Ding, dong, the vacuum is dead. So tell me about your vacuum!

In a fit of helpfulness, one of my girls decided to vacuum her room.

Which was great, except that she’s never really vacuumed before and didn’t realize that you need to watch out for things like, um, curtains. She has a floor-length sheer curtain in her room, and apparently she got it stuck in the vacuum. And the vacuum sucked the curtain up until it got stuck.

The good news is that the curtain is fine.

The bad news is that the motor of the vacuum appears to be burnt up.

In case you were wondering, if you’re the sort of person who wants all of your things to stay nice, you really ought not to have children.

Because even really delightful children seem to be awfully hard on possessions

(One time, someone here vacuumed up a glue stick. The vacuum worked a whole lot better once I took that out, let me tell you! And another time, someone vacuumed up a key and then the key poked a hole in the hose.)


It doesn’t appear to be feasible or cost-effective to repair this vacuum, so I’m in the market for a new one. I poked around on Consumer Reports last night and they’re recommending the Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Upright Vacuum, which is $179 after the rebate right now.

This vacuum actually beat out some vacuums that were significantly more expensive (Like the Kirby. Holy moly, that thing is expensive!) And Consumer’s said that Dyson vacuums aren’t really all that great, which surprised me.

On the other hand, they really liked the German made Miele S7210 Twist Upright Vacuum Cleaner, which comes with a 7 year casing and motor warranty and a two year replacement warranty. Unfortunately, it costs $400, which is more than double the price of the Hoover.

I suppose if it lasted twice as long as the Hoover, the extra $200 would be worth it, but gosh, how is a person supposed to know?

I read reviews on Consumer Reports and on Amazon, and it does seem like more people like the Miele than the Hoover, so I’m feeling a bit inclined to think spending the extra money would be wise.

Plus, given that I’m trying to lean more towards buying quality items that last, I’m loathe to buy another semi-disposable vacuum, which is what you seem to get in the $100-$200 price range.

Then again, if my kids are going to be using this vacuum, maybe I shouldn’t spend a bunch on it. But on the flip-side, maybe a better-built vacuum would be better able to withstand kid abuse

(Though all four of them are certainly going to be talked to about scanning the floor for objects that should not be vacuumed.)


I hate trying to decide stuff like this.

So, help me out. Have you owned either of these two vacuums? Or do you have another one that you love and that has lasted for more than a few years?


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  1. says

    We just replaced a disposable vacuum with a Hoover Wind Tunnel (though it is the bagless pet version). I love it. We have two dogs, one of whom sheds a lot. The vacuum is powerful and it’s easy to clean out. I prefer not to have a vacuum bag, though we have no allergies in our home so the open canister isn’t an issue. I honestly wish I had switched to Hoover vacuums a while ago!

    • Meredith says

      I too LOVE my Hoover Wind Tunnel Pet. My favorite part is the washable filter, windtunnel, and canister. About every 6 months, I just run the whole thing under hot water in the bathtub and it’s good as new! I got it two years ago at Walmart for $99. I think the non-pet version is similar but doesn’t have the pet brush attachment. Also, I was sure to get the one with the regular cord since I’m sure those “rewind” versions would break.
      I vacuum 1-2 times a week, have two small kids and two small dogs. It took me 3 times to go over the carpet after I replaced my old one just to get all the old dirt out–the new vacuum filled its canister 3 times, and I had just “vacuumed” the other day with my old one!
      The only problem I had involved sucking up a screw on accident, which lodged in the belt. I ordered a new belt on Amazon for $5, replacement was easy. Also, the hepa filter cracked, I called hoover, and they immediately sent me a free replacement with a newer design since their original design was apparently not holding up. Great customer service.
      I didn’t immediately find my version, but the T-series is what I have, and this seems similar.

      • Elaine in Ark says

        I recently got my first bagless vacuum cleaner, and the whole thing needs to be cleaned. I’m glad you mentioned doing it in the bathtub. I would have been at the kitchen sink, trying to get that whole assembly rinsed out…

        And I’m saving money by not having to buy bags. My two dogs shed so much that I was going through bags like crazy. I finally burned out the motor on my old one, and I’m more than happy with my new one, although I would like a larger capacity canister.

  2. Kathleen says

    I have a Dyson and it is the best vacuum I have ever used…..I have a dogs that sheds and it does a great job picking up the dog fur.

    • Lisa says

      I agree with Kathleen, but I know Kirsten doesn’t have dogs/cats so Dyson animal vac may be over the top. I know they make a basic Dyson that is great. Unfortunately, you don’t have time on your side to wait for sales, but maybe with Christmas, they have a couple deals around. Like Kathleen, I love my Dyson and think it is worth every penny spent on it.

    • Candice says

      I also agree. I love my Dyson so much! It is sooooooo easier to clean with and to clean the filters on it. Plus nothing on it is disposable, filters or bags, so there’s nothing to buy for it. Maybe the Miele and Hoover are that way too- I don’t know. But I’d definitely recommend Dyson regardless of Consumer Reports.

      • Candice says

        Oh and I when I sucked up the string on my ironing board into the Dyson, the Dyson shuts off so the motor doesn’t burn up! That might be a selling point for you! :)

    • rosie says

      I’m also of the Dyson camp. I love mine, and it’s been kicking right along for quite some time.. I have a DC25 Ball or something, and they’re now on version 41, and mine is still kicking right along. I love all the extra attachments that you can buy for it.

    • Kathleen says

      I will also add that I have two children that are good at tracking things on the carpet. I did buy my Dyson remanufactured from Woot.com. It came with a 90 day warranty. I have now had it for 4 years….. it is the best purchase I have made as far as vacuums go. Good luck in your search !

    • Beth Anne @ Thrifty Living says

      LOVE my Dyson! We got a great deal on Amazon a year or two ago. Also I’ve seen good deals combining coupons and Kohls cash at Kohls.

      • says

        Agreeing with all the others – love, love, love my Dyson. Hubby got ours for about $250-300 brand new on Ebay – I guess it was an open box item. Since they just rolled out the newer models, I think the older models (the yellow ball one – which I have) has gone down in price. Mine has lasted 2 years without one single problem at all – and it is so easy to maneuver! Also, my allergies seemed to get better after getting the Dyson :)

  3. becca says

    Wait a day or two, and check the vacuum again. Sometimes the motor just needs to cool off. If it’s still broken, go with a miele used from ebay. That’s what I did about 4 years ago, and I love mine. Good luck!

  4. Stephanie says

    About five years ago, we had the same issue and decided to go with the “best buy” on consumer reports (a Hoover, which they don’t make anymore). We’ve been very happy with our purchase. We’ve had to rescue a few things out of it’s guts as well – but for the most part it has done what we expected it to do and we hope that it will last for at least a few more years.

  5. Mrs K says

    “In case you were wondering, if you’re the sort of person who wants all of your things to stay nice, you really ought not to have children.

    Because even really delightful children seem to be awfully hard on possessions”

    Good to know, thank you! :-)
    I’m sorry, I don’t have advice, but you made me smile with that.
    Good luck choosing your new vaccuum!

  6. Rachel says

    The same thing recently happened to our vacuum. After reading lots of reviews I opted for the Dyson Animal (we have dogs), but a factory reconditioned one which is $300 instead of $400+. Maybe Miele has that option? Just make sure it still has a warranty just in case.

  7. Kathy says

    I am a vacuum addict. I vacuum everyday and have gone through alot of vacuums. I had an upright Eletrolux (paid $300) and loved it but it was all plastic and started falling apart in within the year. Bought my daughter one also and hers did the same. I just bought the Hoover bagless windtunnel T series for $99 at Sears and am very happy with it. Rewind cord is a great feature. I have decided not to spend alot because I seem to go through them fast. Happy shopping………….

    • Lisa P. says

      I have the same Hoover Windtunnel and absolutely love it! I really like the cord rewind feature. I vacuum 3 times a week at least and it has held up great for over a year now.

  8. Ruth says

    My parents bought a Kirby 15-20 years ago. It’s still going strong. So, they cost a lot (although my parents managed to talk them down really low), but last forever, as seems to be your goal. We’re actually looking at used refurbished Kirbys for ourselves, which cost about the same as the vacuums you’re looking at.

    • Ruth says

      Oh, and my current vacuum is a Roomba which someone bought me as a present. Love that thing, but I have heard they don’t last very long :) This one is just a year old.

    • Shy Girl says

      My mother has not one but two ancient Kirby vacuums that she got second hand. They go forever, do a good job, and have built in bags that are fairly easy to empty. I don’t think she has ever bought a disposable bag.

      One of the vacuums, bought for about $25 in a consignment shop, came with every possible accessory, spare parts, you name it – even the manual – all in the original box. Every now and then, the belt needs replacing, and that costs about $5. I think she’s had to replace maybe three belts in 20+ years.

      The only things I don’t like about the Kirby is that it is HEAVY, and the old ones don’t have HEPA filters. But for the frugal-minded, they are awesome.

      • says

        I had a Dyson animal and loved it for the first year. Then it absolutely lost suction, was a pain to take apart and clean (seriously, pet hair in places that shouldn’t be). I then got a Kirby! My whole world was changed. The price is steep, and it is heavy, but not having to dump a canister, smack that silly Hepa filter between uses, and overall stress free experience is worth its weight in gold. I plan on taking that vacuum to my grave :).

  9. Kate F says

    I bought the yellow Dyson 7+ years ago and absolutely love it. At the time, it was $300 and I was able to use a 20% off coupon. It is more than enough vacuum for me. My sister just bought one from the daily deals website and got it for a good price. Was not reconditioned. I just had to give my two thumbs up for Dyson!

  10. Laura says

    We have always used Hoover.it’s easy to work on and you can find parts if anything goes wrong.the price is affordable and usually now you can find one on sale .good luck.

  11. Brenda says

    We have a Hoover that looks similar to the one you are considering, though I don’t think it is the exact one. I think Hoovers are real workhorses and last a long time…HOWEVER, they are so stinkin’ loud. I seriously think I am doing damage to my ears when I use it. Sometimes I put my ear buds in – without the ipod – to block the noise while I vacuum.

  12. Stephanie says

    I have had my Dyson All Floors for 8 years now and have not had a single problem. I have two large dogs who shed profusely and I would imagine that I average vacuuming once a day (often twice). I spent about $300 on the vacuum all those years ago and I would definitely say I have never regretted the purchase!

  13. Pam says

    Add me to the Dyson camp. We bought our DC-14 about 7 years ago with gift cards from our wedding. We have a dog and a cat, but the basic model works just fine for us. I never had it serviced until about 6 months ago, and all it needed was a good cleaning and the wand needed to be fixed (but, it was a free fix!). The guy at the vacuum store said I should have it for at least another 10-15 years if I take care of it. He said that they recommend Dysons and Mieles to people who want a 20 year vacuum.

