Instead of shaving cream….

…I’ve been using my Third Day Naturals soap. It gets nice and lathery and works perfectly. I don’t know if it would work for a really thick beard, but seeing as I don’t have a really thick beard, I’m good. ;)

Since it comes in recyclable and compostable packaging instead of in an aerosol can, it’s a whole lot less trash-producing than shaving cream.

I’m using my sampler bars right now (evergreen is my fave thus far!) , and even this small size lasts for a long time. So, a full bar would be around for a good long while. I’m not entirely sure how one would calculate this, but I’m guessing it might work out to be cheaper than shaving cream.

Do you use an alternative to shaving cream?

disclosure: Third Day Naturals renewed their ad here on The Frugal Girl for the month of January, but this post is not sponsored by them, and they didn’t even suggest that I use their soap for shaving cream. I thought of that all by myself. ;)


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  1. Lilia says

    I use soap as well – or conditioner on bad dry skin days. I also think it works great. I find that my soap lasts longer if I keep it in a wire or mesh holder opposite my shower head. It allows it to dry well so the glycerin doesn’t dilute or melt.

  2. Rebecca says

    My husband uses bar shave soap to shave his face with a bowl and natural bristle brush to get lathered up. He uses a traditional safety razor and so do I. Much less waste as the only thing to toss is the blade itself, which is steel and recyclable, and they are very inexpensive and last much longer than newer blades.

    The blades and soap come in cardboard boxes, so no plastic waste at all.

    He says he gets a much closer shave this way with less irritation, and he shaves every day.

    • Battra92 says

      This is what I do as well. I get my razors in 100ct packages from Amazon and since I only shave a couple times a week (yay for having a beard!) and a blade lasts me a few shaves, I’m pretty much stocked up for a few years! Now if only I could get my wife to give the DE safety a try. She’s still buying the expensive cartridge razors I gave up on years ago!

  3. says

    I’ve always used soap, less stuff in the shower to have to clean around. But my husband prefers shaving cream. He says that soap is too drying for his face. I wonder if Third Day would be any less drying.

  4. Tina B says

    Conditioner (any kind), usually the little bottles from the hotel. An added benefit is that it’s definitely smaller and easier to travel with than an aerosol can!

  5. says

    Years ago I read in a magazine that you could use hair conditioner in place of shaving cream if you forgot to pack it on a trip. I’ve been using it ever since – both at home and on trips. It doesn’t dry out your skin and its one less bottle in the shower.

  6. Ruthy says

    I use any kind of conditioner :) works better than anything else i’ve used…shaving cream, Bronner’s soap, nothing, water, etc…

  7. Tara Morrison says

    I glad you are bringing this up because shaving cream has always seemed like such a scam to me. My father always shaved with a mug, soap cake and brush as does my husband. I shave with whatever soap is available with know problem. I personally use castille soap and my husbands cake comes from the local soap maker. The packaging is minimal and usually just paper, so less waster than a metal can with propellant and a plastic cap that will never biodegrade!

  8. says

    I use the body wash I lather with. The bottle is refillable and recyclable, and the body wash is way more convenient to use then the aerosol shaving cream can. The bonus, once you are done shaving, simply lather up and clean off =)

    Plus, I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of my favourite Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) Body Wash instead of those shaving cream scents, and it’s no where near as messy.

  9. jenelle says

    I can usually find good couponing deals on shaving cream for my husband. I don’t think I could convince him to use a bar. I have switched over to only using the razors that have the shave “cream” around the blades. Saves time as well.

  10. says

    I do have an alternative to shaving cream – I grow a beard! I have done it several times in my life and it does save time and money! However, I don’t think that would work for you Kristen! :)

  11. says

    Like one of your other commenters using a safety razor, I did some research and I got my husband a good quality safety razor (I think it’s a Merkur) last year for Christmas with a very high quality brush. He uses a natural soap in a bowl to lather. He LOVES it. He now enjoys his shaving experience. Before that he used Barbasol shaving cream but he loves the bristle brush, natural soap and safety razor much more. He said he gets a much better shave this way and his skin has never looked better. I was so impressed with it that I bought a safety razor for myself and I just use the same olive oil soap I normally use in the shower. I can go longer between shaves with the safety razor too. We would never go back. Our razors will last forever and we only have to buy blades and soap. I highly recommend going this direction. We buy blades just once a year. They are pretty inexpensive. I love that we aren’t putting much in a landfill this way! I agree that shaving cream is a racket. It’s actually an unnecessary convenience item.

    • Battra92 says

      Amazon had 100 ct of Derby brand razors for something like $7. I bought a box and I’m now set for a few years! I’m really glad that there’s a frugal and superior tool for the job.

      Gillette pioneered the use it and dispose of it lifestyle and will introduce new styles and discontinue old ones before patents expire. They have been very successful at suckering people to pay $3-4 a blade and their aggressive advertising is insane (they give the handles away for free in many cases to get you to buy their overpriced plastic and tiny metal.)

