Something else you’d occasionally find in my kitchen.

Because sometimes, despite the best-laid plans, two $5 pepperoni pizzas end up being dinner.


    • Kristen says

      No, no! Not all the food in yesterday’s post was from one day-that was a compilation of food pictures from my kitchen’s recent history.

      We usually have homemade pizza once a week. And then there’s the odd day when my dinner plans fall to pieces and we have Little Caesar’s. =p

  1. Battra92 says

    No one goes to Little Caesar’s for the Pizza. They go for the crazy bread.

    Okay, time for a redneck story of my youth. Back when I was a kid, Little Caesar’s only sold square pizzas and, in our area at least, it was take out only. We also at that point were on hard times and our only vehicle was a Chevy pickup and there were 7 of us at the time so many times I’d ride in the back (at least it had a cap!) For an occasional treat we would go to LC, and eat our pizza in the bed of the pickup truck tailgate style.

  2. says

    I jumped for joy when a Little Caesar’s finally opened in my town. Up until then the only decent takeout pizza in town came from one of two pretty expensive pizzerias, where it would cost $35 or more (and take at least 35-40 minutes for the pizza to be done, which kinda defeats the purpose if it’s one of THOSE nights.) We don’t go there often but I have to admit, on a night when we have to be two places at once and the sink is still full of LAST night’s dishes, that $5 hot-and-ready is a lifesaver :)

  3. says

    Love it … real life happens, and I’m so glad you’re sharing that side through your blog! It’s difficult to read those ‘perfect’ blogs sometimes, and compare it to our own crazy, messy, chaotic, unplanned, everyday lives.
    It’s nice to take a little cooking break every now and then, and I also get the unexpected perk of having my family agree that carry out is a nice treat every now and then, but that mama’s cooking is best :-)

  4. Kate says

    My MIL gave me exactly what I asked for this year for Christmas – a gift card to a pizza place! She gave it to me at Thanksgiving since we won’t see them at Christmas, and it’s come in quite handy. The first time was a day I’d spent painting for hours getting our house ready to sell, and the second time was last night when we had to be in several places at once. It was so nice to have the option, not feel guilty about spending the money – because it was somebody else’s money :) – and not have another “thing” gift that is just going to wind up at the Goodwill.

  5. Kim C says

    My kids LOVE doing this! I have to admit, I can just barely make pizza at home for $5 by the time I purchase the ingredients and pay the electricity
    to cook them. We don’t have one all that close by, but there is one near my parent’s house so sometimes we swing by there on our way home from Grandma’s! Once in awhile we fill our water bottles, go by LC and grab a pizza AND crazy bread and head to the park. I try to reuse pizza boxes if they aren’t too greasy for storing art and specialty paper in. Works for large photos too, but I line the boxes. Many people recieve photos of the kids in a pretty wrapped pizza box. They work great! LOL

  6. Crystal says

    Oh, yes!!! I love our Little Caesars. This week I’m having my baby via scheduled c-section and I sure did put pizza from LC on the meal plan for the day before. Since I planned for it, and it’s only $5, I feel zero guilt about it. That, and a salad from the 99 cents store, and we’ll be good to go. Interestingly enough, they are even cheaper than frozen pizza from the grocery store (and much tastier, too)!

    Thank God for Little Caesars. :)

  7. Jenessa says

    I haven’t ever eaten at Little Caesars, but I have been told the hot and ready pizzas are $6 in my town. I was extremely disappointed when LC opened because it caused one of the excellent but more expensive pizza places in town to close.

    • Vicki says

      We don’t have a LC in our area; in our area, Dominos is the big thing. I’m told that our local Dominos is owned by someone who’s not even a US citizen. We don’t go there and, instead, go to our local, privately owned pizza place (even though it’s more expensive) because we love knowing the person that we’re supporting and that he’s back there, behind the counter, personally making our pizza. I would be highly disappointed if our local pizza place went out of business due to competition from Dominos.

      On the other hand, I do love knowing that you sometimes resort to take out pizza like the rest of us – it makes me feel infinitely better! Kind of like a post you had once where you told us that you keep your house on the cool side in the winter and then bundle up. We keep our house pretty cool and I had been feeling a little bad about it until I read that post and thought, “See, we’re not the only ones who do that!”

    • Kristen says

      Oh, that is sad. When we’ve thought ahead enough, we do often choose to patronize our local pizza place. But when you’re in a mad rush, you can’t beat the Hot and Ready thing Little Caesar’s has going on ( we have to think ahead a bit more with the local place.)

  8. Sharon says

    It’s reassuring that sometimes you also need to grab something quick for dinner. I’ve been making homemade pizza for some time now (thanks to your recipe) and my family loves it! My husband swears its better than his favorite pizzeria. Needless to say, they are no longer enthusiastic about pizza takeout. When I had to grab a pizza last week for dinner one night, nobody said anything but there was a lot leftover!

  9. says

    Oh my goodness I remember when Little Caesars reopened down here in the south’ I hadn’t seen one since I was just a little girl I was so excited to have their “pizza pizza” in my life again. There $5 pizza deals have saved dinner a time or two in this household more times than I can count.

  10. says

    Ha ha, I was having a rather interesting morning after several really late nights (business stuff is keeping us busy) and not getting enough sleep and that made me think of you on several fronts.

    1) Your productivity series and how you always say that a good night’s sleep consistently is very high up there on the list of reasons you’re able to get so much done.

    2) Before lunch I was thinking how I’d love to not have to cook tonight because I’m tired, which made me think of you and all of your strategies to combat this sort of thing, which led me to…

    3) Thinking of the most simple recipe I could possibly make for dinner tonight to ameliorate the desire to order out.

    4) Then I saw this and know that sometimes, pizza really is just the best idea.

    We’ll see what happens tonight. :-)

  11. SandyH says

    As a mom of four, I received lots of advice when my kids were growing up. Now that mine are grown, I feel I can give a bit of it myself. Here it is:

    Don’t get so hung up on an idea of perfection, that getting takeout pizza once in awhile isn’t ok. Because it IS infinitely ok, and not only that, it is a memory your kids will love when they’re grown.

    The most important thing I tell my grown kids who are now parents themselves is this same type of thing. Life happens. And the BEST parents are the ones who calmly roll with it!

  12. Janine says

    I agree with Becky down below . . . it’s sometimes discouraging to read those “perfect” blogs of people who only eat whole foods, have eliminated all processed sugar from their diets, and whose kids prefer fruits and veggies to any kind of baked good or candy : ) . . . we try hard to eat healthy and frugally, but geez, some nights I’m just too darn tired, the kids are griping, and my house is a mess. We don’t have a LC near us, but we have another local pizza shop that is affordable (or we may even drive 20 minutes for Chick-fil-A–mostly so I can get sweet tea!). Thanks for your honesty!!

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