Up for grabs: $100 to spend at Novica!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Teresa, the winner of the $100 gift certificate.

NOVICA logo with black background

I’ve partnered with Novica a number of times before to bring you giveaways, so most of you are probably already familiar with this company.

But in case you’re new, here’s the deal.

Novica is a National Geographic company that partners with artisans around the world, giving them a global market for their wares. They also provide no-fee micro loans to the artists, which helps them buy the supplies they need in order to make their art and earn money (You can actually loan money to an artist through Novica as well!)

I love Novica because what they sell is so different than the mass-produced stuff you can buy at most retail stores. It comes from a person, an artist, not from a factory in China. In fact, many times my Novica orders have come with a hand-written thank you note from the artist.

The prices are a little higher than what you’d pay at Kohl’s or Claire’s Boutique, but the quality is so much better. As you know, I love to buy things that last because in the end, they’re actually the more frugal choice.

I’d rather own a few well-made, ethically obtained items than a bajllion poorly made items from a sweatshop.

Plus, not everything at Novica is crazy expensive. Here’s a collection of handmade gifts under $50. And here’s a collection of gifts under $30.

Novica also offers a daily deal, featuring one item at a steep discount. Check it out…you can save up to 50%.

Over a year ago, I ordered this beautiful sterling silver bracelet, and I wear it all the time.

And I also got these earrings, which I wear constantly as well.

I honestly think I’ll wear these for the rest of my life. And I may be able to hand them down too, which makes me happy (Woohoo for heirloom quality purchases!)

I also own an anklet from Novica and a pair of lovely pearl earrings. Lisey has some Novica earrings too, which are great for her sensitive ears.

The workmanship on everything I’ve ordered has been great, and the pieces are both durable and beautiful. Really, I can’t say enough good things about Novica!

Novica doesn’t just sell jewelry, though…you can buy clothing, accessories, and home decor as well.

When you’re doing your holiday shopping this year, do check out what Novica has to offer. Your gift recipient will love the beauty and quality, and you can feel good about supporting an artist.

(speaking of which, Aoy is one of my favorite artists on Novica. Go check out the lovely jewelry she makes!)


One lucky reader will be able to go on a $100 shopping spree because Novica is giving a $100 gift certificate to one of you.

To enter, visit Novica’s website, pick something you love, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me what you chose.

This giveaway is open to anyone around the world, since the gift certificate is electronic. So, international readers, enter away!

One entry per person please.

Novica is providing the $100 gift certificate, but I was not paid to write this post or provided any product in conjunction with this review.

The giveaway will close at midnight, EST on Sunday, November 11th.


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  1. Debra says

    I would choose the Tropical Elegance bracelet. There are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL bracelets on the NOVICA website that it’s impossible to really pick just one!

  2. JenB says

    I’m always in need of new tops. I really like the Cotton top, ‘Cuzco Navy Empress’. Classy, but casual.

  3. Susan says

    As others have said, it’s difficult to choose, but I think my daughter would love the moonstone earrings ‘shining cloud’. I think they are just lovely!

  4. Mary-Ellen says


    I love the blog! I am a new reader of only a few months but I find so many of your ideas neat. I agree, quality far outweights the price if it is something that will stand the test of time.

    I would love to have a pair of “flutter” drop earrings from the site. I might just hint this to my husband.

  5. Sarah G. J. says

    I love the earrings you wear all the time, as well as “Retablo– Jesus Spoke of Piece” nativity set. Thanks Novica!

  6. Becky Verryt says

    I would choose a kite or a drum for the family. I agree with everyone else, it’s hard to choose just one thing. Everything is beautiful.

  7. WB says

    I have my eye on those lovely throw blankets…it seems like all you can find anywhere else are soft fabrics and I want something with more substance.

  8. Crystal says

    I think I’d get a black pearl necklace (always wanted one!) Sophistication is jumping out at me currently.

  9. aruna says

    I really like the pearl and blue topaz dangle earrings. They have beautiful stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  10. Eliza says

    This is a hard choice! I’ll say the Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Fire Dancer’ but the Sterling silver flower earrings, ‘Dandelions’ are a close second!

  11. says

    Wow, I love this website!! It’s so hard to choose just one or two things because everything is gorgeous! I think I would have to go with the sterling silver Chinese rabbit necklace. I love bunnies :)

  12. Adrienne says

    Hi there, and thanks for introducing my to Novica, it will be great for holiday gifts! I loved some of the serving wear, especially the Celadon Serving Platter. This would look great in my mom’s kitchen.

  13. Jennifer T says

    Everything on the website is beautiful! But I have to admit, I think I’m in love with that silver bracelet you’re wearing above!

