Right now, I am….

-happy that I almost finished my taxes yesterday morning.

-a little embarrassed that I’ve taken this long to get around to it.

-relieved that I’m going to end up owing less than I thought I would.

pennies for coinstar

(My blogging income is really hard to predict, and I had a sneaking suspicion that the estimated taxes I paid weren’t going to be enough.)

-really, really glad that I set aside a bunch of my income for tax time, just in case.  I saved a lot more than I’m going to owe, which means it feels a little like I’m getting a refund because I’ll have plenty left over after I pay my tax bill.

-planning to write bigger estimated tax checks this year!

-thankful for Turbo Tax, because there is no way that I could ever in a million years tackle my self-employment taxes without it.

-delighted that it’s Friday.  At this time of year, we’re all getting a little burnt out on schoolwork, and that makes us look forward to the weekends a little more than we do in, say, October.


-pleased that relief is coming because we’re going to be done with a number of subjects before the end of April.

(Because we don’t have all the random days off here and there that public schools do, we often can finish off entire books in mid-spring.)

(Unfortunately, geometry is not one of the subjects that will be done before the end of April.  Boo.)

-kind of relieved that my family’s birthday celebrations are done for now.  In the last six weeks or so, Mr. FG, Zoe, Sonia, and Lisey have all had birthdays.  I have fun making their days special, of course, but I’m not going to complain about there being five months before Joshua’s birthday rolls around.  ;)

birthday cake


(My birthday is coming up this month, but that totally doesn’t count because Mr. FG and the kids are the ones who do things to make my day special. :) )

-feeling pretty good about turning 36.  I feel a little surprised that I’m entering the last half of my thirties (like, “Hmm.  How did this happen??  Surely I am not grown up enough to be this age!”).  But I do have a couple of teenagers here and we’ll celebrate our 17th anniversary this year, so I suppose I shouldn’t feel surprised.

I know people start to feel a little unnerved when they’re getting close to 40, but I dunno…I’m not too bothered by it.  That could change in the next few years, mind you, but I don’t think it will.

-pleased with my newest My Publisher book, which arrived yesterday.  I’m working backward to catch up with unscrapbooked photos, and I’m back to summer of 2011.


It’s crazy how much littler my kids look in pictures from just a few years ago, and that makes it a lot of fun to sort through these older photo files as I make the books.

(Here’s my unsponsored review of My Publisher, in case you’re interested.)

-thinking I’d better go start on my day.  I’ve got lots to squeeze in today, so I’d better get on it.


If you’d like to join me in doing a “Right Now” kind of thing (it’s fun!), feel free to do so in the comments.  Five items make a good number for a comment.



Right now, I’m…

-thinking it’s been a long time since I’ve written a right now post!

-unreasonably excited to read The Overspent American, which landed on my library hold shelf.

The Overspent American

-feeling a little overwhelmed at all the stuff I need to get done today. Mondays seem to do that to me.

-realizing part of the problem is that I spent no time this weekend making a plan for the upcoming week. When I do that (The planning.  Not the, uh, not-planning.), it helps an awful lot.

-thinkin’ I should at least make a list of the things that are overwhelming me. Somehow writing them all down helps a little.

-wanting to get our taxes done. I’m pretty sure all the papers have arrived, so now I just need to buckle down and do it (I use Turbo Tax.)

-hoping we won’t owe this year. I paid some estimated taxes for my income this year, but I’m not sure it was enough.  However, I’ve faithfully socked away money in a savings account to cover anything we might owe, and I think I socked away more than we’ll need, so it’ll be kind of like getting my own refund.

-glad we’ve had a little reprieve from single digit temperatures, even though the snow is lovely and all.

red fence in snow

-trying to decide what to give Mr. FG today.  I have a list and just need to choose something.  ;)

(It’s February, which means the 14 Days of Valentines have started around here.)

-pleased that I have maintained an almost-empty email inbox for a week and a half now.  That’s kind of a record.

-enjoying scrolling through the pictures of my niece’s 2nd birthday party.  She’s such a hoot!


-feeling good about having gotten some shopping done for the many birthdays that are coming up at our house in the next two months.

(FYI-I’ve been using TopCashBack while I’ve been shopping, and I’m pleased to report that this site works just as well as Ebates, but offers higher cashback rates.  Definitely give them a shot if you need to do any online shopping.)

-happy that while cleaning out a drawer, I found a $100 prepaid Visa card.  I have no recollection of receiving this, but it was a pretty nice discovery!

-thinking about doing something a little bit extravagant and unlike me with some money that I received as part of my participation in the Glad #SaveItSunday program.

(They sent me $1500, which is the amount that the average American family wastes by throwing food away each year, and I’ve got pretty much free reign when it comes to deciding what to do with it.)


So, what about you? If you want, feel free to join by leaving a few sentences (5 or fewer make a good comment length) sharing what you’re thinking/doing right now. 


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