  14. Nancy says

    I had a Kirby at one point. HATED it. I kept it mainly because we spent so much money on it.
    Later I picked up a Hoover Wind Tunnel and liked it very much. But it went to vacuum heaven. I replaced it with another Wind Tunnel and upon getting it home, discovered I had to assemble it. Let’s just say I was NOT HAPPY about this. When I finally did get it together it didn’t work right so I returned it. It may have been operator error but I needed a vacuum and wanted one I could depend on.
    I finally settled on the Shark Navigator. I seriously L-O-V-E this vacuum! The suction quality is awesome, this thing is a workhorse! It’s very lightweight. It’s easy to clean the filters by tossing them into the washer, and the canister can be cleaned as well. I paid around $180 at Target 3 years ago.
    The Navigator came with a pet brush attachment that actually works (and it’s awesome for getting under beds and couches). Do some research, but I believe the Navigator works every bit as good as the Dyson at less than half the price. If and when this one dies, I’ll be replacing it with another Navigator.

    • Tamie says

      I also had a Hoover Wind Tunnell, it lasted less than 3 months! My son has a knack for vacuuming up things that shouldn’t be vacuumed and that was just too much for the Hoover.
      I replaced it with a Shark Navigator, and LOVE it!!! We’ve had it about 2 years and it works as well as day one! It’s vacuumed up coins, curtains and who knows what else and is still running great!
      I love that it’s lightweight and tiny and can easily vacuum under furniture!

    • says

      We have a Bissell too. It was the most vacuum we could afford. (we used gift cards from Christmas) am very happy with it. We were replacing our vacuums about every six months. This one is so easy to maintain! Easy to take apart an clean. This vacuum has been runing GREAT for over a year. I use it daily; 14 year old boy, 10 year old girl, 17 month old twins, and 2 dogs.
      I know this vacum is disposable, and we will be saving for a 20 year vacuum next, but if any of your readers need a $100-150 vacuum this is it.
      Good Luck!

  15. Lesli says

    I bought that exact vacuum for my parents after researching, and it’s pretty good compared to most other, non-Dysons. That being said, a Dyson is worth the extra money. There’s just nothing that compares. If you spring for one, don’t get the ball kind. You have to get the upright Dyson.

    • Lesli says

      Forgot to mention, my Dyson came with a five year warranty, although I never needed it, and mine is about 7 years old now. I replaced a hose last month and it was so easy to click the old one out and the new one in. The thing is made where you can replace the parts easily without taking it somewhere for repair. And, all the insides are easily cleanable.

  16. Savina says

    We got a Dyson as a wedding present 5 years ago and it is still going strong. We love it and have had to do no repairs. My 3 month old isn’t helping with chores yet (darn!) so it doesn’t have any experience with kids. I love it and am always grossed out by the amount of crud it sucks up! We love our Dyson! Even my husband likes to vacuum with it.

  17. misha says

    hiya. I have an old orange hoover canister from the early 90s. It has been beat up and used really hard. IIRC it was like 300 bucks. It has a bag that i empty, so i dont need to buy bags. It still works really well after nearly 20 years of hard use. It has been a solid good vacuum. Now my bff has a miele. It is only 3-5 years old and it still looks new. She is not particularly easy on possessions either. She has a working line shepard who sheds like a puppy’s worth of fur per day. I have used that vacuum and i have to say I was absolutely floored and amazed by its performance. Seriously, this is the best vacuum I have ever seen. If they break a glass, she picks up the biggest chunks and then vacuums it all up. It is a canister like mine, but soo much better designed. I think what most sets it apart is that the part of the vacuum that is on the floor doing the vacuuming is all metal except for the brush, so it slide beautifully. It is well made. I love it except that it takes bags. Those bags are $50 for 3! NO WAY would i own such a machine. However, I think miele makes one that is bagless. If I am ever needing to buy a vacuum, that is the one i will get – a bagless miele.

    • Margaret D says

      We replaced our expensive Dyson with a very inexpensive Bissell that has a bag. It sucks up dirt and dust much much better than the Dyson. Changing the bag is quite easy and not one bit messy. We had Bissells in the past and should have stuck with them. Dyson is such a disappointment and their customer service was no help at all.

  18. KellyW says

    I have the Shark (purple upright) with the pet hair attachment. I cannot express how much I freaking love this vacuum. I literally jumped up and down when we bought it. Kinda sad. Anyway…OMG is works so freaking well that it totally grossed me out how much dirt I had in my rug that I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and used a coupon so I didn’t have to pay full price. Totally worth it. Dare I say, it rivals the Dyson.

    • Reese says

      My dad got me this same one for Christmas two years ago. I LOVE IT. Takes up half the room of a full-size vac, works better than any vacuum I’ve ever had… and SO easy to clean.

      I’m a fan ;)

  19. Paula in the UP says

    I have a Hoover wind tunnel it’s a few years old. We bought it because our previous vacuum was a Hoover and worked quite well. It’s was my first step into the bag less world of vacuums. Well I don’t like it at all. The screen in the collection chamber clogs up rather fast and those filters are expensive. I don’t know if this is the case with all bag less but those filters are expensive. I could get several packs of bags for the price of one filter.

    We will be soon going to wood floors through out the house, so minimal vacuuming will be needed!

  20. kim says

    My $40 Bissel has lasted 7 years and is still running at my husband rental property. We have a roomba now but I am not sure how well it works on carpet. It is amazing on hard floors.

    • gail says

      Over my 42 years of housekeeping Ihave had several vacuum cleaners. The one I got almost 5 years ago is my favorite. It is a Sears canister Progressive 360. It is quite the picker upper, makes a not-too-loud sound, is easy to get around the house, has attachments for everything. It is the very best duster of hard floors in addition to carpets. This is the household favorite,after having used Electrolux, Eureka, Hoover, and Oreck.

  21. Julie says

    Well… I have a Dyson and 6 year old triplets and a dog and we had a cat. My Dyson has sucked up some dandys and is still great. It is 6 years old and works like a champ. That being said. When I bought mine, my dad bought a top of the line Hoover that he got a great deal on. We tested them and they performed the same. And the Hoover was cheaper. I have never had a problem with it. I will say that I bought my Dyson from Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off and I used a big gift card making it more affordable. So when my Dyson finally dies or is not worth fixing, then I will just buy a high level Hoover.

  22. Samantha says

    I have to disagree with Consumer Reports on the Dyson front. We have had our Dyson DC-15 for 7 years now. Through that time we have had 3 children, 2-3 cats at any given time, and I run a cleaning business. It still works like new! I just thought I killed it after using it to vacuum up drywall dust in our home, but I gave it a good clean, and it’s good as new again.

  23. says

    I have a Dyson and I’m extremely happy with it. Perhaps the newest generation of Hoover Wind Tunnel is better but I went through 2 in 2 years before buying my Dyson! I bought this 2 years ago and just recently the casing broke — but it was covered under warranty and was fixed pronto! So, it’s earned its keep by lasting twice as long as the Hoovers that cost half as much.

  24. Beth in TX says

    When our vacuums go out, I go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest one I can find. Our current one is a Bissel Powerforce. I think I spent $50 on it. I go cheap because we have kids and they are really hard on things. ;-) We also have a dog, a lab, which sheds a lot. My matron of honor has a Miele and loves it! I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a vacuum.

    • Tina Ray says

      I am with you on your thoughts. We have two Black Labs, a Min-Pin, and a Chihuahua Terrier mix. I can vacumn up a complete dog just in hair a day. I try not to go over $200 because they just don’t last in my house.

  25. Patti says

    Hi Kristen,

    I have a Royal. Bought in the early 80’s. An upright. It’s a dinosaur but it works like a champ. It’s suck up curtains and many other things and it’s never stopped working. I get it serviced every few years.


    • Patti says

      Wow, I just went to the Royal website. My vacuum is over $600 now! I paid around $300 way back then so I guess that’s about right. it was a huge decision for me to spend so much back then.

  26. Terri S. says

    I actually use a shop vac here. It has attachments for carpets. It is a little more work than an upright, but no worries about what gets sucked up in them, cause the are made for industrial messes. 4yrs and still going strong. I actually use it more than the broom for sweeping.

    • says

      My parents used a shop vc when we were growing up. I actually did not know how to work a regular vacuum when I moved out! Needless to say, that shop vac from Sears is still running (2o+ years later). It has worked great on carpet, cement and hardwood, survived throuh remodeling, cleaning up a minor flood, many dogs and cats, and two kids. This may be the way to go for families that are rough on vacuums (As long as you have a little extra room to store it).

  27. Tiffany says

    I have a Hoover as well, with all the bells and whistles….hepa filters…etc…..sucks up like a champ! I bought mine 5 years ago at a place like Big Lots for less than $40. It is a ‘reconditioned’ one….but it has served me well!

  28. says

    I have a Bissell Pet Vacuum. Odd Lots had them for less because Bissell was changing the color or something like that. It sucked up long Pekingese fur from my carpet in places my old Hoover missed. I didn’t realize how bad my old bagged vacuum was until I got the new one. The only bad thing about my Bissell is the indicator that tells you when you should clean the filters doesn’t work correctly (maybe another reason they sent them to Odd Lots?) so I have to keep an eye on when the sweeper isn’t as sucky uppy as it should be to clean the filters.

  29. Molly says

    I have no idea what kind of vacuum we have.
    We got a coupon off yelp and took our old vacuum to a repair shop, intending to get it fixed with the coupon.
    Instead, we traded the old one in for a new one, plus coupon.
    Ok, so I can’t remember how much we actually paid, but it seems to be a hearty vacuum. Perhaps a visit to the experts?

    • Molly says

      Other/related/notrelated question – what is your computer/office setup like now? As in, what electronics/software do you use?

      • Kristen says

        Just to clarify-are you wondering what type of computer I use? Printer? Program for budgeting? Or some other kind of program?

        • Molly says

          What type of computer, printer, word processing, spreadsheeting. That’s what I use, and we’re going to be in the market soon. Your frugal expertise would be helpful, please!

  30. Tina Ray says

    I have the same trouble you have Kristen. I have (and had) four kids in my home at one time. My vacumns did not survive this. Now that we only have the 12 year old boy left (and my 2 year old granddaughter now). It seems my vacumns are lasting longer. I do agree that the $100-200 dollar range are really just disposable machines. This is distressing since I do not like to shell out that much to suck up dirt and dog hair. I have the Bissell Momentum Upright Bagless. I am not in love with bagless because I find they much more messy and stinky than bag vacumns. However, I did want one that was “pet” tough since we have four dogs. I am not in love with this vacumn but there are a couple of features that I do like. It has a auto retractable cord and it has a handle that folds so it fits into the coat closet very well. I would love to design a vacumn that fits my needs to a “T” but alas I am not very creative.

