I hate buying batteries.

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Because I don’t like to spend money and don’t like to throw things away, I much prefer gadgets and electronics that plug into the wall or that come with chargers (all of my cameras do, which is awesome. Because I would go through a ridiculous number of batteries otherwise.)

But, there are some things that really do need regular batteries (it seems like most of them are toys!), so I buy them.

Anyway, when BlogHer chose me to participate in Procter & Gamble’s Have You Tried This Yet? program, I instantly knew I wanted to try the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger.

Have You Tried This Yet? from P&G is a program designed to highlight innovative products for yourself, family and home, each delivering great performance to improve your everyday. And rechargeable batteries? Those improve your life.

The charger comes with two rechargeable AA and two rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries. You just unfold the charger, pop the batteries in (each slot can hold a AA or a AAA battery), and plug it into the wall.

(this picture is driving me crazy … it’s all lop-sided because that particular outlet isn’t straight!)

The indicator lights at the bottom let you know when the batteries are ready.

The batteries receive a quick charge in just an hour, which is handy if you’re in a hurry. And if you have more time, you can leave them in for three hours, at which point they’ll be fully charged.

Once the batteries are finished, the charger can be folded up very compactly … even the prongs fold so they’re flush with the rest of the charger. Yay for saving space!

Now, I’ve tried some other rechargeable batteries before, and my complaint has always been that they stopped taking a charge in less than a year. But this charger comes with a three-year warranty, and the batteries are supposed to be able to charged hundreds of times.

And if that’s the case, then these are definitely an economical choice.

Oh, and you can print a $3 coupon from the Have You Tried This Yet? site, which makes these even more economical.

You can even get the $3 off if you order online from Amazon through the Have You Tried This Yet? site. Just click “Shop now”, then click on the Amazon link, and you should see a virtual coupon that you can clip.

Edit: My apologies-the $3 Amazon coupon seems to be gone now. But you can still get the $3 coupon from the Have You Tried This Yet? site.

BlogHer is teaming up to offer one of you a $100 Visa gift card! To be entered for a chance to win, just answer the following question:

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  1. Rachel says

    It would make my life easier because we really have no place to store extra batteries in our tiny house–we could just recharge our son’s toy batteries without having to find a place to shelve tons and tons of spares.

  2. says

    They’d make my life easier because while we usually don’t buy toys with batteries (I even had a child-guest ask one time “where are all your toys with batteries?” lol) I broke my own rule for this Christmas. My sons are getting a shared toy that takes multiple batteries because I know that they’re going to love it and it will be a long-term plaything and so we’re going to be in need of batteries for quite some time!

  3. Tara Morrison says

    I have four kids which means four times as many batteries! Walkie Talkies are a big deal right now at our house so we have been using a lot of batteries. I, too prefer things that I can plug in and recharge.

  4. Kelly D says

    This would make my life easier because my kids would not get so upset when their toys run out of batteries if I could recharge the batteries in an hour.

  5. Sabrina says

    By not having to buy batteries so often! I just bought a 16 pack of AAs last week. Being a family of gamers means we go through batteries pretty quick.

  6. Liz says

    I not only hate buying batteries – I hate throwing them away! And I’ve used rechargeables before for long travel tours – they’re great for keeping my travel bag pared down. Don’t need to carry lots of spare batteries: just two sets (one in, one out) and a charger!

  7. Christine Jock says

    I love the idea of having a quick recharge! Whenever I realize I need batteries, I need them now not five hours from now. This would definitely save me some stress when I can’t find a battery!

  8. Battra92 says

    Quick Chargers really aren’t the best for the health of your batteries. They sure beat standard disposables for most applications, though.

  9. Tina Ray says

    It would make my life better because we go through a ridiciously great amount of batteries. It has gotten better since some of the older children are out of the house. However, I feel uncomfortable throwing away batteries. These would certainly be better for the environment.

  10. Lindsay says

    This product would make my life easier by saving me money and time! For my kids’ toys which go through batteries quickly and as a photographer for my external flash :)

  11. Lindsey says

    I forget to buy batteries for my camera a lot. This would help me not miss out on great photo opportunities! (Especially with a 7 month old, you need to grab those photos while you can!)

  12. Kathy says

    What a wonderful gadget … I have battery operated candles that I use in my windows year long … not just at Christmas … and this would so be a blessing not to have to keep throwing away batteries … thanks for letting us know about this gadget … and the opportunity to win $100 … love reading your blogs …

  13. Elisabeth says

    I’ve been wondering about rechargable batteries…I have a toddler so they would so come in handy! No more running out of batteries–that makes life much easier!

  14. Christina S says

    It would definitely be a boost to our budget to be able to stop buying batteries. Someone always seems to give my children something for Christmas or birthdays that requires batteries. I have been looking at rechargeable devices. Thanks to the coupon and review, I may have just found our solution.

  15. Bekah says

    I’m completely with you – when items are only good for a limited time period it seems doubly bad – wasting money and harmful to the environment. I’d love some good rechargeable batteries!

