Stream of consciousness


I have a bunch of thoughtful posts in my drafts, about things like boycotting, and humble frugal attitudes, and extra-curricular activities, but they all need a little bit more thinking/editing time before I publish them. So, for today, it’s gonna be stream of consciousness, where I type with no plan.  Yesterday I mentioned we had […]

Five (early morning) Frugal Things

how to keep dress shirt collars safe in the wash

The Nonconsumer Advocate posts Five Frugal Things lists all the time, and I do ’em every now and again too.  But today I thought it would be fun to see if I can come up with five frugal things I’ve done before 8:30 am. Ready? 1. I made a batch of yogurt. It’s not finished […]

Right now, I am…

thankful for rain

-noticing as I sort through pictures, how tall Sonia and Zoe have gotten. And how very little difference there is in their height, despite the two-year age gap.   -slightly relieved because this week has been a little challenging in terms of getting dinner on the table, but I’ve managed every night so far.  It […]

The Third Day Naturals winner! (and can you handle more randomness?)

zoe ballet

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about your moms in the Third Day Naturals giveaway.  So inspiring to me! The winner of the Third Day Naturals giveaway is Jill. Congrats, Jill! You’ve been emailed. (Jill’s favorite thing about her mom is that she doesn’t wait to be asked for help-she offers things like […]