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Get a free phone from Ting, grads!

June 27, 2014

Hey there, readers! Food Waste Friday is over at Simply Being Mum today, so I’m just popping in quickly to let you know about a really great promotion from Ting Wireless. (Ting is the wireless company that Mr. FG and I use, and our bill for two iPhones is usually $21 a month.  Total. ) […]

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Get 78 ebooks, plus free eyeshadow, detergent, cards, and more!

April 23, 2014

Remember how last summer, my ebook was included in a huge homemaking bundle? Well, there’s a new homemaking bundle out this year, and it’s on sale today. (I did not write an ebook this year, so I haven’t got anything in the bundle. I painted cabinets last summer instead of writing an ebook.  Ahem.) Of […]

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Saving on Hair Care, plus the Aldi winner

November 26, 2013

I don’t spend much on caring for my hair. I get it cut about twice a year (I do my own bang trimming in between haircuts.) I straighten my whole head of hair only about once a week (for church!), and I blow dry it way less often than that. (Though I do religiously straighten […]

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If you’re wanting to write an ebook…

July 18, 2013

…you might want to check this out. I just got an email letting me about about an ecourse that’s starting on July 29th, and it’s all about writing an ebook. (Pardon the slight off-topic-ness of this post. I know most of you are into reading ebooks, not writing them, but I also know there are […]

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Tell Your Time giveaway and sale!

November 10, 2011

Hey, you guys! I know I hardly ever post twice in a day, but I just got an email saying that Amy Andrews’ ebook, Tell Your Time. (which I used to help me revamp my schedule this past winter) is going to be on sale for $0.99 (I’m not sure for how long). But even […]

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Cereal Deal at Safeway

April 16, 2010

Though I am not about to become a deal blogger (I find that sort of blogging to be exhausting!), every now and then I like to alert you to a particularly good deal that I see. When I looked at my Safeway ad this morning, I noticed that Cheerios are on sale right now. The […]

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