I just want to say…

…that my heart is just so heavy for the people in Newtown, CT. Any loss of life is sad, but the death of so many six year olds hits me especially hard because my Zoe is six.

In a way, she put a face on this for me before we even knew which children had died. I can barely imagine the pain of losing a little six-year old, but what I can fathom makes my heart break for these families.

I know nothing in life is guaranteed, including the safety of my children. And so I am reminded not to take days with them for granted.


  1. Molly F. C. says

    My heart aches for the families & friends who are mourning. Hugged my children tighter this weekend in gratitude.

  2. Stephanie says

    My daughter is six as well. Your comment of “she put a face on this for me” is spot on. I fell the same way too.

  3. says

    My daughter put a face on it for me. She’s only 3.5, but it won’t be so long before she’s ready for kindergarten. And she is just so little. It breaks my heart.

  4. Jewlz says

    I can’t even talk about it. I just get so emotional and angry. And then with all the political stuff… I just feel like exploding. I want them to shut up and either stop talking or just focus on the community and things that can be done for the community. Because you see, my oldest child is 7. And the thought of losing him like that… I just can’t talk about it.

  5. says

    I have just been praying and crying since I heard about this. It is so very sad and I just love children so much and it breaks my heart when anyone ever harms a sweet child. I know this world is not all there is, and so I just try to look at the bigger picture, but it does not stop the hurt and suffering at all. I know each day we have with those we love is a gift from God, and it is never a certain thing we will have another day with them. I know just how you feel as far as having your own 6 year old (as I do also) and it does put a face on it even more so. It was a little harder for me to say goodbye to my children this morning before they went to school. God bless everyone who is hurting. Juli

  6. Kim C says

    This tragedy has touched so many. I’m always saddened when I hear somthing like this, but this one touched my heart in a much deeper sense. I have a 5 year old myself and I just can’t imagine. I try to imagine and it breaks my heart and I know this isn’t even a fraction of what these families are going through. Our heartfelt prayers are with them. I’ve hugged my two kids a little bit tighter and told them more often since it happened that I love them.

  7. Joyce says

    Kristen, go to my facebook page and see the picture/poem I reposted. After I read that I felt a little bit better, knowing Jesus’ reception of their little souls. Joyce Howden

  8. Rachel W. says

    I feel for all the people who lost loved ones in the shooting. I really feel for those who lost a sister or a brother, mother, father, uncle, aunt, friend, because adults died in that massacre too. And while they may not be “innocent” the way small children are, they were innocent in this tragedy. Yet all I read and hear about is the children. Those adults were somebody’s children. Imagine being the spouse of a teacher or other school faculty member and having to kiss them goodbye this morning. Or being the child of a teacher/faculty member.

    I can’t even. I have friends who are teachers and knowing they are at work today is mildly terrifying for me. >.<;;

    • Kristen says

      Oh yes, I didn’t mean to minimize that. Life is precious, old or young. I suppose the 20 young children who died get more press because it’s pretty rare that that many kids are murdered all at once…the shock value is higher.

      But yes, adult lives are significant too. When I hear about deaths in the Middle East from suicide bombers and the like, I often think to myself that even that suicide bomber was someone’s baby once. That makes me feel so sad. I guess thinking of it that way turns people from casualty numbers into, well, people, which is as it should be.

      • Kris says

        I think you have hit upon something key here. And believe me, as the mother of a 7 and 9 year old, this is not easy to say or think or write … the concept of forgiving an enemy (who could be a bigger enemy to me than someone who hurts my family?). I read that a parent of one of the children who was killed reached out to the family of the murderer and offered condolences to them. And remember the mass murder at the Amish school a few years ago? The Amish community forgave AND reached out to the wife of the killer. For me, this is the greatest evidence of faith in action. I am not “there” in my willingness to forgive (and I pray I never have occasion to have to be!) but, wow. What an impact it makes on me.

  9. Ashli says

    My son will be 7 this weekend. I can’t imagine what those poor parents are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  10. Julie says

    Me too! I am a mother of triplets. All of whom are 6. Our best friends are also triplets and they are 7. It makes me ill. I tear up when I think about it or see too much on TV about it. My heart breaks for the survivors and their families. I cannot imagine taking your child to school in the morning and never seeing them again. And you are right… cherish every moment. I think it was said wonderfully last night when the President told about how it was said that as parents, we have our hearts walking around outside our bodies.

  11. says

    Yes, I agree. I don’t have a 6 year old but I have two daughters, 23 and 26 who are both teachers. The loss of the teachers, principal and counselor hit me hard as did the thought of all those little children gone.

    There really is no easy answer to this tragedy. We must count our blessings each and every day.

  12. says

    My son is 6 as well, and in addition, he shares a first name and last initial with one of the victims. I know this is just a weird coincidence, but it just makes it that much more real for me, and I can’t help by feel haunted by it. I’m praying for all the victims.

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