  14. Joanna says

    There is so much to choose from, a great place for gifts, too! I really liked the “Elephant Journeys” necklace, it’s simple and one of a kind. Would love having that or choosing something else, you can’t really go wrong here!

  15. Jennifer says

    Love, love, LOVE the sterling silver love knot ring! I had one as a teenager, and seeing it brought back so many memories! I’d love to get one for my daughter!

  16. Wilma says

    I would poss choose a skirt, but even at this point i didn’t totally decide. Most of all i would want to bless one of my family members with a gift of their choice. That would be so much fun!

  17. Denise says

    I’ve been looking for something like the Guatemalan Blue Cotton Table Runner. It would bring a nice pop of color to my table.

  18. says

    Before I made a final decision, I would have to talk to the rest of the family and see where we are moving to. But I like the area rugs, the chess sets and the sweaters. Just wonder if I won’t wear sweaters much in TN.

  19. Rebecca K says

    Just one item…well…I don’t know if I can pick just one. I really like a lot of the jewelry on this site. I am also into furniture, which I baulk at purchasing online, but there are some lovely things. I haven’t even looked through everything yet though!

  20. Annette W says

    I would love to get the dangle earring “Ping River Flows. and look for earring for my granddaughter who also has sensitive ears.

  21. Denise says

    Very hard to pick just one item for a wish list, I would choose the sterling silver bangle bracelet gold torch since it would signify the bright light still shining even though my family faced tough life challenges this year.Thank you!

  22. KTinWV says

    I really like the “Timeless Dancer” gold-plated, natural orchid earrings by Danai. They are beautiful, as is Danai’s other jewelry!

  23. Kelsey says

    I would probably choose one of the beautiful chess sets. My husbands loves chess and really wants me to learn. It would make a great Christmas gift!

  24. Kat says

    A hammock. I got a little coffee table book about them and I’ve been wanting one ever since. Whenever a friend of mine has his up I go visit just the sit and lay in it.

  25. laura says

    Faithfully read your blog and love your ideas and tips. Enjoyed knocking about the Novica site — I’m sure I’ll go back for more! I’d chose the 100% alpaca cardigan, ‘Nazca Winter’.

  26. says

    You’re right; Aoy’s jewelry is stunning! I particularly love her earrings: “Joyous Dancer”, “Early Rain”, and “Pirouette”. “Pirouette” is probably my favorite. Would love to win this!

  27. Sarah says

    It’s so hard to pick, but I always like things from their holiday collection (I’m currently perusing the Nativity scenes).

  28. Jill says

    Seriously, what’s not to love over there? I am particularily drawn to the red silk scarf called Tamarind in Red. Gorgeous.

  29. Ada says

    I would choose the “Cotton Candy” silver drop earrings. They are gorgeous and would go with so many casual and dressy outfits I have.

  30. Jill says

    Love the precious she elephant sterling silver cuff bracelet! Great site, I will be doing some shopping.

  31. Kim C says

    I LOVE the Dragon Eye ring! It’s gorgeous! I think the hardest thing about
    NOVICA could be narrowing the choices down. They have some really pretty stuff. I also saw a sculpture I would love to have, a couple of jewelry boxes and a belt made from pop tops! Hmmm, might have to do some Christmas shopping there. I would love to win the gift certificate!

  32. Donnita says

    Marcasite and garnet pendant necklace, ‘Perfect Owl’
    Novica has beautiful items and I love their mission concept! Owls are my “thing” and garnet is special to me because it is my son’s birthstone. :-)

  33. Amanda says

    so much to choose from! my taste is pretty similar to yours, silver with simple and elegant lines. I’d love some new earrings!

  34. kristina says

    I love the “distraction” silver stud earrings. They’re like a prettier version of a pair I had (and wore every day!) that got lost/destroyed. If I wasn’t so eager to have a pair that could serve the same purpose as those (elegant, simple, versatile everyday + special occasion earrings), I’d have been tempted, too, by many of the sterling cuff bracelets.

  35. Roxy Pittman says

    I chose the stealing silver ‘infinity’ earrings by Victor Williams. They are so simple but beautiful. I love jewelry that is not too big and flashy but is beautifully simple none the less.

  36. Tiffany says

    I would choose the alpaca cinnamon cap because it looks incredibly warm, and I collect hats. Where I live, we’ve already had snow and temperatures in the low 20s. That hat would keep me warm.

  37. Eva says

    Wow! What a great website! I love all of their Christmas tree ornaments – so much more unique than what you see in the big box stores. And I love that they’re handmade! I think my favorite is the set of 4 blue ceramic parakeet ornaments.