  16. Heather says

    This is awesome!! My kids are always asking for batteries and of course, I never have the ones they need at that moment. This would definitely help eliminate those urgent runs out to the store because someone “needs” batteries.

  17. Cindy says

    We are constantly going through batteries. I would love to be able to quickly recharge and save the extra trip to the store!

  18. Kelly says

    It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to have a separate battery drawer in my kitchen and could actually put something useful for my kitchen in that drawer :-) Wow, just an hour, really… that’s pretty nifty!

  19. Alicia says

    Aaargh! Grandparents and limitless battery-operated toy gifts! I’m constantly in need of batteries (even though we use rechareables!) and trying to remember to plug/unplug our large-ish charger after it’s LOOOOOONG charging cycle. Smaller and quicker would be much appreciated.

  20. Alicia says

    The charger would make me feel a whole lot better about using my old digital camera–a great camera (and much better than my cell phone) but it takes AA batteries rather than a rechargeable battery. I don’t like to feel that I’m creating waste, and this charger looks like a great solution!

  21. Fleur says

    Batteries are so expensive and it seems that they’re needed in everything these days, a rechargeable battery system seems like the frugal choice in the long run and is much more convenient as well as being better for the environment!

  22. Amanda VanDusen says

    It would save me so much money and hassle because my camera batteries seem to always die when I need them most. Not to mention the billions of other things in my house that require batteries.

  23. Ruth says

    We always seem to have batteries in the house–just not the right size that we need at any specific moment! This product looks great!

  24. Xan says

    I love this concept- it would banish my ever-growing pile of dead single use cells….who are waiting for their final journey to the hazardous waste collection day event in town. Seems I keep forgetting about them….this would eliminate the need to even think of such things! (and better use of space/no hoarding old batteries!) And I use A LOT of batteries.

  25. JoeAnn Nguyen says

    I use rechargeable batteries for all of our electronics especially our digital camera – helps save money in the long run! Been using those things for a few years now!

  26. Ingrid says

    I cannot stand spending money on batteries…especially this time of the year when it seems I need to buy every size that is made. This product would be awesome. :)

  27. Donna says

    Thanks for the battery post. I agree about rechargeables — but with that warrantee, might give these a try!

    “But this charger comes with a three-year warranty, and the batteries are supposed to be able to charged hundreds of times.”

  28. Leslie says

    I hate throwing away old batteries, rechargeable would be a great way to save room and harm in the landfill and some cash!

  29. Petra says

    Oh my gosh this would be amazing! I just purchased 4 different sizes of batteries @the Costco yesterday. And lets say not cheap at all.

  30. Lisa says

    Wow! This is impressive! A 3 year warranty? I’d definitely like to try this gadget out. Most of my batteries are double or triple ‘a’s, so it would cut way down on replacing them.

    • Marie Labes says

      Duracell is really the only batteries I buy and this would make things much more efficient when it seems like everything today needs a battery.

  31. says

    I only use rechargables…my husband and kids are another story, but I am convincing them how much better it is to just charge them up when they wear down. If you get two sets of batteries–say for a camera– you always have a set ready. Love that!

  32. Melanie K says

    I’ve always wanted to try the rechargeable batteries! Batteries are expensive, so I would save in the long run.

  33. Jeana says

    Maybe some of my electronics would get to keep their batteries if I had rechargables. As it is now, my batteries tend to ‘disappear.’

  34. Lorinda says

    That battery charger is so compact and cute–like Polly Pockets for big girls! This neat little charger would make life a little easier by not taking up lots of space in the battery drawer and by making it handy to charge batteries.

  35. Kia Warner says

    The DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would help keep all of our remotes working! Actually, the best thing for us is that we no longer live near a battery drop off location for when the ones we have do die and I end up with a huge drawer full of dead batteries. This would keep me from amassing piles of dead batteries that can’t be tossed in the trash.(and oh how I could stretch that $100 would amaze you!)

  36. says

    So many electronic items use batteries and to just be able to recharge..instead of making a trip to the store for more?! Yeah! Saves time and gas! :)

  37. Faith says

    My camera uses batteries instead of a charger so I always make sure I have my charger and extra rechargable batteries when I’m going somewhere I know I’ll be taking pictures.

  38. Melissa G. says

    It would make my life easier to be able to recharge the batteries to my daughter’s favorite toy camera. That thing eats batteries like crazy! She could take pictures until her batteries died then pop them in the charger for just an hour if she was in a hurry to play with it some more. Sounds great to me!

  39. Kiersten Hayden says

    We use mostly rechargeable batteries but our charger is so slow. I love that this one has a quick charge and the 3 year warranty is awesome! Thanks for the coupon link too! (Would also love to win that gift card to buy my selfless husband some new clothes and/or shoes! (= ) Merry Christmas!

  40. OhioEllen says

    Batteries area staple in our household so this would be a hit :) The $100 Visa GC is very generous, thank you Frugal Girl and Merry Chirstmas!

