Five Frugal Things

whole wheat rolls

Ready? 1. I paid a dental bill. This is frugal because, hello, late fees are decidedly not fabulous.   Thankfully, we have a medical account among our multiple savings accounts, so that’ll cover this. 2. I used up egg yolks. I made Parmesan-Crusted chicken the other night, which calls for 3 egg whites, which meant […]

Stream of Consciousness

fall berries

WordPress tells me this is the sixth time I’ve written a stream of consciousness post. Somehow, I thought I’d done more than that. Weird. So, let’s see. What’s going on in my brain right now? For starters, I sort of can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week. The kind of warm weather we’ve had here […]

Site tweaks, Iowa pine, a coffee shop, and early darkness

fall leaves

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for your bi-weekly dose of miscellany. There’s a comments link! And sharing buttons! I hired some web designers to fix some issues with my blog, one of which was the lack of a comments link on the home page. Now there’s a handy-dandy comments link right at the bottom […]

Five Frugal Things | A fix-it edition

quilt with hole

It’s a Five Frugal Things Thursday! And 3/5 items are repairs I did, so, yay me.   1. A fish quilt fix A year or two ago, Zoe’s fish quilt had an unfortunate meeting with a nightlight, which resulted in this: (The nightlight situation has been rectified, and we are super grateful this was the […]

Miscellany: REI, pumpkin votives, & I want something unnecessary.

pumpkin votive holders

Happy Thursday, frugal peoples! It’s time for some miscellany. REI is skipping Black Friday. For real.  You can read all about it here.  They’re closing their stores and sites and encouraging people to go outside instead. I don’t really love the way that Black Friday has been creeping backwards until it runs smack dab into […]

Five Frugal Things : An everyday edition


It’s time for Five Frugal Things!  I didn’t do anything amazingly creative yesterday….just some regular ol’ staple frugal stuff. I rescued some dry bread Remember the dry, chewy store-bought pitas I got last week for gyros?  Joshua made it thru two of them, but then the other two just sat.  They weren’t moldy (hello, preservatives??), […]