You don’t need whiskers to do that.


Whenever my sister-in-law and I do a stereotypically male task, that’s what we say. She lays flooring, calls me, and says, “I didn’t need whiskers to do that.” I fix my dryer, call her, and say, “I have no whiskers, but I did it!” This phrase was inspired by hearing one too many women say […]

My menu board bit the dust. But I resurrected it.


Remember the menu board I made from a super-ugly Goodwill frame this summer? Well, it had a little accident. Large pieces of glass don’t take kindly to being knocked off the wall. I’d grown rather fond of my board, though, and I didn’t want to just give it up. So, I popped in at Goodwill […]

What’s the green appliance choice? Repair or buy new?

On Monday, I posted about how we got our old washing machine repaired, and about how we plan to keep going that route as long as possible, since the washer is sturdy and should be repairable for a good long time. So then in the comments section, we started talking about the fact that older […]

My washing machine, it is fixed.

repairing a whirlpool direct drive washer

This is good news indeed. Our washer started having some weird symptoms a little while back, and they exhibited themselves only when I washed several loads right in a row.  The first load would be fine, but then on the second or third load, the spin cycle would do a weird stopping thing, almost like […]

This is kind of not awesome.

whirlpool washer taken apart

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. My washer is having issues. It turns out that we need a new transmission, but the good news is, the only bad thing that will happen if I use the machine while we wait for the part is that I will further […]