  41. Cassie says

    I would love to have rechargeable batteries that charge quickly! We use rechargeable batteries for all our pc mice, Wii remotes and camera so it would be a great time/money saver.

  42. Kayla H says

    We have two little girls, and that means we have twice the amount of battery operated toys. Having a charger would make life so much easier!

  43. Christy says

    Rechargeable batteries would be great for all of the kids’ electronic items that seem to go through their charge way too quickly… Leapsters, wii remotes, the Skylanders portal…

  44. says

    I just ordered a new camera that does not come with a rechargeable battery, so I am anticipating buying lots of AA batteries once again. The DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would be great for making sure my camera is always ready for all those perfect photo moments that happen every day when there are 4 kiddos running around.

  45. Tammy Adams says

    I love battery chargers. I love the idea of the 3 year warranty because you are right about the batteries stop holding a charge.

  46. Christal says

    What a great little gadget. We’re always buying batteries whether for toys or tv remotes. What a waste it is! This is something we should look into.

  47. Lyn says

    My five-year-old granddaughter lives with me and has so many items that take batteries. A lot of them are educational, which is great. The DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would so make my life a lot easier and less expensive. Sure hope I can afford one soon. Blessings to all!!

  48. Jackie says

    I wouldn’t have to run out of the house late at night for batteries! I could just charge-em up at home – omg would make my life easier and I would save $!

  49. Hadley says

    I have a new baby so lots of batteries even though I tried to minimize gis stuff and go for plugs…but that light up frog is so cute.

  50. Liz Mackes says

    I would use them in the camera which eats batteries and of course the wii remote! I dislike throwing away old batteries.

  51. Jess D says

    My life with rechargeable abtteries would be easier because there would be less crying and conplaining when a toy or gadget runs put of batteries necause we could just recharge them, no need to wait for a trip to the store.

  52. Emma Harrison says

    My kids go through so many batteries with their toys it’s crazy. Plus the tv remote seems to eat them for some reason. The have you tried this recharger would save me quite a bit of cash

  53. Jackie says

    I would love to try this charger out. I also go through lots of batteries and it is frustrating to throw so many out.

  54. Kathy says

    It would make my life so much easier because between my almost teenage son’s gidgets and gadgets and the handheld games my daughter plays, we spend a small fortune on batteries :(

  55. Lori says

    It would make my life easier because, just like you said, with kids and toys there is always a need for batteries. and I also hate buying them!

  56. Alice says

    I have lots of grandchildren and we go through lots of batteries. I prefer to recharge batteries. This would be great.

  57. Dede says

    When we go on vacation I love to take pictures of everything! But as you can imagine, this wears on the batteries. So I have to lug around a bunch of batteries, which all look the same, so when one’s dead, on the off chance it gets mixed with the other batteries, I don’t know which one is the dead one. Once while we were on the road I had just put fresh batteries in my camera turned it on to take a great shot of an elk. But the screen flashed and went black again, I had gotten the dead batteries mixed up with the new one, and missed the shot because of it.
    But with duracell quick charge I could buy two sets, one would charge while I was sight-seeing, or on the road, and the other I could keep in my camera. Duracell quick charge would reduce on-vacation stress levels,keep me more organized by reducing the amount of luggage, cut down the cost of the vacation, and help me to be ready when the next elk comes round. =)

  58. Cheryl says

    We go through a ton of batteries with the various toys my 3 children have – especially my 4 year old’s leapster! A battery recharger would be a great help.

  59. Niky says

    I have two teenagers who go through batteries like crazy for all of their electronics and gadgets. This device would be so helpful!

  60. TracyDK says

    Holy Cow would it! My Mom is buying my son a leapster game pad thingie that takes 4 AA batteries. And at the rate he’d play it, it would ONLY be economical to buy a rechargeable.

  61. Georgia says

    It would make our lives easier because I think we could use these on my young robotics team with our robots – especially at tournaments! Love that it would charge quickly, and not have to buy more batteries!!!

  62. says

    They’d make charging the batteries for the candles we use in the windows each Christmas easier so I didn’t have to buy 16 new AA batteries each December.

  63. jenn s. says

    My household is where all batteries go to die, and my stash mysteriously dwindles seemingly overnight! What a cool way to make batteries, which are NOT cheap, go the extra mile! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  64. Angela S. says

    Life would be easier because electronic gadgets would always ready to go and and there wouldn’t be any negative impact on the environment. WIN!!WIN!! :)

  65. Amanda says

    The compact size of this charger would be easier to use in any area of the house. Our current charger is huge and ugly, so we keep it well hidden and have to dig it out every time we use it. This would really simplify our use of rechargeable batteries.

  66. Kim W says

    It would make ourlives easier becasue we could rechargethe batteries for the remote. Especially the Wii remotes that are forever needing the batteries replaced in them.

  67. Kimberly says

    This would make me more willing to put “new” (recharged) batteries i our precious wee ones’ toys more often!

    Thank yo for the entry.

