Can I keep these alive?

fresh herbs from Aldi

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. I’ve got kind of a black thumb to begin with, and my house is distressingly short of bright, sunny windows in the wintertime (darn trees!). But these were marked down at Aldi the other week, so I’m gonna give it a shot. […]

Daffodils are perfect for me.

picking daffodils

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a picture and just a few words. We’ve established before that I am very not awesome at gardening, but despite that fact, our daffodils manage to be beautiful each year.  (Mostly because they require no attention. ) And voles don’t eat them, which is the main survival requirement for […]

For next year


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I post a photo and just a few words. Except for when I get my days mixed up. Then I do this on a Wednesday because I posted a regular post on Tuesday. I’m no great gardener, but I can manage to grow hardy things (that voles won’t eat). Like marigolds. […]

Green Things (and winners!)


Winners! First, congrats to Stacy D., commenter #3, and winner of the Shabby Apple $50 giveaway. It’s funny…just recently I was thinking about how doesn’t often seem to pick low-numbered entries, and then it goes and proves me wrong by choosing commenter #3! By the way, it was fun to read your comments on […]

This is Bob (and not the lizard sort of Bob.)


Not everyone names their celery plants, but my girls do. He lives in the girls’ room most of the time, since theirs has the most sun, but on cloudy days, we sometimes give him a bit of flourescent light. Our last attempt at celery growing went downhill once we put the plant in dirt instead […]

Spinach, Smoothies, and Survivors


Spinach The nice thing about spinach from my yard is that I’m very sure it’s organic. Smoothies They’re just the greatest when the weather is warm, don’t you think? In this one: homemade yogurt, frozen mango, frozen raspberries, and frozen strawberries. Glass straw details here. Survivors This pot used to be full of basil seedlings. […]