Kitchen Happenings

If you visited, you might see:


Daily stacks of schoolwork waiting for correction

Roasted carrots (which Sonia and I can polish off in a jiffy.)

Baking with Lisey


People using those watercolors

Imitations of Georgia O’Keefe’s watercolor paintings

A stack of whole wheat pancakes….

….waiting to be eaten.

Oranges, sliced, “Grandpa’s way.”

(This is the favorite way to eat oranges ever since they had them this way at my parents’ house.)

And lastly, you might see grilling happening. In December. In the rain.

(the weather has a nasty habit of being rainy on days when I’ve planned a grilled meal.)

What’s been happening in your kitchen?


  1. says

    We’re big fans of barbequed meals here too, it makes it easy to cook a meat and a vegetarian option at the same time :)

    In my kitchen at the moment, there are lots of leftovers to eat up (I’m only cooking for myself because Mr Omnivore is back in hospital), lots of dirty dishes (ditto – he usually washes up) and a giant watermelon that we have to eat in the next week. Does anybody have any ideas besides eating it and using it in smoothies?

    • Kristen says

      I’m so sorry he’s in the hospital again. :( Could you cut up the watermelon into chunks and freeze the chunks for later use in smoothies? Then you don’t have to get super bored of it right now.

    • ~Dorthey says

      Dehydrated Watermelon is Good !
      My old Boss use to Dehydrate different
      things all the time. I Thor it was good.
      Kinda like a Candy like a fruit roll…

      • Reese says

        Woahhh. never even fathomed dehydrated watermelon. Does that take eons since it’s mostly water?

        My mouth is watering now…

        • ~Dorthey says

          You could Probably compress it first ?
          I’m not sure how long it would take sorry.
          But it’s the Weirdest thing I’ve ever ate
          BUT it was GOOD ! ;)
          LoL, now I want some too ;)

        • WilliamB says

          The one time I dehyrated watermelon it did not take longer than other fruits, and shorter than some. It did stick to the grate so I recommend a fruit-drying tray or saran wrap. It was strange as dried fruit goes – sticky like fruit leather. I’ll do it again next time I have too much watermelon.

          • says

            Thanks everyone, I will definitely freeze some of it, and I’m intrigued by the idea of dehydrated watermelon. Most recipes I’ve found online use a dehydrator but I might give it a go in my oven. It might even make some good Christmas gifts… :)

    • Tina Barrett says

      If you want to freeze it, cut it into cubes and place the them in a freezer safe container. Pour 7 up or sprite over the cubes to cover the melon. Make sure to leave a couple inches of head space, because the Soda will expand when it freezes. The citric acid in the soda will preserve the fruit so that it won’t be mushy when defrosted. My kids like to eat it this way.

        • says

          Yep, I am in Australia (although we are going through a bit of a cold snap at the moment where it’s only getting up to 27C (80F)!). I like the look of the granita and I guess it would keep for a while in the freezer too, so we wouldn’t have to eat it all at once. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    For some reason I really loved this post! If you were in my kitchen this morning you would see me making coffee first and reading my papers and watching The Lake.And then making tea for my wife who likes to sleep in longer than me. Today it is time to make more Yogurt. Tomorrow I will make some more Whole Wheat Bread – I make ALL of our bread, especially after I read what is in the bread you buy! Then checking the computer to see what treats Kristen has on her Blog. And maybe I’ll do a post too, on my blog. Yesterday it was about the thick fog we had, well it started with that.
    And I gave myself one of my last injections for my severe osteoporosis – every day for the last 2 years, well 1 year 11 months and 2 weeks, I have given myself an injection into my stomach. Soon this will stop, Yeah! Definitely NOT my favorite time of the day. What will I do for fun when that is over? The rest of the day will be out of the kitchen as I turn ownership over to my beautiful wife Julia who will use her cooking magic for Breakfast and dinner while I am outside cutting and splitting wood and checking on the chickens among other things. No snow shoveling yet!

    • Virginia Dare says

      David, I’m sorry for all the injections but glad it’s almost done. I did a series of 40 injections (hormone therapy) and it sucked but it worked and now I have a beautiful daughter. :-)

      I am trying to help my parents get some information. When I bought my treatment, I was given/sold a container for disposing of the used needles. Did you get such a container when you got your osteoporosis prescription filled? My parents’ caregiver is saying they don’t do that and I was surprised.

