How to Declutter Without Creating Trash

how much do you regularly use

Though I forgot to mention this in my review of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Kondo’s persistent mentions of the hundreds of bags of trash she’s helped her clients throw out…well, it made me a little twitchy. Throwing all the clutter into a trash bag is quick and easy, but it makes me sad […]

I tried my hand at zipper repair.

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An embarrassingly long time ago, a pair of Sonia’s jeans developed a zipper problem. Or maybe they were Zoe’s?  I don’t really know. The thing is, they sat in my mending pile so long, everyone here has grown out of them. I couldn’t really hand down or donate the jeans in their broken condition, though, […]

On perseverance (Also: do not ever buy these windows.)

plygem napco window lock replacement

When Mr. FG and I bought our house, the windows were in unusable shape.  They were so bad, a good percentage of them wouldn’t even shut. So, we got an allowance from the seller to replace the windows.  We hired a guy who put in windows that came with a lifetime warranty (sounds good, right??) […]

Toothpicks and dishwashers really do not mix.

center of kitchen-aid dishwasher

Last night, I started the dishwasher and began handwashing the other dishes (the official dishwashing person is sick).  After a few minutes, I heard a dreadful noise, and at first, I thought it was something outside.  Then I looked down and realized to my horror that the sound was coming from the dishwasher. I switched […]

Three small fixes and one improvement

fixed fiber optic

Though I don’t particularly love the process, fixing things is one of my favorite ways to save money.  Repairing what you already own is almost always cheaper than buying something new, and it extends the life of something that might have otherwise been at the end of its useful life. Win! The other day, I […]