Five Frugal Things (sandals, bruised apples, and more!)

clearance sandals

Let’s get right to it! Here’s my five, and you can add yours in the comments. 1. $4 Spring Sandals Lisey needed athletic shoes, and since I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s, we stopped in and found her a pair. (Incidentally, we looked at a pair of shoes and thought, ooh, those look […]

Five Frugal Things

adorama pix spread

Five Frugal Things seems appropriate on a Friday, no? So, here we go… 1. I crisped lettuce. The way lettuce crisps up after a little soak in cold water?  Well, it never ceases to amaze me. Even the wiltiest leaves manage to become perky again. It’s kind of magical, people. 2. I fixed Sonia’s skirt. […]

Stream of consciousness


I have a bunch of thoughtful posts in my drafts, about things like boycotting, and humble frugal attitudes, and extra-curricular activities, but they all need a little bit more thinking/editing time before I publish them. So, for today, it’s gonna be stream of consciousness, where I type with no plan.  Yesterday I mentioned we had […]

Five (early morning) Frugal Things

how to keep dress shirt collars safe in the wash

The Nonconsumer Advocate posts Five Frugal Things lists all the time, and I do ’em every now and again too.  But today I thought it would be fun to see if I can come up with five frugal things I’ve done before 8:30 am. Ready? 1. I made a batch of yogurt. It’s not finished […]

Right now, I am…

thankful for rain

-noticing as I sort through pictures, how tall Sonia and Zoe have gotten. And how very little difference there is in their height, despite the two-year age gap.   -slightly relieved because this week has been a little challenging in terms of getting dinner on the table, but I’ve managed every night so far.  It […]