  68. Sarah says

    It would be great if we didn’t have to wait more than an hour for recharged batteries! The three year guarantee is fabulous too.

  69. lauren cariski says

    Imagine what a teacher like me could buy for her class with that! Thanks for your generosity! I’d love the opportunity to WIN!

  70. Megan J says

    It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t need to buy new batteries all the time– less waste is great!

  71. Kate says

    I’d love this — even though we have very few battery-operated things, I feel like we always run out of batteries at the most inopportune times (probably because we have so few battery-operated things). This would help to solve that for sure!

  72. Elena says

    My son likes to play Wii games and needs new batteries for his remote all the time. This charger would make our life easier because we would not need to buy batteries all the time

  73. Mercedes says

    Having three boys and all the battery sucking electronics and toys you can imagine how many batteries we go through! Quick recharging would be a lifesaver!

  74. Beth Portuese says

    Really excited about this giveaway/post! Rechargeable batteries save batteries from ending up in the landfill too!

  75. Christina B says

    rechargeable batteries that last longer than a few months would be a life saver. I’m tired of throwing away rechargeable batteries when they no longer work.

  76. Janice says

    I wouldn’t always be searching for batteries around the house! And with the price of batteries, I’d be a whole lot richer :)

  77. Joan says

    I would love this as the price of batteries is so high and when a battery is needed, there are usually none around. I have missed some of your reccent posts due to my new work schedule, but I try to ctch up on the weekends. Merry Christmas Kristen.

  78. Rachel says

    I don’t use batteries for many things, but my camera does take batteries and my charger is a pain to take with me.

  79. Melissa says

    It would make it so much easier to keep my kids battery-run toys in commission without having to continually run out and buy more.

  80. Pamela says

    I would love to win this for toys!! We see to go through a lot of batteries and most of the toys dont have working batteries because I hate buying them over and over.

  81. Jennifer says

    This would make life easier with the one hour quick charge! We have mostly rechargeable batteries now, but they take forever to charge. If we’re at a family gathering and our camera goes out, we miss all the pictures! This is a handy one- thanks!

  82. Heather Anne says

    My life would be changed because my camera batteries would be charged at all times! I can’t believe how many times I put in a set of “regular” batteries only to get a few pictures then the warning to change batteries. There are so many reasons to keep my camera ready at all times – the beauty of God’s creation around me, the fun activities with the children, and recording every day life for those future trips down “memory lane”. :)

  83. Jennifer Womack says

    We are constantly replacing batteries in gadgets around the house. It would be a total money and time-saver to have batteries that recharged in just 3 hours.

  84. says

    With 3 kids ages 4, 3, and 1, this would come in very handy – so many toys need batteries now! A few toys in particular seem to eat up batteries quickly, and I end up just not changing them and then they don’t get played with. I’ve thought of trying these but never have – I’ve always heard they still don’t last that long. So I’d be interested in trying this, too!

  85. Heather B says

    These would make life easier for my kiddo’s gaming system which always runs out of juice at the most in-opportune moments.

  86. Ellie W says

    We are always having to run out and buy batteries for remotes, toys, etc.. This would certainly save me a lot of time, money, and hassle.

  87. Jen says

    It would make my life so much easier by not having to remember to buy batteries and then to recycle the dead ones. I’m very tempted to try this and see if the quality of the rechargeable s has improved. A few years back they were terrible!

  88. Cheeryshirley says

    I would enjoy having them available when I needed them…especially since Christmas is just around the corner. Very handy! Also, I really like the idea of non-disposable for the landfill problem! Cheeryshirley

  89. Sarah T says

    I’ve recently been rather frustrated with my old(er) rechargeable batteries, so I will definitely check these out – thanks for the coupon link.

  90. says

    Love this!! I hate buying batteries too. I’m having my 3rd baby in July and the fewer times I need to be at the store the happier everyone is!

  91. Jan says

    It would be great to have rechargeable batteries that last longer than a year and with the quick charge option. Oh, the batteries we go through!

  92. Nestra says

    Camera that eats up batteries, toys that eat batteries, and a seven month old that I must keep amused and documented! Rechargeable batteries that worked would be awesome.

  93. Karen says

    It would make my life easier, b/c the compact charger could easily fit in my purse and come with me, so when my batteries die in my camera and I’m at someone else’s house, they can be recharged in a snap.

  94. Forthebyrds says

    Ugh. Just bought a 20 pack of AA batteries yesterday in anticipation of all the Christmas toys that will require them. Hooray for quick rechargeable batteries!

  95. Anne says

    Good timing with the post because this is exactly what my uncle wants for Christmas! So it makes my life a little easier by having one less gift to think of:)

  96. Laurie says

    We’re always looking for new ways to reduce our waste, so these would be great. It’s been several years since I tried rechargeable batteries but they didn’t last long and didn’t seem as powerful, so I would love to try some new ones and see if the technology has improved!

  97. SARAH says

    This would make life so much easier because my camera DOES take batteries…and the rechargeable’s I have used in the past never worked as good as the disposables.

