Psst! I stained some things. (Whaaa??)

Yup. I refinished something and the project didn’t involve paint.

This is lookin’ a lot different now.

ugly mirror

And so is this.

wooden toy bunkbed

Click right here to see what they look like now.

(Worry not-the link is nothing scary. It will simply take you to the post here on my site where you can see the mirror and bunkbed in their newfound glory. It’s just that I worked with Cabot on this project, and according to my contract with BlogHer, the post needs to be on a page without ads. So, that’s where the link will take you.)


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    Oh, these look great!! All your home-improvement projects this summer have inspired me to get crackin’ this fall. Thanks for making it look doable (maybe not EASY, but doable!). :)

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    It is so great to make something by yourself. It seems to me that these objects have a long and unusual history, as if they have a part of soul. As I`m not able to create them, I usually buy such vintage things in order to decorate my house and to make it cozy.

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