Save instead of spending: Snag $200 in bonuses from Capital One 360!

Hello, readers! It’s Black Friday, and as you know, today you can find me anywhere BUT a retail store.

(Black Friday sales are definitely the kind I hate.)

However, there are a few Black Friday events I adore, and one of those is Capital One 360’s Black Friday sale. Every year, they offer awesome bonuses just for opening Capital One 360 Accounts.

I’ve sung the praises of my many Capital One 360 Savings Accounts before, but in case you missed it:

They’re no-fee, you can open a bunch of them, and they are a super way to manage multiple savings goals, especially if you are spreadsheet allergic like me.

I’ve also got a 360 Checking Account, which I use to link to my Paypal account. My kids all have a Capital One 360 Kids’ Savings Account.

And we have a retirement account through Sharebuilder, which is part of Capital One.

Basically, I’m all in with Capital One 360. ;)

Since I started most of my accounts during a sale or promotion like this one, I can tell you first-hand that the bonuses they offer are for real. So, make sure you snag your moola before this sale is over on Monday!

Here are the two great bonuses available for Capital One 360 customers:

(And note that neither requires the spending of money; just the saving of it. Yay!)

$100 Bonus #1

Get $100 when you open a 360 Fee-Free Checking Account with a $250 minimum deposit and make 5 Debit Card purchases or mobile deposits.

$100 Bonus #2

Snag $100 when you open a 360 Savings account (those are the ones I use the most!) with a $1000 minimum deposit.

The offers are nice and simple, but just in case you have more questions, here are all the fine details for each offer.

Offer Details for 360 Checking® $100 bonus

How it works:

    • Open a fee-free 360 Checking Account between Nov. 28th and Dec. 1st
    • Make an initial deposit of at least $250
    • Complete 5 Debit Card purchases, deposit checks from anywhere with CheckMate or any combo of both within 45 days
    • Snag your $100 bonus on day 50
    • Go here to learn more and open a 360 Checking Account

The nitty gritty:

  • This has to be your (or your joint account holder’s) first 360 Checking Account (including Electric Orange checking)
  • The 5 Debit Card purchases can either be signature or PIN-based
  • Your $100 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50

Offer Details for 360 Savings®$100 bonus

How it works:

  • Open a no-fee 360 Savings Account between Nov. 28th and Dec. 1st with an initial deposit of $1,000 or more
  • Snag a bonus of $100
  • Enjoy the gift of saving
  • Go here to learn more and open a 360 Savings Account

The nitty gritty:

  • This has to be your (or your joint account holder’s) first 360 Savings Account (including Orange Savings Accounts)
  • The bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 30 days
  • This account must be funded from a source outside of Capital One 360. In other words, your initial deposit cannot be transferred from an existing Capital One 360 account.


Go open your accounts and get your $200 before this sale is over on Monday!

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Get a free phone from Ting, grads!

Hey there, readers!

Food Waste Friday is over at Simply Being Mum today, so I’m just popping in quickly to let you know about a really great promotion from Ting Wireless.

(Ting is the wireless company that Mr. FG and I use, and our bill for two iPhones is usually $21 a month.  Total. )

Right now, Ting is offering a free $83 refurb Optimus Elite phone to anyone who graduated this year.  Buy it, activate it, and they’ll credit the $83 back to you!

grad free phone from Ting

This offer is only good until July 14th or while supplies last, so if you’ve got a grad and you’d like to snag a free phone, do it promptly!

1. Visit Ting Wireless.

2. Click on “shop”, and under brand, select “LG”.  You should see the Optimus Elite for $83.

3. Buy it.

4. When the phone arrives, activate it, and then go here to submit proof of graduation to receive the credit.

(Maybe bookmark this post so you can easily find it once you get the phone!)

Mr. FG and I dearly love Ting, and I hope this grad offer is helpful to some of you.  Let me know if you have any questions about it!

Disclosure: Mr. FG and I signed up with Ting of our own accord, and after I blogged about how great their service was, Ting invited me to be an affiliate.  So now at no extra cost to you, I get a kickback when someone signs up with Ting through links on my blog.