  98. Elle says

    Even my toothbrush needs a battery! Over the years we’ve made too many trips to the store for batteries. Rechargeable ones save a lot of time and gas.

  99. Tina says

    I would use these for the remote which seems to eat batteries and would make me feel more enviromentally friendly not having to throw batteries out.

  100. Kim C says

    It would make life better because we’d always have batteries ready to go
    and not have to run to the store when we needed them. Would save a ton of money AND would keep batteries out of the landfill.

  101. Anne Weber-Falk says

    What would I do….hmmm…CAMERAS, HAND HELD GAMES, MINI FLASHLIGHTS, REMOTE CONTROLS!! These all need batteries and I would surely get good use from this. Thanks!

  102. Carol says

    We go through a lot of batteries. We had a different charger, but it no longer works, so would love to try this one out.

  103. Kathleen says

    The Quick Charger would prevent me from being caught without batteries for my camera just when my granddaughter is doing something especially cute.

  104. Michelle says

    I would love to have this charger and an extra set of batteries permanently plugged into the outlet in the family room, so my kids could just swap out batteries when the ones in their game controllers run out. Which happens pretty much every other day.

  105. Anissa says

    This would be great for all the kids toys! Now they just need to do the same for D batteries so we can power our flashlights! After Sandy getting D batteries was almost impossible.

  106. Karen D. says

    This would definitely help to cut down on batteries used to charge mini maglite flashlights used when camping, which we do at least once a month.

  107. Linda H. says

    It would make my life easier, because I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of batteries and having to buy more. I could just recharge!

  108. Natalie says

    With rechargeable batteries I won’t have to buy new one for my childs toys or my little digital camera. A charger like this will definitely save me some money.

  109. Jonathan says

    When I travel, something very compact like that would be very handy. And since most of my trips are on a motorcycle, things that are compact and easily packed are a very nice touch!

  110. Aimee says

    This would make my life easier by saving me money and time I’d normally spen on buying more batteries for the numerous battery-operated toys my three kids have.

  111. Panna says

    I’m a special events manager and I rely heavily on two-way radios to communicate with my staff. This would help ensure I always have fresh batteries on hand!

  112. Nikki says

    Love this! We have one of their older versions (basically just doesn’t have the cover). Over time, we have replaced all batteries to rechargeable versions. Definitely a must have!

  113. Wendy says

    We also try to avoid things that use batteries, but will only use rechargable if need them. We probably use the most batteries with the white noise machine in my son’s bedroom that we turn on at night when he is going to bed.

  114. Molly says

    Thanks for the post Kristen! I am trying to purchase it on Amazon, and used the link you provided, but the coupon is not popping up :(

    • Kristen says

      Well, nuts! I know that coupon was there when I wrote this post.

      My apologies-I’ll edit the post to reflect this. You can still get a $3 coupon from the P&G site, though.

  115. sherri says

    This would make my life so much easier for all the remotes in our house. I have also had bad experiences with other rechargable batteries because they would quickly quit hold a charge. But I would be very willing to give these a try! :)

  116. Amanda says

    We have to use batteries for my son’s mechanical toothbrush. I wish we could use a normal one on him, like we do with everyone else, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’d love to eliminate the battery-sucking portion of the experience!

  117. Amber says

    I would use this for our Wii remotes! How many do we go through in a month? I don’t know but it’s a lot. At least we are getting a lot of use out of our Wii, right?!

  118. Becky W. says

    This would make my life a lot easier. My daughter tends to take the TV remote batteries when her batteries are dead.

  119. cp says

    It would make my life easier because I would have to buy less batteries for the Wii controllers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Connor says

    My wii remote EATS batteries, so I’m sure this would help me save some money. I also like that I wouldn’t be adding to the landfills as much :)

  121. Jen says

    I hate buying batteries too! It always seems like I need them at the most random times and somewhat urgently- making it extremely inconvenient to drop everything and run to the store! Having to pop them into charge for an hour is so much better!

  122. Cheryl says

    Not only would it be helpful for charging batteries at home, its small size makes it wonderful for travel. My kids have electronic games they play in the car, and we could recharge the batteries at night in the hotel!

  123. Janice Nelson says

    Rechargeable batteries would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to rely on purchasing batteries all the time, and recycling the dead batteries!

  124. amy pugmire says

    i have 3 little ones and we go through batteries like crazy with their toys. this would help us save tons of money

  125. Rebecca P says

    This quick charger would make my life easier, because I would no longer be caught without batteries for my camera! I love the one hour quick charge feature!

  126. Pam says

    We have quite a few rechargeable batteries/chargers around the house, but none of them work that quickly! Being able to have something that will quick charge in an hour would be wonderful.

  127. Kat says

    For my bike lights! I have several and they go through batteries fast. I’m not always on top of making sure they are still bright before I leave for the day and having one at work or to use while I get ready for the day would be very useful.

    I actually have a charger that can charge AAAs up through Ds and even a 9volt. Now if they made button batteries in rechargeable that would be great because that’s what the bike computers take.