  31. Rebecca Haughn says

    We have always done well with the vacuums we have found at church rummage sales. Also I pretty much did the vaccuuming and when the kids were old enough I managed them while they plied their hands at vacuuming. Now that they are teens and I am vacuuming mostly again I got a brand new Dirt Devil at Menards and it was way under 100 dollars brand new. Good luck, am sure you will figure this out.

  32. Tina says

    My husband had an Electrolux vacuum for about a year prior to us getting married. It is now a 17 year old machine. We have had it to the shop maybe 3 times. One time for a repair. Two other times for tune ups during that time period. It just went in May and the mechanic reported to us that it was still a great machine and we should get many more years out of it. I added a hepa filter to it in May because I would get a sore throat when I would vacuum. Hepa filter did the trick. No sore throat anymore. We have been very happy with it. It costs a lot up front! New they are about $1200. The tune ups are around $80. It came with a caddy of attachments that are useful for reaching heights, tight spaces etc. I love, love, love this machine. I would spend the money and another one in a heartbeat if something ever happen to mine.

    • says

      We have an Electrolux canister vac of about the same age. I am not a fan of the canister design (I’m always getting dragging it into something) but I do like the ability to pop off the attachments quickly. For cleaning, though it works great. We have never had to get it repaired- it has a gizmo that turns off the beater bar when something gets caught in it. It cleans better than any other vacuum I have had and we have gone through numerous Hoovers and a Kirby.

      We have a Dyson at our vacation home and I have to say that I am not impressed. It is heavy, loud and does not get close enough to the wall to clean the carpets all the way to the edge. (It has a rubber lip in the front which actually pushes larger crumbs around instead of sucking them up.)

  33. says

    I have a Lindhaus vacuum that we bought about 10 years or so ago and it is still working wonderfully. So my main comment is that yes, a vacuum can really last you that long. Also when it comes to hoses, they can and do repair that. Never had a motor go yet, but have had repairs done to the hose and to the floor/carpet shag amount lever, etc. I will attest that I used to go through a vacuum about every three years and decided to spend more for a good one. For me, I also prefer the hepa filter as I have asthma and cheap vacuums used to make me wease with how much they threw back at me.

  34. says

    I have a Bissell I’ve had for five years. We’ve replaced the belts a couple of times but it works fine otherwise. But I’m not married to it and certainly don’t feel any love for it. I’d love a fancy one, but we have little carpet and a cat who barely sheds.

  35. Chris says

    I don’t know just how handy your husband is, but for my money (what little there is of it) I would suggest a Nutone Central vac. My husband installed ours over 26 years ago, and even thru major remodels, and daily vacuuming we have only replaced the motor once. Since it vents outside you never have that the-bag-is-full odor, and it keeps down dust, which reduces dusting (A plus in my book). Depending on the layout of your hime, they aren’t as hard to install as you might think (Ours is a two story colonial)

  36. Chris says

    I don’t know just how handy your husband is, but for my money (what little there is of it) I would suggest a Nutone Central vac. My husband installed ours over 26 years ago, and even thru major remodels, and daily vacuuming we have only replaced the motor once. Since it vents outside you never have that the-bag-is-full odor, and it keeps down dust, which reduces dusting (A plus in my book). Depending on the layout of your home, they aren’t as hard to install as you might think (Ours is a two story colonial)

    • valerie says

      I had a central vac in Florida (when we moved I got the Dyson mentioned below) I have to say I did love that! We had it for,10 yrs and never had a problem. I think the only issue we had was we had to replace to turbo cat which was the motorized carpet head attachement.

  37. Jonathan says

    My roommate owns a Dyson. It is a great vacuum, but my favorite part is the bagless aspect. Not only is there no cost for bags since it doesn’t have any, you can see how full the container is. I have never been burned on buying a quality vacuum. I have found great deals on refurbished Dyson’s in the past, so check for the models you are looking for.

  38. valerie says

    I got a Dyson 8.5 yrs ago, the animal 07 I think. 2 yrs later something was wrong and I called the 800 number got someone in America and had me use a quarter and easily fixed the problem. 4 yrs later it broke, I hadn’t been cleaning the filter. Being frugal I bought a Hoover for $179. I hated it, it didn’t suck anything like the Dyson and just got worse. 1.5 yrs later I bit the bullet and paid $400 for another dyson. I should note that I have 6 cats and 7 litter boxes. It isn’t the fur,that is the problem, its the dust from the litter. I love my Dyson and won’t make the same mistake again. Which reminds me I need to clean the filter.

  39. Battra92 says

    Growing up we always had an Electrolux (now Aerus) One great thing about those is that there is a local Aerus dealer who will service any old Electrolux (well not the new Eureka vacs that they call Electrolux) A few years ago I bought a new hose for my grandmother’s vac which she purchased in the 90s.

    So if you look around you might be able to find a good used Electrolux out there, provided you have a local service center for them.

    For new, my wife LOVES our Dyson. It amazes me as to how much crud they pull out of the carpets! They aren’t cheap but can be found refurbed on a regular basis on Woot.com. That doesn’t help you now but something to think about.

    If you lived around the corner from me, I’d give you an old unused one I have sitting in my basement. ^_^;;

  40. Beth says

    I’ll preface this by saying I don’t have children yet, but I LOVE my Roomba. It vacuums in the middle of the night (every night) which I certainly wouldn’t do, then it heads home and charges itself. The only issue is if you have a multi-story house you’ll need something smaller to do your stairs (I have a handheld vac for that) and I do carry it upstairs once a week and let in vacuum the bedrooms. It goes under all of the furniture and doesn’t seem to get caught on things. Good luck!

  41. Jan says

    Just don’t buy an Oreck! We paid almost $700 for one – not the top of the line, but the next one down. We’ve had it tuned up every year, and we are just two senior citizens – no kids, no pets and the Oreck merely skims the floors. If we want to get our carpets well vacuumed my husband gets the shop vac out since the Oreck barely picks up any dirt. Just an FYI.

    • Stacy says

      I have an Oreck, not an upright but the cannister kind. I don’t know if it’s the top of the line model or not, but it was around $700 when my husband bought it for me about 12 years ago, and it’s great. It has no problems picking up all the pet hair ( I have a lab and a cat) and dirt the kids bring in. I love my Oreck vacuum. Downstairs I have the Neato Robotics vacuum that’s kind of like a Roomba. We actually replaced our Roomba that broke after a year with the Neato, and it’s been good for picking up hair and dust on our hard wood floors.

  42. Sara Perkins says

    Several years ago I decided to purchase a better vacuum. At the time the electrolux oxygen ultra caught my eye and had some great reviews from consumer reports. I forget the retail price but it was pricey. I decided to look for a refurbished one. I purchased a refurbished and saved a couple hundred dollars. The vac is still running strong and I’ve been well pleased. When I replace I’ll be looking at the Meile. but I’ll again try to purchase a refurbished one.

  43. valerie says

    If you go to a vacuum repair and sales center they will let you try out a variety of vacuums and they often sell refurbished vacuums as well for great prices (that you can walk out the door with). Then you are being responsible by buying local and reused. They often times come with a warranty. Dysons end up there, simply because of their weight, the full sized ones are are heavy, which I love, but I am not elderly or slight.

    • Joyce says

      That’s exactly what I was going to say. The gentleman at the shop where I get my repairs done has many used vacs for sale. That’s where I will go when I need to have mine replaced. I have had my little Mighty Mite (Eureka I think) cannister vac for at least 10 years. Yes it does need bags but it does a great job! I have to replace the cord twice (chewed by 2 different dogs) but that’s all. My upright is a dirt devil (given to me). I will also get a used one when that one dies. Good luck. It’s such a dilemma.

  44. says

    I have a Miele, canister type. I do like it very very much. Had it for two years now. The bags are a bit expensive, but I still like it a lot. I think perhaps spending the extra money might be worth it in this case.

    See if you have a Miele dealer locally (I do). They sell the bags and also will do repairs if need be.

    • Mary H says

      Sarah D – I also have a Miele canister type, which I like alot. I really hate to vacuum but this one makes the job easier and it’s quieter than any other I’ve had. Plus my local vac shop stands behind the brand and told me I probably wouldn’t need another machine for 25 years, and they will fix anything wrong with it for free as long as they are in business (it’s a multi-generational family-run business).

      • says

        That is really great! I don’t know if my Miele guy (also seems to be a longstanding small business owner in the community) does the repairs for free, but he did fish out an exercise band I vaccuumed up, which had gotten lodged in the hose, for free. I have heard about these being long-lived vacuum cleaners which is what sold us on it. My only regret is that we didn’t get vacuum with the powered wand. The air powered carpet attatchment doesn’t work as well as I’d like on our few rugs. We have bare floors everywhere else. If we had more carpets I would have spent the extra 100 dollars to get the powered wand. Everything else works great, even the cord rewinder, which gets a lot of use. The kids use the vacuum daily and we haven’t had anything break yet, although the little attachment that keeps the extra tools clipped to the hose when you’re not using them doesn’t stay on anymore and I keep it in the closet. Doesn’t bother me.

        Kristen, one thing you might consider before you buy is whether or not you can live with emptying a bagless vacuum regularly. I can’t stand doing that, so that’s why I opted to have a bag type vacuum. I’d much rather fork over the cash for the bags than have to deal with emptying dusty, yucky bin on a bagless type. So your preference should influence your decision as well.

        • Sheila says

          To empty my Dyson canister, I hold it inside the trash can and press the button at the top and the bottom opens and it all falls out. Very easy. I sometimes have to grab a clump of dog hair (we have two large, long-haired dogs), but it’s very easy to empty. I think it depends on your bags and your canister, because when I had bags, I got more messy changing the bags than I do emptying my canister. It seemed like every time I pulled the bag off an explosion of dirt flew into the air.

    • Kristen says

      Yup, I’ve got some to choose from here. After Christmas, I plan to visit one and try the vacuum out. Until then, we’ll just sweep our hard floors (which is what we generally do anyway) and the carpet will have to stay as is. =P

  45. Lindsey C. says

    YES! I have a windtunnel that I bought 5 years ago when I became a responsible adult because my mother had one. She bought it 10 years before that, because she heard nothing but great reviews for it.

