Five Frugal Things

old rusted faucet

As always, hat tip to The NonConsumer Advocate for the Five Frugal Things idea. One I cooked dinner every night last week (I made homemade pizza on Friday instead of ordering out too!*) and I also packed Mr. FG’s lunch every single day. *Sometimes if my Friday is crazy, we order pizza instead of making […]

5 Not Frugal Things

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My friend Katy does Five Frugal Things posts a lot, and occasionally I write ‘em here too. But this morning I was thinking that a Five Not Frugal Things post is in order because I’ve had a little string of such happenings lately. One Due to a combination of multiple factors (time change, temporary change […]

Five Frugal Things

fixing armpit rip

My friend Katy frequently posts a list of five frugal things she’s done recently.  Sometimes I borrow her idea.  1. I fixed an armpit hole (or two, rather.) You may remember this shirt from a mending/thrifting post few years back (and also from this outfit post). It’s held up pretty well, but recently, the seams […]

I’m reading like a crazy person, I made soft scrub…

baking soda and castile soap

Yup…it’s a miscellany kind of day, where I have multiple small things to tell you about. Ready? 1. The Woolbuddy Giveaway The felting kit giveaway closes tonight at midnight EST. EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS! Sadly, I have no way to track entries that are emailed to me. So, you have to click here and leave a comment […]

Just some stuff.


First up, UTCanner is the winner of the Swagbucks giveaway. Congrats! Your 5000 Swagbucks should already be in your account. _____________________________________ My deck railing currently looks a little different than it did in yesterday’s photos. I’m super grateful two of my girls were feeling well enough to go play in the snow for a little […]

Many Miscellaneous Musings (and I need your input on something)

how to fix button on kids jeans

As of this past Friday, we are officially on Christmas break from homeschooling. (woot!) It’s pretty early, I know, but we are nearly halfway through most of our curriculum (and we’re certainly not halfway through the school year date-wise), so I’m feeling fine and dandy about taking our usual three-week Christmas break. I’m very happy […]