  38. Arianna W. says

    I would love to order the Golden Firebirds robe, actually any of the robes for me, my daughter and/or my mother. There are so many beautiful pieces to give and receive on this site.

  39. Anne Weber-Falk says

    I like the necklaces, especially a few of the crosses. I also like the earrings. I would get something for my daughters. There are so many nice things.

  40. Cheri says

    I think I’d choose the Teal Garden Wool Flap Handbag, but I’m not sure, since there are so many wonderful things in the Novica collection!

  41. says

    I think I would get the Alpaca blend sweat,black Charisma. I have been eyeing it for some time. I would probably get a great necklace or earrings to go with it also.

  42. VaNessa says

    I love the Iolite and Topaz Solitaire ring on Novica. We are looking for a Promise ring for our daughter.

  43. Katy says

    I LOVE the silk shawls by Yuni Kristina. Got two for dear friends last year (because of finding Novica through you, FG, which shows their giveaways work to bring new customers) and this year would get one for myself.

  44. Ann S. says

    The jewelry pieces would make nice Christmas gifts for all the ladies in my family. I bought my sister some earrings for her birthday earlier this year, and she loved them!

  45. Tara says

    I absolutely love the onyx link bracelet”Jaipur Heritage’ by Bhavesh! There were so many wonderful things to choose from… now I am looking forward to doing some holiday shopping there!

  46. Diane Needham says

    I chose a citrine solitaire ring for my granddaughter who is turning 16. We’ve talked about abstinence as she has a steady boyfriend and she has agreed to make it a promise ring.

  47. Jen says

    There are lots of earringstolove–the lapis and pearl drop ones for example. And the Indian paisley ones would be a perfect holiday gift for my niece!

  48. says

    I LOVE the nativities–especially the Wood Retablo in blue and Retablo ‘Jesus Spoke of Peace’ –very different take on a traditional ones we have!

  49. teresa says

    I love Buana’s Pearl and peridot dangle earrings, ‘Day Dreamers’. Thank you for turning me on to this site. It’s wonderful! Winning would be nice, but I’m just glad to know about the website.

  50. Nan says

    I’m a simple girl and my work requires a certain style of earring. So I would choose the sterling silver Bali Blossoms. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  51. Mom of 4 says

    What a wonderful organization! I wasn’t familiar with then, and throroughly enjoyed browsing through their selection. I really like the “Truth” bracelet, and I know my daughters would find many special items they would love. So much nicer than what they sell at the mall! Thanks for sharing.

  52. Jen says

    I would love the Blue Moon, Pearl Dangle Earrings. They are SO pretty, simple and are exactly the kind of jewelry I love – they’d be lovely for dressy outfits, and pretty with jeans and a sweater, something I’d get a lot of wear out of.

  53. Nicole says

    I love the leather passport holder, ‘Membumi Traveler’. They call it a passport holder, but I just want to use it as a clutch with great boots!

  54. elizabeth says

    I normally never enter contests because I’m very picky about my stuff but these last couple days there are contests right and left for AWESOME things I would love to have and be proud to give – and basically everything on Novica qualifies! However, mancala would be what I would want for myself – it is my favorite game!

  55. Gillian says

    It would have to be jewellery! If a pendant the blue topaz “˜Star of Truth’. If earrings: so many to choose from, the “˜Perfection’ Pearl Button earrings are lovely, as are the “˜Rainbow Teardrops’ Moonstone dangle earrings. The topaz floral earrings “˜Bali Belle’ are also very pretty…

  56. Chelle W. says

    I would choose the Marcasite & Garnet “Little Owl” necklace as a present for my daughter whose 15th birthday is in just a few short weeks :).

  57. Sara says

    I love Novica! I have been eyeing the Garnet Dangle Sublime earrings for awhile now… I really want them!

  58. Maureen says

    I like some of the table lamps cause that’s what I need. I particularly like the Light of Dreams table lamp.

  59. KatE says

    Wow – I’ve never seen such high quality *and* affordable rugs like these, not even when I was actually in India! I would totally get the Wool rug, Floral Minuet!

  60. says

    I love all the knit tops they have. Also, I love that you’re featuring a non-sweatshop shopping option. I have been researching how to buy clothing NOT made in sweatshops, so this is really exciting for me.

  61. Mrs. R. says

    There are SO many gorgeous piecies….hmmm…I really like the
    Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Twirling Ribbons’

    Thank you for the entry. :-)

  62. cjcsissy says

    I just checked out the website and there are so many beautiful things that it is very difficult to pick just one item. I really like the idea that each item is hand made and the money raised by selling the items goes to the artisan. Each piece is unique and beautiful. If I won the gift certificate I would be sure to purchase a few special pieces and share where I purchased each item from. It is me and my twin’s birthday this week and I would share the gift certificate with her.