    I love my vacuum so much. I always tell people about it (when it comes up). And I got it for $80 from http://www.abcvacuumwarehouse.com/ but their website doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

    I highly recommend it from 20 years of owning one. :)

    • Carol says

      Love the Hoover WindTunnel. Great suction, and better edge cleaning than others I’ve owned. In 25 years of marriage, and 7 children, we have been through several vacuums – it is used every day! My favorite is the Hoover. A previous Hoover died after many years of faithful service. Then I bought a Eureka – big mistake! Thankfully, we bought the warranty plan from Sears, and we had it in for 3 repairs. After the 4th repair in a year, they have to replace it with a new one for free. I was glad I had bought the protection plan – our vacuums do take a lot of abuse in children’s hands. =) They had no more Eurekas of the same model (yay!), so I chose the Hoover WindTunnel instead. Much better machine, and I will stick with Hoovers – great vacuums without shelling out a ton of money.

      • Carol says

        Oh, and yes – try the vacuum again. Sometimes the motor overheats, and once it cools down, it will work again. Been there, done that!

  46. Suzanne says

    I am a huge fun of the Dysons. I have a basic one that I have had for 5-7 years through three kids and two dogs, numerous things being vacuumed up and it is still going strong. My husband recently bought me a refurbished cordless Dyson for the wood floor and it is great too.

  47. Colleen Walton says

    Santa has just bought me a really cool vacuum. I cant wait to use it next week! In the meantime, I am using my mom’s (which is the exact same vacuum). She’s been bringing her’s over when she’s done and letting me use it. She thought it was an awesome vacuum and wanted me to try it before I decided on a new one. It is the Shark Navigator and I love it.

    It is very light weight, but has great power. That makes it so easy to take out and put away, that my floors are getting vacuumed a lot more these days! It also goes from carpet to bare floor with a push of a button, which also makes it very easy and quick to do the carpets and the laminate floors. It has a long cord and can get in tight places. I really like that it gets under the toeboards in the kitchen nicely.

    I found mine at Belks online. My mom got her’s in the store. It had been about $189.00 and was on sale for $129.99 (plus tax) and the shipping was FREE! I looked around online and this was the best price I could find.

  48. Wendy says

    We had a Hoover upright when we first got married, and when it died (I don’t remember what happened), DH convinced me to buy a bagless. Big mistake! It wasn’t a Dyson but it wasn’t cheap. It was just so messy I dreaded using it. Not only dumping out the bin, but having to clean the pre-motor and post-motor filters (which were made of washable spongy type materials). It was dirty and gross and I hated that vacuum.

    So I decided on a Miele canister. It works great on hard floors, has fantastic suction, and it’s sealed tight, so no dust and changing the bag and filter is not messy at all. It is very versatile too for vacuuming stairs and whatnot. It has a separate head for carpet, but we weren’t especially impressed with the way it cleaned carpet. But we didn’t get the powered (by electricity) carpet head, we just got the one that spins due to the suction, so that may have helped. Another con is that I have to order bags from Amazon or drive 20 minutes to the vacuum store where I got it.

    We ended up getting a second Hoover upright vacuum (with a bag) for the upstairs carpeted areas and we keep the Miele downstairs for the hardwoods. It works great on carpet (although the dog hair and people hair still gets tangled up in the beaters and has to be cut out, but that’s so with every vacuum I’ve had, yuck). The extending tube/arm is very short, so it’s not very versatile in that fashion.

    Bottom line, I will never go bagless again. Good luck, it’s a tough decision.

  49. Danny says

    I love my Dyson. If you watch the papers, Big Lots will offer them for 200.00 at various times in the year and they are rebuilt. However, I have one at it is just like new. They are really powerful and easy to operate and empty, with no bags.

  50. Nicole says

    Having had central vac growing up and in my first two houses, I couldn’t imagine using any other type of vacuum, so we installed it in our current home and it’s great – it’s definitely worth the investment, we installed it ourselves. Plus, when a small toy gets sucked up, we just open the unit in the garage and fish it out! I don’t know how many times my Dad fished out a Barbie’s shoe or a Lego block when we were growing up!

    • Sheila says

      We have had central vacuums in two houses we have owned. The first time, I really liked it, because the noise was out in the garage, but that was before kids and pets. My current house has one and even has a plug in piece that should help it clean better, but it doesn’t suck up nearly as much as my Dyson does. I wonder if with a different attachment the central vacuum would work better. It seems a shame to have it and not use it, and while my current Dyson isn’t as loud as vacuums used to be, I would still enjoy the quietness of the central vacuum. If/when the Dyson goes out, I’ll have to look into it further.

  51. Tara says

    I’m in the Dyson camp. I went through vacuums about once a year till I switched. I bought my first one using a gift card someone got us for Sears combined with their post Christmas sales. It helped a ton. We owned it for 7 years and now living in the VERY dusty desert. We were very tough on that vacuum-kids, pets, multiple military moves. Their customer service was top notch and walked me through many repairs over the phone using a penny to open up the necessary parts. Last summer the hose finally broke on it. Many moves had chipped off some other parts here and there so it was in pretty tough shape. We could’ve replaced the hose for about$100 but the closest place to us was over 100 miles away because we live in a very remote area now and would have required at least 2 trips. We decided for the trouble and time it was worth it to us to go ahead and buy a new on sale. I love my second one every bit as much as the first. Costco does carry them at a good price too if you are a member. I’m a very happy Dyson customer and have never regretted my Dyson purchases.

    (And I agree with you whole heartedly about having things stay nice with children. My son decided to step on our leather chair wearing his boots with spurs on it. Again because of our remote location-repairing a hole in leather chair-$400 minimum. Looks like we’ll be doing without a leather chair till the kids are grown and in college! LOL.)

  52. says

    We have a canister-style Miele. It was a gift to my husband back in 2004 before we were married, and it’s still going strong. One of our friends (in a similar fit of helpfulness) vacuumed up a puddle of salt water and didn’t tell us about it. It corroded the circuit board and cost us $250 to fix, but it’s been just fine ever since. It’s easy to carry up and down the stairs, and the retractable cord is pretty nice. I would probably not have purchased one for myself, but I like it.

  53. Becca says

    I have to recommend Kirby because of its durability, besides its amazing cleaning power. My parents have had a Kirby for almost 25 years and have only had to have it repaired once – which in my opinion makes it worth the cost. When my husband and I got married someone gave us a cheap vacuum (I think it was Bissell?) and the thing was HORRIBLE – I would vacuum an area 3 times and STILL feel crumbs and dirt when I walked there. Yuck. It basically had no suction at all. Our church had a Bissell as well that my mom used when she was the janitor – I really am not convinced those things do anything. You can still SEE the crumbs left behind. I found a used Kirby on Craigslist for $300, 3 years old. Not a bad deal for something that will last 25 years. I love it! There is nothing like the confidence your floors are actually getting clean. The only downside is the weight- Kirbys are pretty heavy (not when using them, only if you have to carry them) Regardless of what you get, I would check craigslist for a better deal, especially for a good brand of vacuum since it is a tool we use EVERY DAY. And nothing is worse than a broken vacuum!!

    • HeatherS says

      I second the comment that the Kirby is really, really heavy! We have had one for probably 12 years now and though it seems to sweep ok I would not choose it again. To be honest I didn’t choose it in the first place and my husband is not allowed to talk to salespeople anymore! LOL It was really expensive, the bags are also expensive and since we have a two story house, it is such a beast to lug around to sweep that the upstairs does not get swept very often.

  54. Kaylen says

    After my last vacuum cleaner died I bought a refurbished FilterQueen on eBay from a seller with positive reviews. It’s been great – the filters are easy to find and inexpensive, it’s easy to empty, it works well on the ample amount of fur that my 2 large dogs distribute around the house, and I like knowing that it’s a vacuum cleaner worth fixing. I’ve had it for about 3 years now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

  55. Melinda says

    I have owned numerous Hoovers, Bissels and others over the last 30 years (they typically last 2-3 years). I bought a Dyson 5 years ago. It has not lost any suction whatsoever and still runs like a champ. I will always own a Dyson from this point on. However, I have never owned a Miele or even heard of it so I cannot give an opinion of that one.

    • Meeghan says

      We are unhappy with our Hoover canister vacuum, which we bought two yeares ago. I would advise against one of those. The carpet attachment crapped out after one year, and now we can only use it on hardwoods. The warranty was only one year. The cost to repair exceeded the cost of the vacuum ($250). And so next time we will spring for a longer lasting vacuum (a Miele or an Electrolux).

  56. Jill says

    I love my Dyson. I bought it at Kohls with a 30% off coupon and was sure to buy it when they also were doing their Kohls cash deal….so, I got lots of Kohls cash to spend later as well :)

  57. Musikmama says

    My Eureka lasted about 7 years. It was all right but not great. I bought a Shark Lift Away. It’s great on long hair of which we have a lot. I end up with half a canister every time I vacuum. It sucks really hard to get up crumbs off the tile floor too.

  58. Jennifer K says

    I have the dyson pet Vacume and have had it for 3 years. With a dog, two cats and 2 kids living in sandy south Florida, it has seen it’s share of use. I do love my vac, but the best thing about it is this story. About 5 years ago, before the dyson, we replaced the carpet in our bedroom with wood floors. When we pulled it up the sand and dirt under the padding was awful! Two months ago I pulled up the carpet in the living/diningroom and expected an even bigger mess, but the dirt was not half as bad as it had been in the much smaller bedroom. The only difference was the Vacume we used in the past few years.

  59. Sheila in NC says

    I have had a Hoover, Electrolux and a Dyson. After about 2 years Hoover and Electrolux lost significant suction strength. I have had my Dyson for about 7 or 8 years now and the suction is still great. I also like that it is designed to be able to take apart almost like a puzzle. When something gets sucked in by accident, I can practically just take off that section, get it and keep going. I too am surprised Dyson was not given high marks. It is my favorite after 27 years of marriage.

  60. says

    I live with two mutts that shed and carpet in all rooms. Yet I don’t own a vacuum cleaner. I have owned a few and they never lasted long. I mostly sweep my rug, which can be annoying, but its very short carpet.

    The last few times I really needed a vacuum I borrowed my sister’s. it’s a Bissell PowerGlide Pet with Fabreze! It’s bag less and does an awesome job! It was under $200!

    Why not buy one that’s a cheaper and update every few years!

    • Kristen says

      Well, my main concern with that is that I hate to contribute to the landfill when I can avoid it. I really prefer to buy things that will last, at least when I can swing it.

  61. michelle d says

    I have a dyson and I really like it. I don’t have pets, but I have three small boys and toys with a bazillion small parts. I have an upright, but I purchased the attachment for use under my sofa. It was $50 which was a bit annoying, but it makes my upright like a canister so that’s great. It does a really great job of cleaning my hardwood floors and my area rugs. I like that I don’t have to buy or change bags. I can see the contents of the canister and can even retrieve things if necessary, but disposing is super easy too. Much like everything else in my house — see part about three small boys above — it takes a beating. I’ve only had it about a year, but use it several times a week. Way more vacuuming than my life before children.

