The Third Day Naturals winner! (and can you handle more randomness?)

zoe ballet

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about your moms in the Third Day Naturals giveaway.  So inspiring to me! The winner of the Third Day Naturals giveaway is Jill. Congrats, Jill! You’ve been emailed. (Jill’s favorite thing about her mom is that she doesn’t wait to be asked for help-she offers things like […]

Randomness (and email subscribers, I’m sorry!!)

fg and kids

First, many apologies to all of you email subscribers. You received a wonky email the last few days….a chopped off post ending with an abnormally large smiley face. After a long chat with the helpful folks at MadMimi yesterday (MadMimi is my blog’s email service provider), I did some googling and figured out that there […]

On my birthday: 20 Things I’ve Learned

20 Things I've Learned

Today is my birthday, and so I’m gonna take a little detour off the frugal path and instead write a random list of things I’ve learned in the 37 years I’ve existed. (I was gonna write 37 things, but I ran out of time.  So, um, here’s 20 instead. ) One There are many right […]

Five Frugal Things

old rusted faucet

As always, hat tip to The NonConsumer Advocate for the Five Frugal Things idea. One I cooked dinner every night last week (I made homemade pizza on Friday instead of ordering out too!*) and I also packed Mr. FG’s lunch every single day. *Sometimes if my Friday is crazy, we order pizza instead of making […]

5 Not Frugal Things

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My friend Katy does Five Frugal Things posts a lot, and occasionally I write ’em here too. But this morning I was thinking that a Five Not Frugal Things post is in order because I’ve had a little string of such happenings lately. One Due to a combination of multiple factors (time change, temporary change […]