  128. Leah W says

    Definitely would make it easier for all the toys that seem to run out of batteries at the most inopportune times. Which would mean less whining… :o)

  129. debbie flowers says

    I stopped using rechargeable batteries years ago because the batteries did not last very long and it was inconvenient. I’d like to give it another try with the updated technology.

  130. Katy M says

    I constantly feel like we’re needing and not able to find batteries around the home. I’d love to try the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger and be able to change any battery any day we need to !


    katygmorris at gmail dot com

    • says

      I think the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would make my life a little easier because I would always be able to have charged batteries!

      Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  131. Tracy C. says

    Wow, I really need to use rechargeable batteries since I go through batteries frequently. This battery charger would be great.

  132. Amy says

    Not having to scavenge batteries from one place (usually a remote control) to something that needs a new battery RIGHT NOW! would be really nice.

  133. says

    Baby and toddler toys EAT batteries. And we have one child from each age group, so our toys get a workout. But batteries are so expensive that it’s sometimes easier just to say “it’s broken for now” and endure the tantrum. So yes. Rechargeable batteries would be lovely around here.

  134. Jamie Stone says

    This would make our life easier because our junk drawer is full of batteries that have fallen out of the huge Costco package that we bought a few months ago. Everytime I open the drawer, I am frustrated by the disorganized state of things. I also feel very guilty everytime we throw batteries away. We go through a lot of them for our Wii remotes, among various other gadgets in the house. We are buying one of these chargers right now so that we can eliminate clutter and waste!

  135. Roxy Pittman says

    I have an electric toothbrush but I didn’t get the kind that are rechargeable but if I were to have rechargeable batteries it would be just about the same thing as the regular rechargeable toothbrushes: less waste!

  136. Stephanie Renteria says

    I need to stop tossing batteries! Wasteful. Perfect for my son to be more responsible by charging his own rechargeable AA batteries for his game controllers; a constant drain on the batteries. He wanted a pack of AA for Christmas. I could give him this instead.

  137. Sara says

    Well I don’t think this is a repeat but I didn’t read ALL the responses! As a school teacher this would make my life easier as I would always have batteries ready to go for our electric pencil sharpener, the wireless mouse at my desk or my projector remote! :D

  138. Lisa Brown says

    The Duracell Rechargeable Quick Charger would make life easier because I would not have to buy batteries as often.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  139. Stacy says

    I have also used the rechargeable batteries before and have not been very satisfied. That would be awesome if these are a great improvement. Batteries are so expensive and wasteful!

  140. Lyn says

    A super practical item. Who couldn’t use such a thing, and it helps keep more batteries out of the landfills. Thanks for the opportunity.

  141. Lee says

    The DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger is so small & handy I can take it ontrips to make my life a little easier.

  142. AnnMarie says

    My husband would be willing to buy more rechargeable batteries. He hates waiting a day for the charger we have right now.

  143. Rebecca K says

    Buying fewer batteries would be wonderful (having small children means young go through quite a few), and it would be more environmentally friendly.

  144. Chacoy says

    This would make my life a dream! Instead of constantly buying and replacing I can buy and charge! My son has a lot of battery powered toys and I could have a set for extra use, a set on the charger and a set in his toys(;
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  145. Lindsey C. says

    I do currently have some rechargeables, but they have the huge charger thing that plugs into the wall. This thing I would not mind actually leaving it out so I don’t lose it.

    If I have MORE rechargeable batteries, I could use them for the remotes and the xbox controls and not just the camera. I don’t know how much money we have saved using them for the camera!

  146. Eileen says

    I recycle bags full of batteries each year, mostly from toys and smoke detectors. Nothing would make me happier than being able to recharge them! Yay for the environment!

  147. says

    Ohhh boy, I love that it’s just four neat rechargeable batteries with a charger that folds up compactly. When I was in highschool I had a point-and-shoot camera that ATE batteries for LUNCH. It ran through so many batteries and I can vividly remember the large Ziploc bag full of AA batteries I’d have to bring with me on any trip. So I have a bit of battery-related trauma. This charger is the antithesis to my camera experience of yesteryear.

  148. cw says

    It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to run to the store for new batteries….just recharge. So great for all the toys in our household

  149. Linda D says

    I’m giving one of these to my 6th grader for Christmas, in hopes that he’ll take more pictures if he has batteries in his camera!

  150. sy says

    I like rechargeable batteries, I feel bad everytime I throw away batteries. I like the folded case of this charger. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  151. says

    We have 1 child and 1 on the way, so there are a lot of batteries used in this house. Rechargeable would be amazing.

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  152. Wild Orchid says

    These would make charging my toddler’s many toys much easier and more economical.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  153. WB says

    I’d like to get one of these for my Mom as she is always running out of batteries for her camera.

    On another note, my husband figured out that the reason all of our solar outdoor lighting failed so quickly was the poor quality batteries that came in them. We purchased new batteries and now everything lights up more brightly and stays lit much longer. Yay!

