Want to win a slow cooker cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen?

America’s Test Kitchen just put out The Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution, a photo-filled cookbook comprised of lighter, healthier fare than you’d usually expect from a slow-cooker cookbook.

America's Test Kitchen Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution

And because I am a lucky blogger, I got a review copy to try out, plus two to give away!

This book is the same size as the DIY cookbook and the 6-Ingredient cookbook, and like those two, it has tons of pictures.  I’d say probably 2/3 of the recipes have accompanying full-color photos, which I love.  Photos make it so much easier to pick out which recipes you’d want to try.

quinoa casserole

Most of the recipes in the book are for main dishes, such as soups, stews, slow-cooked meats, and so on.  But there are also a few recipes for very unconventional slow-cooking…as it turns out, you can make brownies and cakes in your slow cooker by putting a loaf pan right inside!

Unfortunately, I have a super old, super cheap, super 90’s Crock Pot, which is the vertical shape rather than the new oval shape, so I wasn’t able to try out any of the “baking” recipes.

fish tacos

Honestly, since I have a functional oven, I’m more interested in non-baking sorts of recipes. But for someone who doesn’t have an oven, the baking recipes could be super handy.

I opted instead to try out a shredded chicken taco recipe, because I pretty much can never ever eat too much Tex-Mex food.

I actually have a chicken taco recipe that we all love (a riff on a Cook’s Illustrated recipe), but that one has a green sauce, so the red sauce here intrigued me.

slow cooker chicken tacos

The chicken tacos call for bone-in chicken breasts, and luckily, I happened to have some in the freezer.

A  number of Cook’s Illustrated/ATK recipes call for them, so when I happen to see them on sale, I stash some away for future use.

salt and pepper bone-in chicken breasts

So, you salt and pepper the breasts, and then in the microwave, you combine oil, spices, and chipotle chili in adobo sauce.

This is in lieu of blooming the spices in a pan the way you would during stovetop cooking, and if you don’t have a microwave, you could certainly just cook the spices and oil in a pan for a minute or two.

bloom spices in microwave

Then you mix the spices with tomato sauce, nestle the chicken into the sauce, and cook for three hours, or until the chicken breasts register 165° F.

Then all that’s left is to remove the chicken from the sauce, let it cool a bit, shred it, and return it to the sauce.

slow cooker chicken tacos

The recipe also includes instructions for making a pineapple salsa, and in addition to that, I sliced avocado on top of my taco.

Because I add avocado to everything.

(Interestingly enough, all the recipes I bookmarked to try were either Tex-Mex or included avocado.  I am nothing if not predictable.)


We also tried the tacos with toppings like shredded lettuce and cheese, and we actually thought that was more delicious than the pineapple salsa.

Pineapple salsa is awesome, but I think I prefer it on the side with chips rather than in my taco (Totally a matter of personal preference.)

I’ll share the shredded chicken taco recipe in a separate post, hopefully tomorrow, but for now, I have a giveaway!

The Giveaway

The Healthy Slow Cooker Revolution is available in a paper version and you can also buy it for your Kindle (though I must say, I really do prefer physical books for cooking!)

However, two of you will win your very own copy, compliments of America’s Test Kitchen.

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to make in your slow-cooker.

Due to shipping restrictions, this giveaway is limited to residents of the continental United States.  Apologies to my international readers…I really do you love you all!  ;)

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Void where prohibited.  Odds of winning depend upon the number of entrants.  ATK furnished the giveaway prizes and a review copy, but this post was not sponsored in any other way.  Winner will be chosen at random.  Giveaway closes at 11:59 pm EST, on Sunday, February 22nd.

Win a WoolBuddy felting kit from Fun.com!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Annie, Anne, Rebecca, Krista, and Patricia!

woolbuddy felting kit review

Back in December, Fun.com asked if I’d do a needle felting kit giveaway, so I asked if you guys were interested and you all said yes!

So here we are.

Our kits arrived just before Christmas, while my girls were all sick.  But happily, wool felting is something that can be done while one convalesces on on the couch.

Which means they all dove right in.


Zoe made this adorable penguin, with a little help from me.

woolbuddy penguin

And Lisey made this sheep all on her own.

woolbuddy sheep

He kind of reminds us of Bob the Sheep from Shaun the Sheep.

Best shaun the sheep movie cartoon wallpapers5

Definite resemblance. 

Sonia’s still working on her turtle, as he ended up being the most difficult of the three kits.

The Woolbuddy boxes come with wool, directions, and two felting needles.


If you’ve never wool felted before, you’re probably wondering what in the world the needle is for.

woolbuddy felting kit directions

Welp, it’s a sharp needle with small spikes running up the needle.  You shape the wool into the shape you want and then drive the needle in and out.


The spikes catch the wool and bind it together to secure the shape you’re making.


(It’s possible to poke yourself, so Zoe exercises caution by wearing All Of The Thimbles.)

Needle felting takes a little bit of practice, but fortunately, we’d done a few wool-felting kits before, so this was easier than our first go-round!

woolbuddy sheep and penguin

If this is your first time, we highly recommend the penguin.  Also, the other round animals (the frog and the owl) would be fairly simple.

fun.com woolbuddy needle felting

I liked that these kits came with two felting needles because in our experience, felting needles are very prone to breaking!

The only bummer about them is that they did not come with a felting mat.  A felting mat is useful especially when you have to make flat pieces, like the turtle’s flippers.

Fortunately, we had a few from our other kits.


If you don’t have any around the house, just scrounge up a thick piece of foam and that’ll work fine.  Or if you opt for one of the round animals, you really won’t need a felting mat at all.


The Giveaway

Fun.com is giving away FIVE Woolbuddy felting kits to you guys, so five of you will win.

And you get to pick out which kit you want.

woolbuddy penguin needle felting kit

 (Pick the penguin!!!)

To enter, just take a gander at the Woolbuddy kits and tell me which one you’d pick if you won.

(You can pick from any of the 9 small kits.)


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Void where prohibited.  One comment per person, please.  Odds of winning depend on the number of entrants.

Fun.com sent us three wool felting kits, but this post is not sponsored in any other way.