A little Father’s Day prep

I’m a little more on top of Father’s Day than usual this year.

It’s all thanks to my blog, actually. Remember how promotionalcodes.com sent me a $100 gift card around Christmastime so I could give their site a try?

(I bought two pea coats for Joshua, with free shipping, cashback from Ebates, and $5 off thanks to a code from promotionalcodes.com.)

Joshua's pea coat

(Which is why Joshua is not pea-coat-less in this year’s family photo.)

Anyway, they sent me another gift card, this time for use in Father’s Day shopping.  So I am ON it this year!

promotional codes

As you can see, one of the things I bought came from Zazzle, where I got 20% off. I also signed up for a free trial of Zazzle Black, which gave me free shipping.  Yay!

They’ve got 25% off of Macy’s right now, and the $5 coupon I used at Target last go-round is still available!

If your dad or husband is more the nerdy type, the ThinkGeek coupon for 20% off and free shipping might be up your alley.

Cough. * Minecraft. * Cough.

(The Think Geek code expires in two days, just so ya know.)

Promotionalcodes has codes for over 20,000 retailers, so do check there before you do any online shopping because odds are awfully good that you’ll save some money.  And it only takes a second to search for your store, so you’ve got nothing to lose.


P.S.  When you do your online shopping, don’t forget to check cashback sites so that you can use a promotional code AND get cashback.

TopCashBack is my number one choice (they have the best rates!), and if they don’t have the store I’m looking for, I check Ebates.  Also, Ebates just added a number of Amazon categories to their cashback options, so check that out.

Edit: I just saw that TopCashBack is offering 10% back on Ebay for today, June 5th, only! So if you need to buy a Father’s Day gift from Ebay, you’re in luck.


Disclosure: Promotionalcodes.com sent me a gift card, but this post was not sponsored in any other way and I don’t receive a kickback if you use a promotional code.  I am a TopCashBack and Ebates affiliate and I personally use those services whenever I shop online.


  1. Lori says

    If anybody is at a total loss for a present, and wants to take advantage of the ThinkGeek code, I got my husband the Kelvin.23 all-in-one tool for Christmas 2012. He was a bit skeptical about it at the time, because it isn’t the best-constructed item in the world, but was just telling me the other day, after having it for about a year and a half, how much he likes it.


    It wouldn’t be good for any heavy repairs or serious home renovation projects, of course, but for what he uses it for (simple repairs, putting together furniture from stores, things like that) it’s been great. The only thing he’s had to get from the toolbox since he’s had the Kelvin is a hammer (because the built-in hammer doesn’t work very well unless it’s a very light job). He’s been much more likely to not procrastinate on repairs and assemblies.

    So I normally wouldn’t plug a product, but for the price and with the promotion, I figured I just throw it out there as an option for anybody totally at a loss.

    I made the rash and probably stupid decision to *finally* knit my husband a tie for Father’s Day, since he has wanted a knit tie for years. Do you know how many tiny stitches go into a knit tie? Far, far too many, which is why I haven’t made one yet. But if I work for a few hours a day, I shouldn’t have a problem getting it done in time. I hope.

    • Kristen says

      Ooh, nice! A tool that makes procrastination less tempting is valuable indeed.

      I hope your tie gets done in time. Mr. FG loathes ties with his whole being, and I suppose the good thing about that is that I will never have to knit one. Ha.

  2. Molly F.C. says

    Grrrr on me. I read your post AFTER I placed an eBay order! Would have taken advantage of TopCashBack for sure. Trying to be covert, and get Father’s Day gift when my husband isn’t near by so had to be quick. Oh well. Will need to get in habit of checking sites before I buy.

    • Kristen says

      I used to be terrible about remembering, but I’ve been doing really well at it for the last year or two. I think I’m just in the habit now.

  3. Susanna says

    I need to get more into the cashback sites again – I haven’t done online shopping other than amazon since February when I went to a cash only system. One of my big problem areas was stress/bored online shopping so I basically eliminated that unless I think ahead and budget for those purchases. I’m thinking of ordering the shoes and shirts I’m wanting online and a promo code and/or cashback site would be awesome for this! plus I HATE shopping for clothes (the only time I came close ot enjoying this chore was back when I was thinner and even then I hit QVC a lot!)

    also wanted to mention – I used topcashback back when you posted about buying Frozen at walmart.com through them and it would be free – I wish I’d done like my coworker – she kept browsing and got the blue ray deal but I didn’t see it and got the regular dvd but it was under the $17 rebate I got back (by a few cents) and totally worth going into walmart to pick it up in store. the only ‘bad’ part is I had to wait a pretty long time I thought for the rebate – long enough I almost forgot to check back – just got the rebate a couple of days ago but they said it could take up to 3 months or so to get it because walmart took a while to cough up the money! I’d recommend writing on the calendar reminders to check back to request rebates if you don’t visit the site often.

    • Kristen says

      Yeah-cash back sites do usually take a while to credit your account. But I’ve never had a problem with the money not coming through, even if it takes a little while.

    • Kristen says

      I’ve been really happy with TopCashBack so far. They definitely have higher rates than Ebates, and I’ve had no problems getting paid.

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