My Christmas…

…was full of babies,

and small people,

(it’s a good thing my niece got a vacuum for Christmas, because these get-togethers are always so messy. ;) )


present-opening at other people’s houses,

and at our own,

cinnamon rolls,

a fancier table than usual,

(my poor neglected china doesn’t see the light of day very often)

yummy, not-traditional Christmas food,

and a serious session of silly-face-making during dinner.

I hope your celebration was delightful too. :)

(Details about some of the presents we bought for the kids will be in a forthcoming post. I just didn’t want to make this one too long!)


Joshua’s 365 post: I do this every year…


  1. says

    Looks like you had a great Christmas. My family enjoys the sparkling grape juice too! The kids get a kick out of drinking it in fancy glasses while wearing their paper crowns from their Christmas crackers.

    • Kristen says

      Oh, that was his waterproof camera cover. I’ll tell you a little more about it in a future post! And I’m sure you’ll see underwater photos on his blog too.

  2. Tina Ray says

    It looks like everyone had a great time! Happy Holidays Kristen to you and yours.

    I like your china. Mine doesn’t get to see much use but I did buy a pretty hutch last year around Christmas to display it all year. Thanksgiving and East are usually when they get to come out and visit. I bought the set from Salvation Army. I waited patiently for a month because they mark it down by 50%. I went in so the 92 piece set was now $45. I offered $35 and she turned me down and I turned around to walk away and she relented! I was being very frugal and tough. Just a little frugal story to enlighten your day.

  3. Jill says

    I like your china! I try to use our wedding china more than two or three times a year. Sometimes it is fun to celebrate birthdays or other special ocassions with china.

  4. says

    Looks like you had a lovely celebration together! And your four Little Ones, Kristen, are suddenly looking … well, not so little anymore!

    Did Joshua fold the origami tree? That looks like such a fun project :-)

  5. Battra92 says

    I really want to put a caption on that picture of Joshua holding up his glass but I can’t think of anything clever enough. Also, I can see he is getting good at avoiding sister-hugs. :-P

  6. Kris says

    We have the same china pattern! What excellent taste you have. ;)

    Ours also doesn’t see the light of day very often but we did pull it out for Christmas. It’s important to try to civilize my children every so often.

    • Jenn says

      I just came here to post that I have the same china as well! Although mine was a hand-me-down family gift after my grandma passed away. I love it nonetheless! Many memories have been had over that set and many more to come!

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