Five Frugal Things

My friend Katy frequently posts a list of five frugal things she’s done recently.  Sometimes I borrow her idea.  ;)

1. I fixed an armpit hole (or two, rather.)

You may remember this shirt from a mending/thrifting post few years back (and also from this outfit post).

fixing armpit rip

It’s held up pretty well, but recently, the seams under both armpits sprouted holes.

This seems to happen every now and then to shirts, and I’m wondering if it’s because the salts from sweat wear away at the fabric.

(There’s a savory thought to start your day!)

Anyway, I stitched ‘em up, and hopefully the shirt will be good to go for a while longer.

2. I made some whole wheat bread.

Not earthshaking, I know, but it’s inexpensive and awfully tasty, especially fresh out of the oven.

homemade whole wheat sandwich bread

Whole wheat bread recipe here.

(No, I don’t weigh my bread dough when I shape my loaves.  One is almost always smaller than the others! )

(Yes, I might be an imperfectionist.)

3. I used one of my bonus offers for free notecards.

Sometimes when I buy Ultimate Bundles, I am dreadful about redeeming the bonus offers.  But last bundle and this bundle, I’ve turned over a new leaf!

(The bonus offers are usually worth more than the $34.95 price of the bundle to begin with, so redeeming them is very sensible.)

The bonus offer I redeemed was the $15 credit at, which I used to buy a $16.50 set of notecards.

Fawnsberg - Notecards - Mozilla Firefox 1232015 73608 AM

(The 6-card sets are sold out right now, but I emailed the company and they let me know they’ll be back in stock again in February, hopefully before the 26th, which is when the bonus offer code expires.)

My girls are the ones who send out prolific amounts of mail, so I let them choose the design, and they went with the colorful tulips over there on the right.

I also browsed through the free Craftsy classes offered (you get one free with your bundle, and they normally run anywhere from $40-$60!), but I have not been able to make up my mind.

Welcome Ultimate DIY Bundlers! Enjoy ONE of these select classes FREE Page for Ultimate DIY Bundle one free class - Mozilla Firefox 1232015 73900 AM

There are 18 to choose from, and I’m trying to decide if I want to buy a digital photography one for Joshua to use, or it I want the bread making one for myself.

Or maybe Lisey, my plant-lover, would like the one about gardening in small spaces.


4. I fixed a pair of (thrifted) snow pants.

Black overall snowpants are my favorite thing.

They match any coat, can be worn by boys or girls, and they fit for several seasons due to the strap adjustability.

I had picked a pair up from Goodwill a few years back, which had a small rip in the front.  The rip meant,  I got them for, um, $0.50.

Still kind of mind-boggled about that.

I bought them large for someone to grow into, so I never had fixed the rip.

But this year, someone needed to wear them, so I zig-zagged them up.

It’s not a beautiful fix, but the bib of the pants is always covered by a coat so I figured it didn’t matter.

fixing ripped snowpants

Apparently my zig-zagging wasn’t quite enough, because one side came loose after an afternoon of snow play.

So, more zig-zagging happened, and I think the ripping will stop now.

how to mend snowpants

5. I’m using up my Groupons.

Not redeeming already-purchased Groupons is just as nonsensical as not redeeming bonus offers.


This week, I used my AdoramaPix Groupon to finish up Zoe’s baby book (finally!)

Mr. FG and I are going to use a local restaurant Groupon for our next date night (Woot!)

Tonight we’re using a Papa John’s Groupon to buy some pizza.

(Yup, that means there are two nights in the span of seven days that I don’t have to cook.  Eeeeexcellent.)


Your turn!  Leave a comment sharing five frugal things you’ve done recently.

(All of us frugal people here are an appreciative audience, so you can share the crazy money-saving stories that your other friends would roll their eyes at.  ;) )


P.S. Here’s the AdoramaPix Groupon I got (the $11 8×8 book). It’s small and doesn’t come with a lot of pages, so it’s perfect for a little project like Zoe’s newborn photos.

P.P.S. The Ultimate DIY Bundle is available here, if you’d like to snag the books and bonus offers for yourself.  I think it’s a really great deal, especially once you add in the bonus offers.  And my book is in the bundle, so you know, there’s that.  ;)

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I’m reading like a crazy person, I made soft scrub…

Yup…it’s a miscellany kind of day, where I have multiple small things to tell you about.


1. The Woolbuddy Giveaway

The felting kit giveaway closes tonight at midnight EST.

woolbuddy penguin felting kit

EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS! Sadly, I have no way to track entries that are emailed to me.

So, you have to click here and leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

2. What I’m reading in 2015

This year, I decided to make a page on the blog to chronicle the books I read this year.

The Frugal Girl's 2015 Reading List

Since I  know at least some of you are interested in what I read, I plan to keep it updated each month with 2-4 sentence quick reviews of the books I finish that month.

I added a little “What I’m reading in 2015″ graphic over in the sidebar so you can easily find the page when you wonder what I’ve been reading lately.

(I kind of want to read 52 books this year, which works out to one per week.  I thought that might be a high goal for me, but somehow, I’ve read five books so far this month.  So, I’m thinkin’ there might actually be 52 books on that page by the end of the year.)

3. I made homemade Soft Scrub!

homemade soft scrub

And it actually seems to work really well.


baking soda and castile soap

I mainly use Soft Scrub clean my shower floor and glass shower doors, and I’m pleased to say that the homemade stuff did a good job of cleaning off the cloudiness that’s always plaguing my glass doors.

Since Castile soap is pretty expensive (I got mine at Target.  Is somewhere else better??), this only works out to be slightly cheaper than commercial Soft Scrub.

However, since the homemade stuff is more natural than the commercial stuff, I think it’s going to be a win.

I put my extra soft scrub in a wonton soup takeout container, and I’m curious to see how it works after being stored.

homemade soft scrub

I found this recipe in the soon-to-be-released DIY ebook bundle…speaking of which:

4. a DIY ebook bundle is coming on Wednesday!

Since my ebook is in this bundle, I got an early access copy of the bundle and I’ve been working my way through the bundled books this week (thus the soft scrub making!).

I’m not supposed to talk about specific books in the bundle right now, but once the sale launches on Wednesday, I’ll tell you which ones are my favorites and share my opinions on the bonus offers.

For now, you can read a little more about the bundle right here.


I’m off to check out the toilet cleaner recipe now, since toilet bowl cleaner is the last not-natural man standing in my bathroom-cleaning bucket.

(I use Shaklee sprays for surface cleaning and mirrors, and now I have homemade soft scrub for the shower).

Do you guys have any natural toilet-bowl-cleaning ideas?  I’d also welcome ideas for the best place to buy castile soap.