  154. jacqui says

    I love this…it’s small and will fit in a drawer in the kitchen for easy “finding” by the kid! We have 3 at home still and use a lot of batteries.

  155. Tina Ray says

    Batteries are so expensive and not great for the environment as disposable items. I would love to try this product out.

  156. says

    It would be great to not have to run to the store every time you run out of batteries! Anything that can save an extra trip to the store is worth everything to me!! Plus saves junk from the landfill; how good can it get!

  157. Amy Reid says

    This is so cool! It would save so much time and money to have batteries available without having to buy them all the time.

  158. Allison says

    My son’s R/C cars require an obscene amout of batteries, and they always seem to be dead when he wants to play with them.

  159. says

    The recharger would make life easier when the kids bring me their ipods
    or toys that need batteries and I am all out. I would just have to charge them
    and not make a trip to Walmart or Walgreens for batteries. Means less batteries to recycle too.

  160. Joy says

    4 children + mulitiple electronic devices = so much need for rechargeable batteries! My life would be infinitely easier not having to worry about keeping freash batteries around. Thanks!

  161. Derrick says

    I collect old batteries but never really know how to dispose of them properly. This would really cut down on the waste!

  162. Karen L says

    My nephew and I play a lot video games when he comes over and I am usually hunting around the house to find more batteries for us.

  163. says

    I could definetly use the rechargable batteries for many things around my home. My camera, remote control for the tv, and i just realized i needed batteries for this little set of battery-powered christmas lights.


  164. Jan says

    Whenever I am at Walgreens, I always try to remember if we have batteries at home and if I need to buy some. Having the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would make my life easier, because I will always have batteries when I need them!

  165. Erin says

    We have a 6 months old with LOTS of toys that require batteries! Having batteries ready to go (without paying as much $$) would be great!

  166. Heidi Babi says

    We use the rechargeables… love them for the tv remotes, the remote control cars and helicopters, and the odd flashlight.

  167. Susan says

    We have a beautiful wreath that hangs on our front door, the lights look like pearls & light up, battery operated.
    So many times, I have found the wreath has gone off, we leave it on from Thanksgiving to Christmas & sometimes I’m surprised to see the batteries have gone dead & I didn’t know it.

    Batteries are important!

  168. Mary H says

    It would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to keep so many replacement batteries in my kitchen drawer. And I would feel better about using something that’s more environmentally friendly.

  169. Melissa says

    It would make my life easier by being able to quickly charge batteries for my rather than having to dump batteries out of my own gadgets for them to use . . . leaving me gadget-less. :( (Somehow I am ALWAYS out of the batteries they need!)

  170. Melanie Tiner says

    My kids are always needing batteries for something and we can never find any even though there is supposed to be a spot for batteries in our house, but people are always taking them and not letting me know when we are out. So… if everyone had their own charger and rechargeable batteries, then they could be responsible for their own stuff and I wouldn’t have to go out and buy batteries all of the time.

  171. Sharon R. says

    Since I only work part-time, I don’t have the extra money to spend on batteries & often switch good batteries from remote to remote depending on what’s being used. Being able to recharge rather than having to buy new batteries would be awesome!

  172. Rachel Krom says

    Oh these would be awesome. They would make my life so much easier in that they would take up very little space and I would always know where they are!

  173. Meg says

    I have a bad habit of forgetting to buy batteries when I’m at the store (in my defense I buy them in bulk, so I don’t need to buy them super often, making them easier to forget when I run out). I can not tell you how many times I’ve had to run back to target just for batteries, because I forgot to buy them the day before and we need them for something that just can’t wait…

  174. Rachel says

    It’d make my life easire because then I could easily recharge my daughter’s blue remote control truck batteries (both the truck and the remote) during nap time. I can’t believe how quickly those suckers wear out!

  175. Charlotte Benfield says

    I have six kids, and there is nothing worse than giving a child a toy for Christmas or birthday and when they go to play with it, you realize it needed batteries. Kids are not good at waiting – a one hour charge would be great!

  176. Melina H. says

    Definitely would make my life easier as I always forget to charge my batteries until the moment I need them, so the quicker they charge the better.

  177. Kelli P. says

    The DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would make my life easier by keeping me from searching all over the house for a new, correct size battery. I would just take out the spent batteries, recharge, then put back in!

  178. Audrey says

    Oh my goodness…I had no idea how many baby toys are battery operated until my husband and I conceived and started getting toys (mostly second hand, thankfully) from our friends. Our baby is due early in the new year and I’m dreading buying batteries for everything that jiggles, vibrates, lights up or makes music! Recharging batteries might cost more in the initial acquisition of the batteries, but would be so much better for the environment.

  179. Rachel R. says

    It would make my life easier by being so small and c0mpact and handy – I’d actually get rechargeable batteries and use them!

  180. Amy says

    The Duracell Rechargeable Quick Charger would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to remember to buy batteries anymore!!

