Well. I’m having quite a relaxing week.


It’s a holiday week here at my house! We haven’t done a lick of school and have been erring hard on the fun side of things. We’ve had three sleepovers so far, with three different friends, and the girls and I have been on a bit of an Austen movie kick. (Joshua has not joined […]

You guys! I have a great Mrs. Meyer’s offer for you!

Cranberry Hand and Dish Closeup (2)

I’ve done ePantry offers before, but this is the best one yet! Through Sunday, November 1st, there’s a really super great offer available for Frugal Girl readers who are new customers at ePantry. (This is an exclusive offer ePantry is making available through just a handful of bloggers this week. I’m quite honored to be […]

It’s Tuesday. But I have miscellany for you instead of a photo!


Actually, here’s a photo to start things off.  Because a photo-less post is kind of boring. The Survey Link (for email subscribers!) First up, I, uh, accidentally broke all my permalinks (temporarily) yesterday morning, so all of you email subscribers got the wrong link to take the survey. (Sorry about that!) So. To take the […]

How I’m doing on my bucket list (with 7 days to go!)

laundry room

As I told you last week, I still have some lingering stuff on my bucket list, and I’m really, really trying to get it knocked out before school starts. I got a slow start last week, but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I made some progress. Yay! 1. Declutter my house. Last week, I said […]

On low-fee prepaid cards vs. “free” bank accounts

Kaiku Visa® Prepaid Card - Mozilla Firefox 852015 74003 AM

Though free checking accounts haven’t always been around, I’ve never formally paid for a checking account in my life, and I’m willing to bet that a lot of you haven’t either. I’ve just kind of accepted that checking accounts should be free and have wondered why people would pay a small monthly fee for some […]

Summer Bucket List Update (#2!)

Kristen @thefrugalgirl

Every summer I make a bucket list; a plan for how I want to spend my time before summer kicks the bucket. And every month I share an update to let you know how I’m doing at knocking things off my list. It’s not quite August yet, but it’s close enough for a bucket list […]