If you could make one food affordable enough to eat every day, what would it be?

I was thinking about this the other day as I was eating some (out of season) (not-local) blueberries, which were ridiculously tasty.

And I realized that if I had a magic wand that could make one food so affordable that I could eat it with abandon every day, berries would be it.

Aldi berries

Enough organic, local berries to eat every day…that would be heaven.

(I realize that if I had them every day, I probably would cease to value them in short order. Let’s ignore that for now, though, ok?)

I’m cheating here by picking two, but second on the list would be fresh scallops.  Not the little teeny bay scallops, or the kind that come floating in the off-tasting liquid, but the really super expensive $25/pound dry scallops (they’re just called dry because they’re not sold in liquid) that cook up into little bits of heaven.


All right, so it’s your turn now.  What one food would you magically make affordable?

(For the purposes of this question, we are completely ignoring the health value of whatever you pick.  It can magically be healthy too.  ;) )

Help me help you: Tell me about your picture-taking troubles!

When I posted about the MyPublisher photo books, several of you contacted me, wondering how to take better photos.


Since that’s not exactly in line with my blog’s theme (and since there are many great photography blogs written by people more skilled than me with a camera!), I checked with you all on Facebook the other day just to see if there was broader interest in this.


And you (at least those of you who are on my Facebook page!) said yes.

So, I’m going to put together a post (postS? a series? Not sure yet.) with some pointers and ideas that will hopefully be simple and helpful.



To make sure that this is indeed useful for you, I’d like to ask where you most want help.



For instance…

Are you not sure what to take pictures of?

Are you not sure what angles are best?

Do you feel like your pictures are just boring?

Are your pictures too bright/too dark?

Do you have trouble catching moving kids on camera?

Do you struggle with blur?

Or do you have difficulty with something not on this list?


Let me know!

Your feedback will help me get a better idea of what to write about.