A last-week-of-summer to-do list.

As you know, last week was a little unusual here at Chez FG, and I’m trying to play some serious catch-up before we start school next week.

spackled holes in wall

(Fortunately, Joshua’s room looks nothing like this now!)

And since I’m giving myself permission to go a little light on the blogging for the moment, I’m just gonna share my to-do list for the week.

(I always like reading other people’s to-do lists, so if you’re like me, this is your lucky day!)

I still have some stuff on my summer bucket list, and then there are things that need to be done due to my week of neglect.

For instance, an honest-to-goodness grocery shopping trip really needs to happen.


This is probably a ridiculously ambitious list and I will most likely not get it all done, but I figure it can’t hurt to aim high!

Also, many of these things related to finishing Joshua’s room, but I do better when I break jobs down into small tasks. So that’s why there’s no, “Finish Joshua’s room.” on this list.

-Go grocery shopping.

-Buy birthday presents for Joshua, who turns 15 (!) a week from tomorrow.

-Finish painting Joshua’s moldings.

-Rehang photos/clock/bulletin board on Joshua’s wall.

-Figure out what to do re toy storage in Joshua’s room.

(His room is the biggest, so it still houses some toys, even though he is quite beyond the toy stage of life.  Maybe we could get rid of some, or stash some in the back of the closet or something.)

-Declutter Joshua’s bookshelf, as I’m pretty sure there are some things in there that can go.

-Buy sheets/blanket for Joshua’s bed.

-Take old electronics to local recycling center (from when we decluttered the office closet)

-Take donation items to Goodwill and Habitat Re-Store.

-MakeMy Publisher photo book by Saturday.

(I have an expiring photo book Groupon. Good thing I never put these off until the last minute.  Except EVERY SINGLE TIME.)

-Do returns (I need to return some mail-order stuff to 3 different companies.)

-Help S&Z organize/declutter their room.

(They have too much stuff, which is making it nigh onto impossible for them to keep it clean.  This project does not have to be done this week, but I would really like to tackle it before school.)

-Redo chore lists.

(This is a bucket list item that could wait, but I’d prefer to get it done this week.)


I’ll keep you posted on my progress because doing so will be quite motivating to me.  ;)


  1. says

    LOL, good thing women are multi-taskers! My husband would have to focus on one of these at a time and not think about any of the others until he had done the first one (but of course, he’d do it really well!). :-) We finally cleaned the mold off our house siding yesterday, which had been on our list for a year!

    • Kristen says

      Just having a list in the first place makes a huge difference for me.

      (As does sharing my list. A blog is so handy for that! ;) )

  2. Amanda says

    Great list! I need to make one of these for myself because I have a ton to accomplish this week, and I’ll do a lot more when there is the satisfaction of crossing off a list item. :)

  3. says

    I have one major, major goal this week: Potty train Little Brother (age 2 and 1/4). I am soooo tired of washing–and smelling–cloth diapers! I’m actually going to take Big Brother to day care the day and keep the little one home for a “potty party.”

    Off to Sprouts to get potty treats from the bulk food bin!

  4. says

    I’ve been completely crazy because we MIGHT be getting news about a new job anydaynow…which would include a move/selling house/all included craziness. Soooo…I emptied out my laundry room/pantry to spackle, sand, and paint (the painting hasn’t happened yet…). Then I tried out the new color that I bought a sample of (a year ago) for our master bedroom (so now I REALLY need to paint THAT room…). I read your blog post about painting furniture, so my chest of drawers is currently sitting in my garage, sanded, and waiting to be stained or painted. Then my husband rotated off shift for three days, and we have spent the day installing a small set of cabinets in my kitchen, with the intention of finishing out the project by redoing the whole counter top… (the kitchen has NO cabinets, so I’m thrilled I’ll finally have an real live counter, but DUDE!!!).

    All of the above has happened in the past two days. I’m nuts…and excited…and completely a nervous wreck. But maybe making a list will help…lol :)

  5. WilliamB says

    My list, to do by COB Sunday:
    – paint hallway, 2 coats (a big deal for me); part done

    – rehang everything in the hallway

    – cut and freeze the three $5 roast happy chix I got at Whole Foods on Friday. (Every Friday they have something on deep sale. It’s worth checking their Facebook page to see what it is. $5 for a roast happy chicken is a superb price – seasoned and cooked for less than the cost of the chix.)

    – Goodwill run

    – exercise 2-3 times (I have a milestone coming up and need to prepare)

    – free up Wed eve as friend is staying over

    – and oh, yeah, the paid job

    • WilliamB says

      BTW, Blogher is inserting a bottom banner/pop up each time I refresh the page. Is that supposed to be there? The most recent was for AmEx.

      • Kristen says

        Yeah, that’s a new ad product I told them I’d try on a trial basis. Is it showing up every single time for you? My understanding was that it was supposed to show up only when there’s a premium advertisement available (which should not be every time.)

        I feel like this ad unit is kind of intrusive, but I’m gonna give it a week and reevaluate.

        • Amanda says

          It is showing up every time for me, and it’s pretty annoying…only slightly better than a popup. I love your blog because the other ads never get in the way of the content.

          • Jenessa says

            It is showing up on every page for me too. It covers up the content at the bottom of the page and pops up even larger if I scroll over it to turn it off.

          • WilliamB says

            This is my feeling as well.

            Today (8/26) the pop-up is CapriSun. It’s shown up every time I’ve refreshed the screen – maybe your blog is worth a lot of premium ads? The bottom banner pop-up appears over content I want to read and I have to interact with the ad to make it go away. Not something I want to see or deal with.

    • Kristen says

      Ooh, nice deal on the chickens! I wish I had a Whole Foods more handily located, because I would definitely take advantage of that!

  6. Stef says

    – scrub my kitchen chairs (total of 6) (cloth material) outside in the sunshine
    – figure out how to wash my outside windows (since they are high/some over patio stairs)
    – wash windows from the outside (lol)
    -declutter garage of toys! (my son too is turning 15)
    Funny how you mentioned that your son has the largest bedroom, so does our son. His closet not so big though. But we do have a basement that we store extra items, in a see-through container.

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