  62. Renee CA says

    I don’t know if I could ever “love” a vacuum but I have had 2 Kenmore canisters and converted my daughter in law to them as well. I chose it years ago because I like to vacuum drapes, furniture, baseboards, corners etc, and it is very versatile. The accessories snap on and off easily and it can do carpet and hard floors. I didn’t want to have 2 machines – one for carpet and one for “hand work”. My only upright was a clunky Hoover 40 years ago and I hated it with a passion. But it did teach me to be more careful about analyzing what I really wanted a piece of machinery to do. Since I haven’t checked out vacuums in years, I might need to see what’s new on the market next go around.

  63. says

    I have a Dyson and Mint (all hardwood and tile floors) so I don’t think I can give you much of an advice on Miele vs. Hoover debate. In terms of your kids and vacuum, maybe you can purchase a separate cheapo? I know Shark makes a lot of small, light, portable vacuum cleaners you can buy for around $30.

  64. Linda says

    We bought a Hoover Windtunnel on sale for under $200 several years ago, after going through a vacuum a year for awhile. The Hoover has stood up well, even now that the older kids use it to vacuum their bedrooms! It’s pretty easy to take the whole vacuum apart, which I do twice a year, and clean the inside out with a shop vac. I’ll definitely be getting another Hoover when we replace this one!

  65. DawnF says

    I LOVE my Dyson DC07. I have had it for almost 9 years now and it continues to work perfectly. Nice attachments on board, no bags to deal with (I clean out the canister at least twice monthly) and a hand-washable filter. Lowe’s had some great pricing on Dyson recently, but I am not sure of any current specials. We purchased our unit at Costco many years ago.

    Love your blog! God Bless! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  66. Marsha says

    Mary Hunt of Debt-Proof Living strongly recommends the Shark Navigator. I’m intrigued by that and remorseful of my Oreck purchase. It works fine, but the bag gets very smelly and makes the room smell. Good luck on your purchase!

  67. says

    We have a 5 year old Bissell Healthy Home vacuum that came with the same warranty of a Dyson. I *LOVE* it! It has a great attachment to vacuum stairs and couches (and we have 2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog and often have visiting pets). It works on hard surfaces. And did I mention that I LOVE it?!

  68. Carmen says

    Definitely the Miele! They are the only brand I hear everyone rave about (in the UK.)

    We’ve just replaced our dead Dyson and oh.my.goodness. what a difference! I wish I’d done it years ago.

  69. Alicia says

    We have the Hoover–the pet edition, actually, because it comes with a longer hose–I’ve liked it a lot. But, of course, I don’t have nearly as much carpet as you do–and I’m horrible at regularly vacuuming the carpet we do have–so it doesn’t see as much use at my house as it probably would at yours.

  70. Mary says

    I’m a dyson fan, I’ve had mine for 7 years and only had to replace the rollers on the bottom($35). That is only because I have concrete and tile floors and the rollers get worn flat. I have the animal and love it, but I know many that have the smaller balls and love them too.
    On the miele side though both my MIL and GMIL have one and they’ve had them for over 15 years and neither have issues. They both said they would buy them again.
    I really think it depends on what you want. Are you wanting an upright with all the attatchments and stuff, no bags no fuss? Or are you more of a canister girl, don’t mind the bags and filters and hoses? I honestly think you can’t go wrong with either purchase.
    I have 4 kids, my 12 and 10 yr old use my dyson and ABUSE the sucker, it has lived. My 4 and 1 yr old climb on the thing thinking it’s a jungle gym…it’s still standing. I have surely gotten my money’s worth out of it. Good luck on this hunt!

    • Mary says

      Oh and on the hoover side. That was all I bought prior to my dyson purchase in 2005. I was buying a new vacuum every 2 yrs or so prior. Add the $175 up for the amount of time I’ve owned my dyson and I have saved a bunch.

  71. says

    A few years ago I bought the Hoover Tempo Upright wide path vacuum on Amazon. It has 2500 reviews with a 4star average. We dont have that much carpet in the house and it was a steal at 72.00. It does use bags though, but it worked great and still worked great years later. We found a great price on a Dyson Animal DC41 so I gave the Hoover to a friend. She loves it too and we love the dyson. I dont care what consumer reports said.

  72. Angela P. says

    I was in the market for a new vacuum about 3 months ago. I searched and searched but couldn’t find one that I really liked. I went to a local Value Village (thrift store) and found a Hoover Concept One, upright and bagged. This thing looks like it’s been around for 50 years!!!! But I figured for $10 it was worth a shot. That is the best best best vacuum that I have ever used!!!! The bags aren’t that expensive.

  73. KateNwv says

    Hi, Kristen, and Merry Christmas!
    Sorry to hear about your vacuum. I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel and am not very pleased with it. It has held up well, I suppose, since it gets limited use. (I have hardwood floors I sweep with a broom a lot of the time), but I don’t like it so well. It only has okay suction AND it has a short hose, so if I take the hose out of the floor brush to use an attachment, the vacuum has a tendency to fall over while I’m trying to move it close enough to the item to be dusted. My mother and grandmother had Electroluxes (I assume these are still being made). Grandma got hers in 1976 and I got it after she died in 1995 and used it for a while that. Those hold up. However, theirs were cannister vacs and I don’t know if you’d be interested in those.

  74. Brandy says

    I don’t have this particular model of Hoover, but I do own a Hoover vacuum, and it has lasted about 8 years and still going strong, and that is with 2 little girls that occasionally vacuum in similar fits of helpfulness :) and to be honest, I am not all that careful with it. Hope that helps!

    • Kristen says

      I’m thinkin’ about it! I was sort of mad when the current one got broken, but I’d have a much harder time not being mad if a new Miele got broken. =p

  75. Shannon says

    We bought a Hoover Wind Tunnel (it’s not an anniversary edition, though the pictures look very similar) on Cyber Monday, so I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. It replaced a 5-year-old Kenmore Progressive that had had too many vacuuming sessions with the kiddos (we have 5-1 girl, 4 boys- current ages 19-11). I have loved my Kenmore and was really tempted to just buy another since they were also on sale for Cyber Monday, but were more expensive than the Hoover. The newer version of the Kenmore was also highly recommended on Consumer Reports. The Hoover reviews were positive, so we opted for the cheaper Hoover over another Kenmore. I figure we still have 4 boys at home that don’t necessarily care about appliances as much as I do, though they are better now than they were. I’ll probably be replacing this vacuum, regardless of how expensive it is, within a few years. That new vacuum will have a much more peaceful existence!

    The Hoover does have incredible suction and almost leaps out of my hand when I turn it on. Even the suction when using the hose is great. It is also noticeably lighter than the Kenmore, making it easier to carry up and down the stairs. I have to admit, though, that it feels much more cheaply made than the Kenmore. The plastic of the case and the hose seems much thinner and more brittle. The motor seems louder than my Kenmore, but maybe that’s the result of stronger suction. The cord is only 25 feet long vs. the 40 on the Kenmore, which I’m finding makes a HUGE difference. There is a detachable hose on the back, but it has almost zero reach because it doesn’t stretch out at all. It’s either very short, or the plastic has no give, or both. I HAVE to use the wand extenders to reach anything. The only problem with that is that the extenders are not flexible, so they are less convenient to use than a long, flexible hose. My only other complaint is that the clip for one of the attachments isn’t very tight, so that piece falls off all the time.

    If all you do is vacuum the floor and don’t use any attachments, I’d highly recommend the Hoover, especially if you have small rooms. If you do anything else that requires the hose or attachments I’d say it’s ok. There are issues that can be worked around, but I’m already thinking that if my daughter were to get married (which she’s not!) in the near future I’d happily pass it on and get a new Kenmore.

    Good luck!

  76. Brandi says

    I’ve had the Hoover wind tunnel (not bagless) for 15 years!!!! I LOVE it!!!! It was originally my dads it was his first BIG purchase for a vaccuume (350) it worked so good! After the years I eventually broke some things on it and it needed to be bunged but still worked great. After buying 5 vaccuumes and NONE being as good as my dads I eventually bought him a new one and took his old…only fair since I cosmetically broke it. I’ve had it for 5 years in my home I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, sometimes 2 or 3x/day (unless we are outta town) I have 4 kids which equals lots of crumbs! One EXTREAMLY happy customer…I kinda feel like its the one thing we have that’s still made w/quality! Like my dad still has a blender, hand mixer & toaster from his marriage ahem…37 years ago and we go through them yearly it seems!

  77. says

    I don’t love my big Eureka but I do love my little Dirt Devil stick vac that I got on Black Friday last year for $10. Does a great job on my kitchen floors and my kids love to use it. It’s light weight and perfect for light jobs.

  78. Jamie Stone says

    I just did this exact same thing about a month and a half ago. I read the exact same thing from Consumer Reports and we had to decide between the Hoover and the Miele. We decided that since we’ve had such bad luck with vacuums burning up on us, that we would take the plunge and get the Miele and hope that it lasts longer. I don’t know if you have Bed, Bath, and Beyond near you, but we used one of their famous 20% off coupons on the Miele vacuum, so we saved quite a bit of money with that. So far, so good. We think the Miele seems to have a more solid construction than any vacuum we’ve ever owned, and it works great. We haven’t had it long enough to know either if it will last for years and years, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. So far, we are very happy with it!

  79. says

    Oh my! Well, I have a Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum that I’ve had for about 20 years. I thought I had killed it recently, but it turned out that there was just so much hair caught in the ends of the roller that it was tripping the switch as soon as it turned on.

    However, before I figured that out, I went out and bought a new machine. I got a Hoover Linx cordless model, which even though it can’t compete with the Kenmore in terms of power, I totally LOVE – so yes, I now live in a 2 vacuum home!

    Anyhow, the Kenmore is a workhorse and appears to have many more years of life in it, but the sad truth is that I’m just not coordinated enough to manage the canister, and the cord as well as the vacuum part without causing myself great distress and/or knocking over furniture or inadvertently damaging things by accidentally ramming the canister into them. The Linx, on the other hand, is fabulously easy to use and very light weight, although it doesn’t have any bells & whistles, and the charge on the battery only lasts about 15 minutes (which is sufficient for my small house, and is actually wonderful for a person who hates to vacuum because I know the horrible chore can’t possibly last longer than that!)

    Sooooo, at this point the Hoover lives upstairs and is my day to day machine. The Kenmore lives in the basement with all the litter boxes, so it can do the heavy duty work, and I can still lug the monster up the stairs to do the occasional deep cleaning up here.

    Good luck with it!

