I’m reading like a crazy person, I made soft scrub…

Yup…it’s a miscellany kind of day, where I have multiple small things to tell you about.


1. The Woolbuddy Giveaway

The felting kit giveaway closes tonight at midnight EST.

woolbuddy penguin felting kit

EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS! Sadly, I have no way to track entries that are emailed to me.

So, you have to click here and leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway.

2. What I’m reading in 2015

This year, I decided to make a page on the blog to chronicle the books I read this year.

The Frugal Girl's 2015 Reading List

Since I  know at least some of you are interested in what I read, I plan to keep it updated each month with 2-4 sentence quick reviews of the books I finish that month.

I added a little “What I’m reading in 2015″ graphic over in the sidebar so you can easily find the page when you wonder what I’ve been reading lately.

(I kind of want to read 52 books this year, which works out to one per week.  I thought that might be a high goal for me, but somehow, I’ve read five books so far this month.  So, I’m thinkin’ there might actually be 52 books on that page by the end of the year.)

3. I made homemade Soft Scrub!

homemade soft scrub

And it actually seems to work really well.


baking soda and castile soap

I mainly use Soft Scrub clean my shower floor and glass shower doors, and I’m pleased to say that the homemade stuff did a good job of cleaning off the cloudiness that’s always plaguing my glass doors.

Since Castile soap is pretty expensive (I got mine at Target.  Is somewhere else better??), this only works out to be slightly cheaper than commercial Soft Scrub.

However, since the homemade stuff is more natural than the commercial stuff, I think it’s going to be a win.

I put my extra soft scrub in a wonton soup takeout container, and I’m curious to see how it works after being stored.

homemade soft scrub

I found this recipe in the soon-to-be-released DIY ebook bundle…speaking of which:

4. a DIY ebook bundle is coming on Wednesday!

Since my ebook is in this bundle, I got an early access copy of the bundle and I’ve been working my way through the bundled books this week (thus the soft scrub making!).

I’m not supposed to talk about specific books in the bundle right now, but once the sale launches on Wednesday, I’ll tell you which ones are my favorites and share my opinions on the bonus offers.

For now, you can read a little more about the bundle right here.


I’m off to check out the toilet cleaner recipe now, since toilet bowl cleaner is the last not-natural man standing in my bathroom-cleaning bucket.

(I use Shaklee sprays for surface cleaning and mirrors, and now I have homemade soft scrub for the shower).

Do you guys have any natural toilet-bowl-cleaning ideas?  I’d also welcome ideas for the best place to buy castile soap.

Just some stuff.

First up, UTCanner is the winner of the Swagbucks giveaway. Congrats! Your 5000 Swagbucks should already be in your account.
My deck railing currently looks a little different than it did in yesterday’s photos.

snowy deck railing

I’m super grateful two of my girls were feeling well enough to go play in the snow for a little while.



Zoe even managed to make a small snowman, despite the powdery consistency of the snow.

We couldn’t come up with anything for the eyes until I spied an avocado skin in the compost bucket and realized with a little trimming, it would make perfectly good eyes.


And Zoe had the great idea to use the avocado skin trimmings to make a cute mouth.

snowman with avocado eyes


If you follow me on Instagram (I’m thefrugalgirl), you know I just discovered puddle pictures.

(seriously so much fun.)

I tried it with my real camera yesterday, though, and decided it’s a little more difficult with something other than a point and shoot.



I made two loaves of French bread on Monday.

homemade french bread

We used one for Beef au Jus sandwiches (I had some in the freezer, so, yay!), and the other became the base for panini last night.

French bread tastes stupid delicious for how few ingredients are involved and it has so many uses.  I’ve made it countless times, which means I can do it completely from memory at this point.


When I was in Aldi the other day, I picked up their latest flyer and saw this:

aldi promises


Also, I saw promises of even more organic products, which is freaking fantastic.


Lastly, yesterday afternoon I wrote about Schoola’s Pass the Bag challenge, which they’re running to encourage us all to donate our outgrown, unused clothes to help support schools.

schoola pass the bag challenge

Donating is super easy and it costs you nothing to mail your items in.  Go read all about it!

Plus, Schoola is offering a new something-something in the spring, which you can read about in the post.

(Psst….Reese! Based on your comment yesterday, you’re going to chuckle at what the new thing is.  You were already ahead of them. ;))


That’s enough from me on this hump day…how’s your week going? 

Share some stuff in the comments! I love hearing what’s happening with you all.