One, Two, Three, Four…

Because I have some random things to share!


Since I’ve only recently gotten a smartphone, I was happy to see that David Molnar’s ebook on iPhone photography is free right now.

I’ve been having an awful lot of fun taking photos to share on Instagram (I’m thefrugalgirl on Instagram, of course), and I’m looking forward to learning how to better use my iPhone.

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I realized yesterday that I have a My Publisher Groupon that expires at the end of May.  Whoops.  Somehow I always put these things off until they’re almost expired.  Although realizing this two weeks prior to the expiration date is better than usual!

(Here are some of the books I’ve made with My Publisher.)


I read about a pretty neat company (Trade as One) on Tsh Oxenreider’s blog this week.  It’s basically a subscription that gets you four boxes of ethical, fair trade food per year for about a dollar a day.


Yesterday, I got an email saying that is being discontinued. (insert sad face)

(I wrote about recently.)

I have no idea why they’re shutting their doors, but I’m bummed out because I really liked the package I put together for myself.


I jotted down a to-do list this week and wrote, “Order pot.”

And only later did I realize how funny that looked.

all clad stockpot

I was reminding myself to order an All-Clad stockpot because I saved up enough Christmas and birthday money to make it happen.  Yay!  It should be here in a few days, and I’m so excited to have a non-warped pot.

This is sort of an odd time of year to buy a stockpot, as soup season is pretty much over, but oh well.  I’ll get to make the most of it when fall rolls around.


I had a $10 L.L. Bean promotional gift card that was due to expire soon, so I ordered a work shirt for Mr. FG and I remembered to go to TopCashBack first.  Yay, me!  I like that they offer 4% back vs. the 2% that Ebates offers.

(Cashback sites are clearly not going to fund my retirement or anything, but if I’m already buying something, I’m not going to complain about a little 4% bonus.)

Also, I just noticed that I can get an extra 5% bonus on my earnings if I redeem for an Amazon gift card.  Sweet.


Oh, and here’s a 7th thing…Food Waste Friday is up at Simply Being Mum today.

Have a lovely weekend, frugal peoples!


  1. says

    I think if there’s ever a place to share this story, it would be this blog (you and your readers would probably appreciate it). So, my wife recently made up some gift mugs on shutterfly (you know, where you add your pic to a mug or whatever), only the mugs were $16.99 each, and we didn’t have the extra funds to pay for them at this moment (they are for Father’s Day gifts, so we had some time). So she just left them in her cart for about a week or two. All of a sudden on Mother’s Day, she got a coupon in her email for $20 off a shutterfly purchase that had to be used that weekend. She immediately went to shutterfly to buy the mugs and found that they were now on sale for $11.99 each. So, by waiting, she got these gift mugs for practically just the cost of shipping! She was pretty excited, and I got kind of excited too (although, admittedly not as excited as she was). Sorry for the overshare, but, you know, it’s hard to keep quiet about a good deal!

  2. Beth@pansgotkids says

    Thank you for the link to the ebook! (Just for a laugh, my phone autocorrected “ebook” to “Ebola”).
    Buy pot? A whole new side of Kristen huh. :)
    Seriously though, if the stockpot is deep enough you could always make some tamales in the summer. It’s an all day process, but it sure is worth it in the end.

  3. Molly F.C. says

    Just wanted to chime in on how much I love All Clad products. The company stands behind them too in case you ever have an issue. There is a twice yearly sale at the All Clad factory in Canonsburg, PA (near Pittsburgh). Upcoming one is June 6th & June 7th. Info can be found on their website. Congrats Kristen, you’re going to love your new stockpot!

  4. Lorraine says

    A few years ago I received a cast iron enameled pot for Christmas. It was a nice cheery red color that made me happy just to look at it. Post Christmas I was at a restaurant with friends and I was telling them about the gift I received. Unfortunately, I am one of those people whose voice gets just a little too loud when I am excited about something so I drew lots of looks from surrounding diners with I announced to my friends, “I JUST LOVE MY POT!!!”

    • Kristen says

      Leaving church one day after I’d brought food, a friend was about to get in our car, and I said, “Don’t mind the pot in the front seat!”


      That kind of came out wrong.

      • R says

        When my oldest was a toddler he would request ” crack want crack” at the top of his lungs in the store. I had to remind him it was crackER not crack.

  5. says

    Hey Kristen! Thanks so much for sharing about the eBook! I hope you love it and that it helps you and your family remember the glorious, the beautiful, and the subtle often overlooked moments in your (important) story :)

    • Kristen says

      Oh yeah-I’m all about taking pictures of the everyday, ordinary stuff. That’s right in my wheelhouse! I just need to learn to do it better on my phone.

  6. Battra92 says

    “Order pot.” Guess you live in Colorado, huh? ;)

    In all seriousness, congrats on the new All Clad pot. They aren’t cheap but are said to last a lifetime. We’ve done fairly well with our two cast iron Dutch ovens (one Tramontina and one Le Creuset.) We do have a large Revereware one that my wife got before she met me and for boiling ears of corn it works fairly well.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check myself into Jelly School.

  7. K D says

    TopCashBack just sent an email saying that the Amazon bonus will decrease to 2.5% sometime in July, but it will still be a good deal. I love the rebates you can receive for ordering online.

  8. WilliamB says

    I have one of those. It’s thorough overkill for making stock[1] but great for making soup, when you do want to saute stuff before you simmer it.

    Speaking of overkill – have you ever seen a restaurant kitchen’s gear? Often the pans are battered, uneven, warped, you name it. Amazing that they make such good food on such ratty pans.

    [1] Making stock is essentially just simmering a lot of water and some ingredients for several hours. It doesn’t matter if the bottom is warped or heat doesn’t convey well – with stock it’ll all work out.

    • Kristen says

      The warped pot drives me BONKERS when I’m trying to make a creamy soup…only the middle of the pot gets hot, so that part scorches while the sides don’t get hot enough.

      So looking forward to avoiding that in the future!

  9. Beth says

    I have that stock pot (actually, I have the whole set) it is 11 years old, used at least weekly, and still looks brand new. I love All-Clad!

  10. Brandi K says

    I’ve been looking into switching to stainless steel pans myself. I have the non-stick variety right now, and I know they’re not good for you! I feel like I’ve read a bazillion reviews, but I’m leaning towards Tramontina. I found the blog post at the link below to be a really interesting comparison between All-Clad and Tramontina. All-Clad wins, but Tramontina isn’t far behind and the price is great. Enjoy your new pan! I love getting new kitchen stuff!

    • Kristen says

      Now I do say that about grilling season…I’ll grill in the dead of winter. But I do not want a pot of soup on a hot July day!

  11. says

    Love the realism and personal touch you put into this blog…thanks or making the posts real and still entertaining. Btw, my wife loves eBates too! Free money for what you are already buying anyways, what’s not to love. :)

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