  80. Linda M says

    I have had my current Hoover for over seventeen years and it is still going strong….being we live in rural, grungy USA…that is saying a lot. This is my third vacuum…one wasn’t a Hoover and it didn’t last well at all. The first Hoover lasted many, many years. Mine is too old to be the same as you are buying….but through the years I have had excellent performance with my Hoovers….no affiliation with them either! And, yes, I raised children and my grandchildren have been lots. We have vacuumed up bb’s, toy soldiers,
    Barbie shoes, etc….and the vacuum survived. Just sharing my own personal experience.

  81. Stonalino says

    I saved up my pennies for years to buy a Miele canister vacuum. I was just thinking to myself yesterday as I vacuumed how much I love it, and how worth it it was to sacrifice to buy it.

    We used to go through vacuums every two or three years, but not anymore. It was expensive, but I do LOVE it.

    Not sure if this is helpful or not, but thought I’d let you know of my great affection towards my vacuum. :)

  82. Natasha Gwynn says

    I LOVE that you said this: “if you’re the sort of person who wants all of your things to stay nice, you really ought not to have children.

    Because even really delightful children seem to be awfully hard on possessions”.

    I love it because first of all it’s so true. My kids drive me crazy with how destructive they are to the house in general – in terms of cleanliness alone. They aren’t overly destructive of things in general but having kids means my house will never look nice again. Once I clean one room and move onto the next, the ‘clean’ room, isn’t as clean any more :-( But I also love it because you always have such a happy positive view about children and this is the first time I’ve heard you mention what a pain they are (sometimes!). We may love them to death but they can still drive us crazy. It was nice to hear that from you :-)

    And I’m no help on the vacuum because I like canisters :-)

    • Kristen says

      Oh yes…the absence of “my kids are driving me crazy!” comments are definitely not for lack of material. I’ve got my fair share of broken things and constant mess and all that here.

      I just try not to complain about it too much here on the blog because a) I want to be respectful of my children on my blog and b) sometimes venting about frustrations just makes them settle even deeper into my heart.

      If I keep my thoughts and my words positive ( a constant struggle!), I find that my attitude is generally more positive. And the converse is true, as I know from the times that I lose that struggle.

  83. Laurie says

    I have 4 kids(3 at home still), 4 dogs, 2 cats, and live in the woods. Needless to say we use our vacuum a lot. Also, I am a Mom who has her children doing most of the housework and they are not as careful or gentle with the vacuum. I like Kenmore. They usually get a good rating from Consumer Reports. I REALLY like them because I buy the warranty. (this is the only thing I purchase a warranty for-sorry Dave Ramsey) The warranty covers basically everything! Not only that, it covers a once a year tune up. I learned the hard way(my son punctured the canister to our one year old vacuum and I had to buy a new one) how great this warranty is. I have had our current vaccuum over 3 years. 3 tune ups and many parts later, it is working great! AND I can breath easier when my kids are doing their chores. Sears may have some Hoover models if you really are set on the Hoover.

  84. Katie says

    We have owned several vacuums over the years. It seemed like the first few years we were buying a new hoover, (or other target/wal-mart available brands) every year. Then we decided to splurge on a dyson. That lasted about four years. When that was dead we looked finally looked at the miele. It has been worth EVERY penny even this first year. I can tell a difference. My carpets look noticeably cleaner. It made the dyson look like a hoover. I can also tell that this vacuum is made to last. I would recommend also to buy it from a local retailer. Our local retailer gave us a better deal than we could find online, and every time something silly has happened, (like my 3 year old turning it on and getting her underwear stuck in the hose) he has fixed it free of charge. Since purchasing I have also heard of a lot of other people owning these vacuums for 10+ years and still going strong!

  85. Jessica says

    I bought a Bissell pet edition 3 years ago. It had two fairly good years and then spent most of the last year moving dust and dog hair around instead of picking it up, even after I cleaned everything. I was going to have it serviced but by the time I took inventory of all the plastic parts that had broken and all the other repairs it obviously needed, I left it for the trash men when I moved. (Something never done in our family; everything is resold, given away, recycled, etc., but even my mother approved this decision.) Rather disappointing, but my investment hadn’t been great.
    For this next vacuum, I’ll be buying a Riccar. I’ve done some research online and heard good things. I also like that the vacuums are made in Missouri and only sold through local mom-and-pop stores. I understand they start out at about $250 so if it can give me at least 4 good years of service (and hopefully many more), that’ll be the same as the Bissell. I called our local dealer to inquire about refurbished models and he said they didn’t have any because “no one trades in Riccars; they keep them forever.” Sounds like a good start.

    • Deanna says

      I have a Riccar I’ve been using for over 10 years! I love it, though the bags can be pricey. If you go that route, I would recommend the 8000 series. Works beautifully, super long cord, a good, all around quality product. I do have a friend (we both clean houses for a living) who bought a $200 Riccar and the difference in the two machines was noticeable. That being said, you may also want to check out the Electrolux Pro Care. That will be my next vacuum, as they work just as well, are designed slightly better, and the bags are a lot less expensive.

  86. Maria says

    Who would think a vacuum post would generate such a response!

    I have a 13 year old Kenmore upright from Sears that I got as a wedding present. It’s a basic model that has survived through a few unexpected mishaps. We did have to replace the belts a few years ago but other than that it is still going strong. It works well on carpet but isn’t the best for pet hair on furniture. I thought about getting one of the pet hair vacuums a few years ago but it seems the new ones don’t last very long so I’ve just stuck with it.

  87. Krys says

    I have a Kirby that I got on Craigslist for about $250. My mom had a Kirby when I was a kid and it worked so well. I’ve had mine for about 5 years. I will never get anything else.

  88. Tracy says

    I bought a refurbished Dyson from their website a few years ago. I think I paid about 250.00, and it works great. When I had a cleaning lady she said it was the best vacuum that she had every used, very powerful. I have five kids and they are very hard on the thing and twice I have had to take it all apart to clear blocks, but it was a great purchase and I would recommend the Dyson. I did have an electolux before that and it was a good vacuum as well, but they are expensive. I ended up giving it away when we purchased a house with central vac (which I hated).


  89. Carole says

    I don’t have any brand names to suggest, but I like a canister type better than an upright. It’s easier to get under beds and to do other things that are neccesary other than just vacuuming. I have an old Electrolux canister that is about 19 years old and still working. The new ones may not be as well made.

  90. Mandy says

    I love my Dyson! I love it so much that I wish every mother with small children could have one. Ours has sucked up quite a few things, my three year old loves to vacuum, and is still going strong! Good luck to you!

  91. Vanessa says

    I had a Hoover wind tunnel and liked it. The on/off button broke within the first year, but luckily it broke while it was on so I could just unplug it. It was probably covered by a warranty but didn’t bring it in. It vacuumed well. I replaced it with a Dyson we got as a wedding present 5 years ago. The first time I used it I tested it on carpet that had been freshly vacuumed with the wind-tunnel first and I got up a significant amount of additional dirt (might be due to a spotless beater brush though). I like the Dyson’s good design, but I kind of am wishing that it would break so I could get something new. I guess I don’t want a vacuum that lasts longer than 3 years. I think some of the newer models are lighter and have better clearance under cabinets. OH FYI I just learned that Best Buy will take and recycle vacuums for you!

  92. Dawn says

    We bought the canister version of the Hoover Wind Tunnel when it was still fairly new on the market. We don’t have any carpeting, only some area rugs, so our vacuum cleaner surely doesn’t get the wear and tear that some do. My mom had an Electrolux when I was at home, and this Hoover is certainly not on that level, BUT it only cost us $170.

    I’ve read a lot of comments about people not liking the bagless machines. I LOVE that aspect of mine. I empty the canister outside, tap the filter against something hard to get out as much loose stuff as I can, put it back together, and I’m good to go. I don’t have to worry about buying bags for it, or worry about Walmart–the only big store around here–not carrying those same bags anymore. A couple times a year I rinse the filter out under running water, but not very often.

    We bought this vacuum cleaner in 2007, and it is still going strong. If we had a lot of carpeting, I don’t think it would be ideal. I have a feeling the carpet attachment for this vacuum cleaner would wear out quickly under those circumstances. But for what we use it for, it figures out to less than $33 a year so far. I’m hoping to have it for 5 more, but I do have four kids, and you hit the nail on the head with your insight about how hard even sweet kids are on things! So far mine haven’t broken the vacuum cleaner, but there are conspicuous knicks and dings in the furniture right at vacuum cleaner height. Hmmm…..

  93. says

    Yes and just because they get older doesn’t mean they treat vacuum cleaners and washing machines any better……
    hence why I do the vacuuming around here = I want to still have a working vacuum cleaner after they move out of the house! It’s too much trouble to have to clean out a plugged hose or fix it!

  94. cathy says

    I like my moms electolux canister vac. The only one so far to remove pet hair from the car and that includes the shop. I think a vacuum is one of those heirloom purchases, you need to pay for quality and features that are important to you since if you are like me, use the vacuum everyday. I don’t envy your decision but I look forward to hearing about your new vacuum in a future blog.

  95. Casey says

    Kristin….I can’t praise Miele vacuums enough! I had a $200 GE canister vacuum (I really like canisters) and it lasted 4 years, but this time around I wanted something that was going to last a long time and have a really good HEPA filter for my husband’s allergies. I went to a speciality vacuum store near me and tried out their displays. Also, I did extensive research. I found Dyson was not so great and most of the vacuums sold at Walmart, Target, etc. really won’t last past 3-4 years. When I researched Miele, I was so impressed with the variety of their products and how long they lasted. Some customers have had them for 20+ years. I’ve had my Miele Gemini for 3 years now and I don’t regret it. They use so few bags and are extremely quiet. As for children, I’m pretty rough on my vacuum and have sucked up shirts, bedspreads, etc. The vacuum’s safety features immediately turn off the beater bar before the item ever reaches the bag or goes up the hose. I’ve been fortunate!

  96. El says

    For the last 7 years, I have used a 3-gallon all-around shop vac. It died the day before Thanksgiving. I replaced it with a 2.5 gallon all-around, as they no longer make the 3-gallon – we’ll see if this one lasts as long as the other one. I use it at least twice a week, have six children, two dogs, and live on a farm. The one thing I do not have is carpet. :-) Really happy how it has worked!

  97. Eunice says

    we bought a refurbished oreck and have had it for 8 years with NO PROBLEMS! (I also have 4 kids, so it gets tons of use!)