  3. kris says

    This morning in my kitchen – you would find on the table, my daughter’s science fair project backboard (that she’s presenting today), my other daughter’s notebook spread open along with the book she is currently reading “Heaven is For Real” (awesome book btw) and lastly my favorite kids book ever, “Silly Sally”, which my son read aloud yesterday. On my island was me working on making 2 lunches, on the stovetop was a pot of tea steeping, which will be made into a gallon of ice tea when I get home from work and a frying pan, working hard on bacon & egg breakfast.

    Sadly by the time I left for work my sink had some dirty dishes in it! Dreary, rainy morning so I was running a little late leaving so I didn’t get to wash my breakfast dishes. They are soaking tho because 8 hr. dried egg yolk is no fun to deal with after a long day of work!!

    My baker’s rack is my favorite part of my kitchen, it houses my cookbooks, recipe magazines and my homemade cookbooks (colorful folders with recipes cut from magazines, internet or from family members). It’s cluttered but every piece on there holds a special place in my heart.

    • says

      When the apostle Paul was caught up to the third heaven he saw things that were unspeakable. That leads me to think the account in “Heaven is for Real” is not credible

      • truenorth says

        AFS, thanks for the comment about this book. I also do not find the account credible but could not exactly pinpoint why so I found your comment helpful. Maybe a jumping off point for further biblical study?

  4. says

    I’ve told you this before, but I’m compelled to tell you again. I think you’re a wonderful mother and great example of simplicity for your children. I hope, if I become a mother, I set examples and spend quality time with my children like you do. The homemade food, simple crafts and warmth that exudes from your photos and words is very inspiring! Cheers.

    • Kristen says

      For these ones, I just followed a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, which used butter, salt, and pepper. They have several flavor variations that I want to try, though.

  5. says

    You would find the same stack of school books in our home, on the dinning room table, in the study, in the family room, the library and the kids rooms. They have a book case where they are suppose to go but they rarely land there.

  6. Tina Ray says

    My crockpot is happening in my kitche today. Make Crockpot Creole Chicken. All I have to do is put some rice in the rice cooker and we have dinner done. I love my crockpot…well really all of my kitchen appliances that make life simpler!

    • Tina Barrett says

      Today I am trying a new recipe for chicken tacos in the crockpot. Boiling sweet potatoes to make quick bread for gifts, washing the breakfast dishes,and listening to Christmas music. Oh, and trying to remember where I put the recipe for Chocolate Cherry Cake, so I can make one to surprise my Mother for her birthday.

  7. Aubrey says

    At my house you would find cranberry orange scones my 3yo helped me make, my husband’s particle physics book as he studies for a final, a dirty pan from roasting a chicken last night, and a pile of salt spilled on the dining table my 3yo used “to draw pictures of a doggy” while I was busy prepping said chicken.

  8. Mary says

    You would see 2 kid’s painting at the table, 1 kid doing her math and horsing around(hence why she isn’t painting). 3 loaves of bread waiting to be eaten, left overs of hot coco sitting on the counter. A small stack of cinnamon ornaments that need ribbon tied to them and a cluster of toys strewn about the floor from my 14 month old. Oh and the beginnings of a friendship bracelet my 10 yr old is learning to make. Love those things!

  9. says

    First of all, yum to all that food.

    Happenings in my kitchen?

    -We have LOTS of clementines/oranges. They are on sale all over town right now because our university’s football team (NIU Huskies!) are going to the Orange Bowl! Such a huge deal. :)

    -Cookie baking supplies. We are getting ready to host a cousins-only cookie party.

    -A Christmas village that my oldest set up.

    -Christmas art supplies because now that we are on our Christmas break (we started extra early this year) we are doing art constantly. :)

  10. says

    the only thing thats been happening in my kitchen is nursing a 3 day old newborn and eating friends’ cooking!! lol….not cooking much right now at all =)

  11. DQ says

    I loved reading all of the other responses to your question! In my kitchen right now you would see chicken tortilla soup I made after work today which is keeping warm on the stove until my husband gets home from work, a crust I just made for a cheesecake that I will bake tomorrow for a holiday potluck at work and a few dirty dishes in the sink….
    happy holidays kristen and thank you for keeping up such a wonderful blog!

  12. Susan says

    Was that bacon I saw on the pizza? My son would love to try anything with bacon on it (maybe even salad!) Pancakes and bacon sounds like a tasty quick meal after karate tonight. I might even try slicing the oranges “Grandpa’s way.”

  13. Cheryl says

    It almost always rains on us too when I have a “grill” night scheduled ! My husband says if we need the rain, just ask him to grill something :)

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