Many Miscellaneous Musings (and I need your input on something)

As of this past Friday, we are officially on Christmas break from homeschooling.


It’s pretty early, I know, but we are nearly halfway through most of our curriculum (and we’re certainly not halfway through the school year date-wise), so I’m feeling fine and dandy about taking our usual three-week Christmas break.


I’m very happy to have a little time off before Christmas to get things squared away and to do some fun things like baking pfeffernusse.


Because I still regularly fail at making hyperlinks (despite having blogged for six years now. Ahem.), I forgot the http in the Schoola links I gave you in my last post.

owl shirt

I fixed em, but all you email subscribers probably got an email with broken links.

Sorry about that!

Here’s a for-real link to Schoola.  And when you make a purchase there, use code TFGHOLIDAY to get 30% off through 12/19.


The calendar I made for Mr. FG’s grandma arrived!

adoramapix calendar review

I ordered it from AdoramaPix this year, and the print quality is just as marvelous as the AdoramaPix photo books.

The only thing I’d change is that I’d order a more matte paper next time.  The gloss is fine on the photo part, but the calendar side of the pages is really glossy too, and I think it would be hard to write on.

glossy adoramapix photo calendar

Fortunately, Mr. FG’s grandma doesn’t usually write on the photo calendars I give her…she just hangs them up on her bedroom door and enjoys the pictures each month.  So I think it will be fine.

I usually do one photo per month, but I mostly did collages this year so that I could give her more than 12 photos.  I think she’ll like it (because what grandma doesn’t want more photos of her grandchildren??)


Zoe took her jeans off in a hurry the other day and broke the button.

broken kids jeans button


But remember when I replaced the button on my jeans last year?

Well, the seller mistakenly sent me a package of small buttons first before sending me the correct size.  I kept the small ones (the seller didn’t want them back!), and they turned out to be perfect for Zoe’s jeans.

kit for fixing jean buttons

So, I snapped one on.

how to fix button on kids jeans

Good as new.

replacement jeans button

(More details about doing this are in my post about how to replace a broken jeans button.)


Are you guys interested in a felting kit giveaway? The kits are super cute, but are a little more expensive than the ones from regular craft stores (especially if you use a 40% off coupon).

Penguin Woolbuddy Kit - Mozilla Firefox 12152014 72225 AM

I love to help you all with your Christmas shopping, so I’m totally happy to do a giveaway if you want.

I can go either way…if you all are sick to death of giveaways, let me know!  Or if you are dying to win an adorable felting kit, say so.  ;)


Speaking of giveaways, we made Christmas cookies on Sunday, and you know what that means:

The annual guess-the-cookie-artist contest is coming up!

frosted Christmas cookies

(The cookies in the contest photo are rarely this demure. In fact, they usually have eyeballs. ;) )

I’ll take a photo of six cookies, one made by each person in my family, and the first person to correctly guess the cookie artists will win a $50 electronic Amazon gift card, purchased by me.

(This is harder than it sounds…last year, no one got it completely right, so the closest person won.)


I think that’s all the miscellany I have for the moment.  Do weigh in about the felting kits, if you wouldn’t mind.

Good Monday morning to you!

I hope that all you U.S. readers had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend (well, I actually hope all of you had a good weekend, whether you had a holiday in your country or not!).

Mine was good, but boy, my house is a bit of a disaster after a number of days with very little time spent at home.


(The less time we spend at home, the messier things seem to get.  I think it’s because we’re home just long enough to make messes but not long enough to clean them up?)

Anyhow, I have some miscellaneous stuff to share this morning.  Ready?


My fridge is crammed right now (ok, ok.  It’s always pretty crammed, but it’s extra bad at the moment!) because I have a bunch of bones to make broth with.

I’ll use this method, naturally.

Also, I have a fairly large amount of leftover mashed potatoes to deal with.  I’m thinking maybe potato bread.  Or potato rolls.

And I think I will use up the gravy and meat tonight by serving it over toast. I’ll have to make some extra gravy, but that’s pretty easy.

What are you doing with your Thanksgiving leftovers?  I’d love to hear!


BuckBooks, which I just learned about last week, is having a $0.99 productivity book event.

(their last event of the year, I hear.  Subscribe to get notified whenever there’s a new event happening!)

Buck Books - Mozilla Firefox 1212014 80221 AM

I really, really, really love productivity books (I would kind of rather read one than a novel, embarrassingly enough.), so I think I’m going to get at least one of these for my Kindle

(Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs has a lot of good reviews.)


This morning, I enjoyed reading an interview with Christopher Kimball, of Cook’s Illustrated.

(Laura Vanderkam posted the link.) 

I particularly liked what he said about cooking being a skill that takes practice.  And also that especially if you’re a newbie, a good recipe is super helpful.

Celebrating Bad Food An Interview With Christopher Kimball - Mozilla Firefox 1212014 75450 AM

I have quite a few years of cooking under my belt now, but I still find the recipes from Cook’s Illustrated to be incredibly helpful.

Plus, the concepts I’ve learned in following their recipes make my cooking better even when I’m not following a recipe.

(Brown things!  Use salt to tenderize meats instead of vinegary marinades. And so on.)


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