  181. Dorenda Bogert says

    My husband is a photographer so we buy lots & lots of batteries for the camera & for when he uses the top mount flash. Not having to buy batteries & having not to remember to buy batteries WOULD make life so much easier!! Plus our 7 year old son has many toys that require many batteries! :)

  182. Karen Medlin says

    Saving on our budget! With jut about any electronic in the house has a AA or AAA battery. I can easily tuck one away when traveling when they kids batteries run down.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  183. Andrea Cassell says

    It would make my life easier because the remote control to my tv seems to suck the life out of my batteries. With one of these, I could charge up the batteries in no time!

  184. Wendy Robertson says

    This would be awesome for my digital camera. I used to have a rechargeable one but the beach ruined it :(. Not having to buy new batteries for it would be excellent.

  185. Melissa says

    How would the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger make my life a little easier? I have 4 children! We use lots of batteries. :)

  186. says

    It would make my life easier by not having to put up with a whining child when the batteries are dead in her favorite toy. A quick recharge of these would solve that!

  187. Barb says

    My life would be easier with the charger because I’d have batteries ready to go when the dog’s “bark reduction bird house” ran out. My neighbors would appreciate it too! :-)

  188. Ashley says

    We recently just had our Son’s first christmas with our family!! He’s eight months old and over half of the toys he received required batteries. My brother told me that I should get a rechargeable battery set as they would save me a ton of money over the life of the toys!! The Duracell Rechargeable quick charger would make it easy for me to charge the batteries in my sons toys when he wants to play with them most, without worrying if i always have batteries on hand!!

  189. Rachel O says

    I would not have to go weeks and weeks of shuffling batteries from one item to the next until I remembered to buy batteries at the store!

  190. Amie says

    I have a daughter. We don’t have a ton of toys. We have enough. It helps to be able to use really rechargeable batteries. I think I may still have a basic charger by Duracell. I used it through 2 sets of batteries. Over quite a few years. The batteries finally stopped holding a charge. I haven’t had the money to replace them.

  191. Jennifer G says

    Already have a different kind of battery recharger & it’s great for my camera that uses AA’s & can eat them. Would give this to my daughter as my granddaughter received a lot of toys for Christmas that require batteries.

  192. Naomi says

    I would love to convert to charging batteries. We just started my son on electronic games this christmas. What a HUGE cost for batteries in just 2 days! What was I thinking? :)

  193. Deni G says

    Duracell Rechargeable Quick Charger would definitely make my life easier because it seems like every other item we own needs a battery, and having rechargeable batteries that recharge quickly would save a lot of money.

  194. Laura says

    They would make my life easier by freeing me of some of the eco-guilt I feel when I throw out spent batteries. Also, they would save so much time by not having to run to the store to buy new batteries all the time.

  195. Angel Jacklyn says


  196. Jeni Simmons says

    My husband always steals the batteries out of things in order to use them in his beard trimmer or electric razor. When I finally hunt the batteries down, they are usually almost dead, and ive got to go buy new ones. This drives me CRAZY! A quick charger would allow me to recharge the batteries he steals, and maybe even keep my own batteries charged and hidden from my thieving hubby!!!

  197. Mel says

    I have never tried the Duracell, although the competitors worked well as you stated for a little under a year; which was still a significant savings! Definitely worth a trial run!

  198. says

    Oh, the DuracellŪ Rechargeable Quick Charger would definitely make my life easier. I have two young kids and most of their toys require some kind of batteries. And just like you, I hate buying batteries! This would safe me tons of money in the long run!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  199. Brandi Lang says

    Having a rechargable battery set would ensure that we ALWAYS have batteries on hand… my 2 year old does not understand why she can’t play with a toy because we don’t have batteries!

  200. Fly says

    This would make my life so much easier because:
    1) I’d save money not having to buy so many batteries .
    2) We’d never be “out of batteries”
    3) I could get rid of that big “Battery storage box”

  201. LAMusing says

    We go though a lot of AA batteries., It would be nice to save money and to save time by not having to run out to the store because we ran out of batteries yet again.

  202. says

    It would help make my life easier because we will always have batteries charged. We run through a lot of batteries around here. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  203. Carmen says

    With a toddler in the house, I may need to try rechargeable batteries. This sounds like it’s so compact and convenient

  204. Nancy says

    Duracell Rechargeable Quick Charger would make my life easier as we are always running out of batteries and buying more. Rechargeable batteries would end that.

  205. Michelle says

    This would make my life easier because I could actually store my batteries that are already charged in the charger, that way when I go into my junk drawer I know that the batteries in the case are charged and the rest are not.

  206. says

    My current charger can take up to 8 hours to charge! That is a long time to wait for remote or mouse batteries! I would love to have one that works so much faster!

  207. Betty C says

    It seems like everything I own needs batteries. Buying a few rechargeables and using this charger would make life so much easier.

  208. Vicki F. says

    My adult kids never have batteies, and come running to me when they need some. I woud ike to have a few rechargeable available for when my kids have wiped me out.

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