflex faucet

When Mr. FG and I moved into this house 10 years ago, it was in pretty dreadful shape. SO many things needed to be fixed just to make it livable. Actually, want to see what the kitchen used to look like? I don’t think I’ve ever shown you before! (You might not be ready for […]