  98. Rachel W. says

    Oh! I was terrified of vacuum cleaners when I was a child. The first time I ever tried to vacuum the living room (I was a tad OCD as a child), the damn thing started smoking before I got one good pass done. Now, I realize it wasn’t my fault (old vacuum and thick shag carpet = quick vacuum death) but at the time (I was all of six) I was terrified. Then four years later, I was vacuuming a different room and a piece of the shag was coming loose (I didn’t realize). It got wrapped all up in the vacuum and burned up the motor. Oh yea. So the moral is I am death to vacuum cleaners. Because I still, at 31, kill them quickly regardless of the make or model.

    My daughter (who is 14) regularly tells our cats (we have 6) that THEY are the reason we can’t have nice things. LOL.

  99. Carol says

    Buy the Hoover! I have raised 4 kids, numerous dogs, grandkids and nothing beats a Hoover. I have had several brands of vacuums including a Kirby–don’t even consider it. My son has a Dyson, even worse than the Kirby!

  100. says

    I was recently getting my sewing machine, blender, and stand mixer repaired at the appliance repair shop. I asked the guy what vacuum he would recommend us to get because we don’t love our current vacuum.

    He recommended the SEBO Automatic X series for uprights, but he has the canister type (he knew we liked uprights).

    He said all their employees have them because of how well they clean, how long they last, and how the owner can easily access clogs/clean out the vacuum. The price tag is STEEP, but it’s making me wonder if we should try it because his is still going strong at 17 years old! I’m tired of spending $200 on vacuums that don’t last more than a few years – it’s such a waste!

  101. Courtney Pilling says

    I have a Hoover Elite Rewind Pet Bagless Upright… and while you don’t have pets… I couldn’t recommend this vacuum more! It has amazing suction power… even with the attachments. The arm on the extension is longer than any other vacuum I’ve had so I can reach further. The cord is retractable… and is longer than most cords. It has a washable filter… so you don’t have to buy any of those, and is bagless. It also tells you when the filter needs changing. It also has a HEPA filter which we love. I just LOVE this vacuum.

    • Rebekah says

      We have had a Dyson, since me and my hubby got married. We got a great deal on it, because he works at Best Buy. We have only had it for about a yr, but it is incredible. We have one that is made to help with pet hair, and our dog sheds really badly. But it really does such a good job at getting all of her hair out of the carpets quickly. We have never had a problem with our Dyson. Good Luck :)

  102. says

    I’ve had a Hoover WindTunnel for nearly 10 years now, and it wasn’t new when I got it – it was “gifted” to us by the previous owners of the townhouse we had just bought. I couldn’t be happier with the thing. It’s also really easy to repair and parts are easy to find. I’d be a little worried in that regard about the Miele (not sure how easy it is to find parts).

  103. Anne says

    Looks like I’m in the minority here, but I’d like to stuff the ballot box for the Miele! I was skeptical about spending that much as well but I never thought I’d love a vacuum so much. It’s a dream. I bought it from a friend whose husband owns a vacuum shop and he said they can last 20 years or more, and if we ever moved to a place that had more carpeting it would be perfectly fine. He said the dysons are junk and he’s an experienced & trustworthy source. We got a Neptune which they no longer make, but there’s a new equivalent out. The engineering is very well thought out…think crush proof hose and wheels that allow it to follow you wherever you go. You won’t regret it.

  104. Pennie says

    My vote is for a Dyson. I’m 52, and have owned and operated a lot-o- vacuums in my day. My latest (and I believe last) purchase was a Dyson “Animal” about 8 years ago, and I love love love it. (We have two dogs). Hard working machine that is worth every nickel.
    I’ve probably saved most of the purchase price just in those yucky, smelly disposable bags that I no longer have to buy and change!
    Every time that I dump the canister I am shocked with how much stuff that it has sucked up since the 2-3 days since I vacuumed.
    I use the hand wand to dust surfaces–so much faster than with a cloth.

  105. Terry says

    I own a Meile canister and have for the last 10 years. I’m supposed to get it serviced every year but despite my best intentions that only happens every two years and it still vacums well. Over the years I’ve owned cheaper vacums but ended up replacing them every 2-4 years so I feel like the more expensive vacum was worth it.

  106. says

    They don’t build them like they used to. I have a Sears vacuum that I purchased in 1977. But then again, I don’t have children. I did have a roommate who cleaned the fire place ashes (still hot) with it though. It burned the bag and meltd a bit of the housing but didn’t effect the motor.

  107. WilliamB says

    Normally I read all the comments before adding one (or some, because hey, this is me we’re talking about!) but there are 158 right now and I need to be in bed in less than an hour.

    So: I have had a Miele cannister since 1992. It’s never needing anything but a new bag. And Mr. Dyson is much better at marketing than at designing vacuums. Finally, consider getting a carpet sweeper, even in addition to a vacuum. They’re inexpensive, easy to take out and use, and have no engine to burn out. Great for between-vacuuming spot jobs or for lighter levels of grime.

  108. Melissa B says

    I have a dyson and love it. We always had to buy a new vacuum once a year until I bought my dyson 5 years ago. This is the longest I have had a vacuum cleaner.

  109. Lilypad says

    I have a 3 year old version of the Hoover (purchased at Costco) and I love it. It’s the 2nd Hoover I’ve had in my grown-up life and I have no regrets. Good luck!

  110. Michaela says

    Anymore I tend to buy the cheaper vacuum. My husband and 19 year old son seem to have a real issue with burning up my vacuums. I even had my one Hoover fixed twice, and it got burned up again and I finally put it to the curb. Now I just have a small Dyson (we have wood floors and a few rugs downstairs – this works fine) which they are not allowed to touch – EVER. I’m still planning to buy a cheap vacuum (for our upstairs – I keep one on each floor). Not only do you need to make sure they don’t vacuum curtains, make sure they KNOW when to empty it (unlike some people who shall remain nameless).

  111. says

    We’ve had our Rainbow vacuum for about 18 years now. We’ve replaced a couple of parts over the years but it’s still going strong. They are VERY expensive initially but I feel it’s been more than worth it.

  112. GinaE says

    My kids go to Hoover High School (in the town where the Hoover Company was founded). During basketball season, they call the gym “The Win Tunnel”. There are even T-shirts.

    The vacuums are no longer made in the US, but the Hoover family is still active in the community here.

  113. peppergrass says

    We love our Dyson (2nd one we’ve had) but dh says this one is the last, as they’re so difficult/expensive to have repaired. First one’s motor burned out, and this one keeps getting minor injuries (bits chipped off) and every time I accidentally suck up some small bit of foreign matter I’m terrified it will kill it. It’s also pretty awkward/heavy to carry up our stairs, and I’m sure this won’t get any easier as we age.

  114. WB says

    I have a big yellow Dyson purchased on clearance at Home Depot. It works just fine, but it’s heavy so I seldom drag it out unless I need to do a deep clean. I can’t say it’s all that much better than other cheaper vacuums we’ve had.

    We have no carpet anymore (too many dogs and kids and then there was that time I turned an entire pan of turkey tetrazzini upside down on the floor.)

    Anywhoo I bought a cheap rechargeable Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 a year ago and we really like it. It’s easy to empty the cup, lightweight and it sucks up all the dog hair (three dogs, one is a lab). It is still holding a charge after one year. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004LBHGJC/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00

    If I were to spend a lot on a vacuum, I’d look for lightweight, and a retractable cord, along with good long-term suction and easy cleaning. I just hate rolling up that cord! The Dyson cord is the worst I’ve ever had – something about it actually hurts my fingers.

  115. Gayle Van Olst says

    I started off with a Sears canister which lasted at least 15 years then I decided to get a Hoover Windtunnel because it was an upright and needed no bags. After using it a lot I did not like it because it did not go under things well, it was very noisy and was heavy to carry upstairs. The hose was short so it was hard to vacumn using the hose attachments. I have a smaller place and use a small bagless Bissell which works great for the space I have. A lot depends on the space you have and is it 2 storeys or 1 and will you use it on your vehicle.

  116. Rebecca P says

    We have a Kirby, only because I was able to get it for $40 at an auction. Man, they can NOT be killed! However, I don’t know that I would buy another because of how heavy they are.

    Here’s my advice: Don’t buy anything that’s sold at Walmart or Best Buy or any of the other big box stores. In order to keep their prices low enough for those stores, they have to cut corners on quaility. Buy something from a local vacuum repair shop. You’ll be giving business to a small business owner, he’ll be able to tell you which ones are good quality, and you’ll have a relationship with him, if and when you need repairs. I love our local shop. I’ve had to carry the Kirby to him a few times, because of kid mishaps (like having your 12 year old brother ride on it while you race it around the house), and he’s always gone the extra mile to clean it up real good, in addition to the repair.

  117. Deanna says

    This past year I’ve been cleaning houses for extra money and have been able to compare a ton of vacuums in their natural habitats. My least favorite is the Dyson; while it does a decent job, the wand can be fussy to use, and I think the hose can crack rather quickly. My all time favorite is the Electrolux ProCare 15xp. I just found a website online that has it available for $325, and the replacement bags are very reasonable. It does a terrific job on cat hair and is well designed, so it’s very easy to use. The vacuum I use at home is a Riccar 8900; it also does a terrific job and has lasted over 10 years, but the bags can be pricey and it’s not quite a easy to use as the Electrolux. In fact, I’m saving up some of my cleaning money to replace my Riccar with the ProCare. Good luck making a decision!

  118. says

    I have a Dyson and I love it. I’ve always had Dyslons. I gather they are not robust, but mine have lasted well. Maybe the trick is not to use them too often *grin*.

  119. Arlyn says

    Amazon has the Hoover Wind Tunnel for $99, and several open boxes starting at $88.21. For the open boxes, just click on Used, and then look for Amazon Warehouse Deals. I have ordered many things from Amazon Warehouse Deals and they have always been as good as new.

  120. KatE says

    We bought a wind tunnel at Costco a couple months ago & we love it. The bagless is nice, because we also have pets & need to vacuum often (bags get expensive). It has a washable filter, so that part is also economical. We paid only about $100, though, but it’s not the anniversary edition (not sure what that is).