      Oh and you can recycle the razor blades themselves but it takes a little bit of work to do so. You can take a can that holds liquid (e.g. an evaporated milk can) and you punch a hole in the top and pour out the liquid. Then from the hole make a slit using tin snips or something similar and when the can is full of sharps, recycle the whole thing! Amazing how you can go from something that litters landfills at an astounding rate to something that has absolutely no non recyclable waste at all! :)

    • Rebecca says

      My husband has very sensitive skin and has always struggled with stubble, ingrown hairs and razor burn with the newer types of disposable razors or electric ones. The safety razor cuts so cleanly he only shaves every other day where as before he needed to shave every day and he has next to no irritation or redness with the safety even after a few uses. He only changes out the blade maybe 2 times a month max.

  12. says

    Thanks for the unsolicited advert, Kristen!! I wanted to chime in and say that I use the soap the same way. It saves space in the shower to have one product for many purposes and I’ve often had a completely soap based shower, from shampooing all the way to shaving.

    Many of our varieties have such a creamy lather, (bubbly too, but nice and creamy as well), that it does work very well for ladies’ shaving needs. As for the guys, they might find some of the soaps work well for mug and brush shaving–particularly Head To Toe, Pink Grapefruit, and the soon to be introduced Triple-Mint Mocha Soap (has a very rich lather from lots of cocoa butter, a chocolate swirl and a complex minty scent). We will be working in the coming year on a round bar specifically for the mug and brush guys for a soap that has an awesome lather that lasts for a good 10 minutes or so and also a wonderful slip. But for now, the soaps I mentioned have good promise to work well. We’ve done some tests on them. But for the ladies, any of them would work really great for shaving needs.

      • says

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  13. says

    I use conditioner sometimes, but it gunks up my razor quickly so I need to rinse it off pretty much after every swipe. Other than that, I usually use shampoo because it makes my skin softer than liquid soap. I don’t use shaving cream either. ;)

    And this is completely random, but if a guy were to shave a thick beard like you mentioned in your opening paragraph, he’d most likely cut the hair short before shaving. So it doesn’t have to work on a thick beard!

  14. KateNwv says

    I have used Ivory bar soap instead of shaving cream for decades! : ) A tip: if you open the end of the soap wrapper after you bring it home, the soap has time to dry and cure, and will last much longer when you finally use that bar

  15. Sara says

    It isn’t super frugal, but my sensitive skin thanks me for using Cetaphil (or the store brand). No more bumps, itchiness or other irritation!

  16. says

    I actually use jojoba oil. It doesn’t lather, but it doesn’t need to. It leaves my skin nice and soft. It does require shaking the razor with some vigor under hot water to get it clean. Soap dries out my skin way too much, but if I’m missing the lather I’ll occasionally mix some unscented glycerin soap lather with the jojoba and it works great!

  17. Jewlz says

    So, after reading some of the comments, I decided to take the hubby to get a ‘beginners’ safety razor. They are sold locally at Sally’s at start at 12.99. SO EXCITED. We are both going to try it and if we like it, NO MORE DISPOSABLES! I love this because 1) Hubby and I burn through razors like WATER and I feel SO BAD throwing them out because for whatever reason, they WILL NOT recycle them even though they are mostly plastic and metal. 2) SO MUCH CHEAPER!!! I think we are going to continue using conditioner to shave with — its the one thing that has really helped my itchy skin. The trick to the conditioner is not to get a dense one that is meant for deep conditioning but rather a thinner one that is meant for daily. I use Tresemme’ since that is also what I use for my hair and it works AMAZINGLY! I’ve used soap in a pinch and shampoo, but I prefer the conditioner. :) And at least with the conditioner, I buy the huge bottles so it takes a while to burn through those, the bottles are reusable and refillable, and the ones I get are recyclable. :)

  18. Rebecca B. A. R. says

    I actually shave dry, right after I get out of the shower. I can’t wait too long, or I’ll get razor burn. I found out years ago that I cut myself much less if I didn’t shave with soap or shaving gel. I also save on water, since I’m not in the shower when I shave.

  19. Shana says

    Yes, I’ve never actually used shaving cream to shave my legs. After lathering up my hair, I just use the suds from that to shave my legs. Works perfectly :)

  20. Emily N says

    I’m chiming in as another person who uses conditioner. It seems to minimize cuts, and means one less product to buy and keep in the shower.

  21. Connie Seward says

    I’m with the conditioner bunch. You get a much closer shave and if you are pressed for time and don’t moisturize when you are getting dressed, the conditioner helps to keep your legs from itching.

  22. says

    I use natural, handmade soap for shaving as well! I love making my own soap and even turned it into a business. Shaving with soap is so great because of the significantly decreased amount of trash. I also make shampoo spheres. I have long hair so I tend to go through a lot of liquid soap. The shampoo soap is so satisfying because not only does it lather like crazy, but when I run out there isn’t a plastic bottle that goes in the trash.

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