  121. says

    Great question. I’m so happy you asked. My husband and I own a vacuum store and I’ve also been in the cleaning industry for many years. First, I would like to say. Bagged over bagless, anyday. Do you really want to have to clean your vacuum in the bathtub? Are we looking for more work in our busy day? At our store, there is an extra fee added to bagless vacuum repairs because they are extremely dirty and take twice as long to work on. My favorite saying is: The only time a bagless vacuum works well is the first time you use it, after that the filters are dirty and you’re losing suction.” Bags are not expensive, not compared to filter’s. Example (dyson filter sets $50) Okay, I hear you saying. “I just wash mine.” With some you can do that, others you can wash maybe twice. After that the filter just isn’t breathing correctly. Here is something to ask yourself. Do you like liners in trash cans? Is it cleaner? Then why would you choose a vacuum without a liner. I’ve had customers tell me they have to dump this thing nearly every room. Here’s a test. Dump out your bagless dirt and now vacuum it up with a bag vacuum. The dirt will pack in the bag, filling up only the very bottom. You will go months before needing to change it.
    A box of bags typically cost $4.99 to $20. Most vacuums bags need to be changed every 2 months, on average.
    Here’s the thing. I’ll ask a customer how does she cleans her vacuum filters. (many will say they don’t) She doesn’t have another vacuum typically, so she says, she bangs it against a tree. If you have a shop vacuum, air compressor, etc. Great, that will work. But, please don’t dump this thing into an inside trash can. At least bring it outside and dump it into the trash out there without having the dirt and dust, get all over you and into your lungs.
    The price of a Dyson (new) will cost $369 to $499. Other vacuums, like a Hoover $200 or so. I’ve seen vacuums at Walmart and Target for $35.00-$50. Seriously? This is the price of toy vacuums. It’s not going to deep clean your carpets.
    Vacuums I recommend are (My favorite) The Riccar SupraLite Upright (prices approx. $299- $499) with a separate small canister for above floor cleaning. (American made, but only sold at vacuum stores. As Riccar wants their vacuum cleaner demonstrated for the customer so that you see the difference in power.
    For canisters users, the Miele canisters are really the very best. But, they can be spendy. For a a canister that handles all your cleaning needs prices start at $649.- $899. Still, when you look at life spans of 10-20+ years on a quality vacuum cleaner, it can be a bargain. Kristen, this Miele upright you talked about is a very good vacuum. It’s only negative is that it is heavy.
    If you don’t mind the weight, it’s a great value, with hepa filters. Zero dust goes back into your air. This vacuum seals up tight.
    Regarding your current vacuum: if all your daughter did was suck up your drapes the vacuum is not broken. It just needs a new belt. Bring it to a vacuum store. These people appreciate your business and they will help you out when you need it. (Most are family run businesses like ours)
    I love to talk vacuums, so if anyone wants more info you can check out our website http://www.chanvac.com. We have a online store as well, but unfortunately I am not as knowledgeable in websites, as I am in vacuums.
    Trade anyone?
    Give me a call any time. I can help you find the vacuum that will work best for your cleaning needs.
    Thank you,

  122. says

    I run a green cleaning company in Adelaide, South Australia, and as you would expect, put my vacuum cleaners through the paces. I overwhelmingly recommend the Numatic brand. In particular, the Junior (James) or Henry. On Amazon, you could pick a Junior (James) up for just over $200.

    Why do I recommend Numatics? They have better suction than any Dyson, Hoover, Miele, No-Name I have ever used. They are powerful. They come with a two-year commercial (yes that’s right, commercial) warranty. They’re built to last. They are no-nonsense–I despise Dyson’s because they are over-engineered (so many clips, buttons, do-flickies; lots of things to break); Numatics are of a very simple design. If you get a blockage, it’s easy to fix–as per the previous point: there is the canister, the motor is in the lid, there is the tube and wand, and not a lot else.

    I wrote a review about the Numatic Junior recently. You can read it here:


    So, am I paid by Numatic to say all this? Not at all. I bought my Numatic Junior when I started my cleaning company just over a year ago. In that time I have used it extensively, in all kinds of conditions, and I have used tonnes of clients’ Dysons and Hoovers. The Numatic wins hands down!

  123. says

    I would like to put in a REALLY REALLY enthusiastic word for the shark navigator. I LOVE this vacuum. It was under 200, plus the 20% of coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have had it for 2.5 years now, with no problems. It’s really easy to tell when it’s full(I love no bags!). It’s really easy to empty and clean. plus its purple–my favorite color:)

    It’s also fairly compact which I think not everybody loves–but I live in a small apartment and it is great not to have a big giant something taking up half my storage closet. You should definitely consider this vacuum!

  124. says

    We have been through 2 hoover wind tunnels …….. the 1st lasted forever but the 2nd did not. We looked at the mieles and orecks. We ended up getting the top oreck upright and have had it for 3-4 years. It comes with an annual tune up and we LOVE IT. I really like that its light weight, very powerful and you can go from carpets to hardwood floors with a flip of the switcth. I will only buy orecks from here on out!!!

  125. says

    I have a Miele S5210 and it is FANTASTIC! We were sick of paying $150 for useless vacuum cleaner after useless vacuum cleaner, so forked out the $400 for the Miele, and have never looked back.

    That’s my 2cents’ worth! :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  126. Janet says

    After years of thinking Kirby’s were “just an overpriced vacuum cleaner”, my niece needed money, and I needed a vacuum, So I bought her used Kirby for $200.00. I had been using a Fuller vacuum for about 6 years when it started smelling funny and was really loud when I ran it, so I took it to the shop where I bought it and was told the motor was going out. To make a long story short, all the fuzz I used to have to pick up after shampooing my carpet is GONE! I have 2 dogs so I shampoo more often than normal, and I always had about a plastic grocery bag full out of my 3 small rooms. The Kirby pulls up all the fuzz and dirt! My 8 year old carpet looks like new! Yes, Kirby’s are super expensive, but if it lasts for 38 years…………

  127. says

    We got a Dyson when we moved to Australia. Best buy we made! Got it on special as it was an older model. Being asthmatic, the choice of vacuum cleaner is quite important. This is the FIRST time I have had a vacuum cleaner I can use that doesn’t trigger my asthma when I use it. It is super easy to clean as well. Everything can come loose with the press of a button. I make my kids vacuum often and even with some no-vacuumables (crayons, lego, ribbons, etc.) being sucked up regularly, it is still doing well.

  128. Naomi says

    I have a hoover windtunnel that uses bags. The belts go out rather quickly but I figured out how to change them myself. Phillips head screw driver and two belts. Sometimes I can get them at Target or wait for a Sears coupon or sale. Love the self propelled vacuum. I will never go back!

  129. Yvonne says

    I own a Dyson. I cringed when we first purchased it because it seemed unreasonable expensive. Eventhough the price of $359 was a lot for us to pay, I was tired of buying a new vacuum every 2 years. I can honestly say now with no hesitation that it had been one of the best purchased we’ve ever made. We have a house full of carpet, two young children and 2 animals and Dyson has handled it all. I’ve had this vacuum for over 7 years and it stopped only once. When it clunked on me, I panicked and then I called their customer service. Customer service was absolutely amazing and helped me fixed the problem that I inadvertently caused. I never knew I needed to rinse out a certain part on the Dyson every 6 month ….5 years later it finally had enough. Thankfully, I rinsed that part and we have not had a problem since. Honestly, this is by far the best vacuum I have EVER owned. I will never own anything other than a Dyson!!

  130. says

    I love my Dyson! I can’t remember what I paid for it four years ago. Even if I did it would be in Australian dollars. Nevertheless, despite it being expensive, I think it has paid for itself in ease of use, great suction and reliability. My daughter has long hair and it’s super easy to remove the hair from the brush underneath the vacuum cleaner.

  131. Stephanie says

    I sell vacuums at a specialty store in Florida. You would be wise to visit a specialty vacuum store in your area and see what they recommend to you. Please don’t go by reviews on Amazon or what Consumers says. I find neither really know what they are talking about. Seriously. I would go to more than one store as some brands are limited with how many dealers in one area can carry their specific brand. (Make sure they are owned by different people) They will let you push them and educate you about different motors and features and what not. I doubt seriously if ONE recommends a bagless model to you. This way as well you will support (hopefully) a small business owner and you MAY end up with something that is actually made in the USA. :)

    I would like it, but don’t feel obligated to know how your shopping went and of course what you end up buying! :)

    Happy New Year!

    • Kristen says

      You’ll be delighted to know that we DID visit a local store and the people there were great! I’ll do a post about the experience and about what we bought next week.

  132. Connie Seward says

    My advice would be to use the same type of rationality that made you purchase your Kitchen Aid Mixer. After owning probably more than ten vacuums in the last 28 years, including the Dyson Animal which really was an animal as it seemed to gravitate and chew up the door facings and baseboards, this time I went with the Miele continuum. I have never been more pleased with a vacuum

  133. Matt says

    I realize this is more than a year old, but I’m only seeing this just now. With vacuum cleaners (as with most things in life), you get what you pay for. Over the past 20 years we’ve become quite spoiled with cheap imports — in particular the bagless plasti-vac screaming nightmares that have become all the rage. I admit, I bought into the hype years ago, when I got rid of my mother’s trusty Hoover Convertible for one of those newfangled Dysons. The Hoover lasted nearly 30 years. The Dyson lasted four. (And a caveat: it turns out the old Hoover just needed a tune-up, and a genuine Hoover belt and bag — rather than the cheap grocery store knock-offs I’d been using; the guy who picked up the Hoover for just $20 at my garage sale is still enjoying it!)

    What I learned from this experience: you get what you pay for. Mom got that Hoover back in the late ’60s for $70. Adjusted for inflation, that “average” upright that just about every American household owned TODAY would cost $475 — putting you even beyond the Dyson, and into Miele territory.

    I also learned that these bagless screaming nightmares are dusty as hell — despite their hyped “hepa” filtration. I had to wipe the Dyson off every time I used it. Never had I heard of having to “wipe down” a vacuum cleaner! And no matter how careful I was in emptying the dust chamber, I always ended up with a *poof* of a dust cloud in the kitchen. Never had that problem emptying the Hoover bags.

    I also learned that a 20-amp vacuum isn’t necssarily any better at cleaning — much less more “powerful” — than my old 4.0 amp Hoover Convertible. Seems that all those extra 16 amps were good for was the drastically increased noise level (and living in a Manhattan apartment building, particularly problematic, as I was limited to using the vacuum strictly during daylight hours).

    So what did I replace my Dyson with? Unfortunately, the days of the Hoover Convertible are gone, so I went with the next best thing: a grown-up vacuum this time … the descendant of the “old” Electrolux (not to be confused with the Chinese crap today that carries the “Electrolux” name), the Aerus Lux Guardian. I just upgraded to the Guardian Platinum, and couldn’t be happier (I gave away my older Aerus to a friend). These suckers are built like tanks, suck like nobody’s business, have hospital-grade filtration, and last forever. But quality does come at a price: $1700. What I get in exchange, however, is an eminently versatile vacuum with 8 speeds, virtually ZERO dust exhaust (indeed, running it actually cleans the air in the room), and whisper-quiet operation that enables me to use it even in the middle of the night without waking the neighbors.

  134. kristin says

    I’ve owned a Kirby for 28 years and finally it needs a $200 motor repair. Quality is worth paying for! I paid $700 back then and now Kirby offered me $700 trade-in toward a new Kirby (I still can’t afford it – prices have gone way up in 28 years)!

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