  63. Lindsay says

    I love the Blue Ocean Dream pendant. My mother and I share our jewelry and this would be perfect for both of us.

  64. Shaylin Morgan says

    I love the raindrop tear dangle earrings – we live in the rainy NW – so these seem fitting ;)

  65. Libby says

    I love the “radiant paisley” wool scarf. The colors are gorgeous and it would keep me warm while being stylish!

  66. Terry says

    I love the earrings you show above the bracelet, but I did not see them under Aoy’s section at NOVICA. Thanks for such a great place to shop and more. I’d love to win. There was an ankle bracelet, and a scarf, and, and, no way can I choose one thing. I’m going back right now!

  67. K D Y says

    Definitely the Moon Dancer anklet! I like to purchase pieces that work together and with many outfits and this seems like a good fit. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  68. Jeanne in Toledo says

    I would pick the pineapple button earrings – a symbol of my workplace is the pineapple and I like elegant yet simple ways to wear them.

  69. Christina Flinn says

    Hi. I would choose the solitare pearl ring ‘moondrop’. Classic and beautiful! I would get two so that I could pass them on to my two daughters when they are older. Living in Australia it is so exciting to have a give away I can enter, thank you! I really enjoy reading your Blog.

  70. Elaine says

    Love this site! I would get the men’s leather wristband “contrast” for my brother for christmas. We have a $25 spending limit and not only is the bracelet so “him” I love the cause!

  71. julianne says

    I love the “lily garland” marble inlay jewelry box! There are a lot of awesome things on this website :)

  72. says

    Hmmm… I would definitely have to go with something from their Home Decor line. Maybe a great basket or pillow.

    P.S.- Novica is also partnered with Pure Charity. Have you looked into their site yet? It’s a great thing!

  73. Alexis says

    I love Aoy’s bird cage earrings! My ears are not pierced, but I’d buy them for my mom (who would also love them!)

  74. Rebecca says

    I have just fallen crazy in love with the Country Dawn wool shoulder bag. Thank you for pointing out this gem, I think my Xmas shopping just got a whole lot easier! Hmmm, maybe a gift to myself needs to be under our Christmas tree this year! come to mama, Country Dawn bag…….Rebecca xxxx

  75. Amy says

    Oh my goodness, they have so many beautiful things…it’s hard to choose but the bracelet “Charisma” would be my pick, although it is more than the $100 win!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  76. Floortje says

    I’ve seen a beautiful alpaca-shawl which can be worn several ways and will be very useful this winter. Unfortunetly, it didn’t fit my budget, so I would love to win this great prize,

  77. Corinne Nabors says

    Wow! I am so excited you shared this website. The beautiful art, jewelry, and beautiful handmade textiles have me memorized by the rich colors and unique artistry. I am so sorrowfully inartistic and have had to remind myself repeatedly while clicking on page after page not to covet such talent. I cannot pick one favorite piece. Some top favorites are: 1. Artist Nikom’s Saa paper notebooks, ‘Following Autumn’ (set of 3) 2. Artist Tumthong’s Saa wrapping paper, ‘Blossoming Garden’ 3. Artist Desak Nyoman Parwati’s Women’s batik robe, ‘Kissed by Crimson’ 4. Artist Wayan Asmana’s Amethyst pendant necklace, ‘Queen of Bali’ 5. Maya Artists of the Yucatan’s Cotton hammock swing chair, ‘Pate’ (large deluxe).

  78. AnnMarie says

    Wood bangle bracelet, ‘Empress’, which took me forever to find. There is so many beautiful items there!

  79. Katie says

    There’s a beautiful silver trio ring called Opal cocktail trio that I love. My husband and I were robbed this summer and need to replace our wedding bands as a result. I would LOVE to make this my replacement!!

  80. Natalie says

    Hi Kristen,
    After reading your post last Fall about NOVICA, I ended up ordering a set of earings and a necklace that were birthday gifts from my husband and son. I think the Pearl anklet, ‘Snow Dancer’ is beautiful and would probably choose that to add to my NOVICA collection this year! :)

  81. Amy says

    I love the earrings that you wear all the time, but I think I’d go for the “Moonlight Magic” necklace. It’s so pretty, but also simple enough that I could probably wear it everyday.

  82. Jennifer says

    Well it isn”t close to $100 but I would for sure get the Beaded cotton batik shoulder bag, ‘Worawari Bouquet’ and then have fun shopping to use the rest of the credit.


  83. Jackie says

    Hi, I would choose the moonstone pendant necklace it is beautiful. Love there jewelry selections.

  84. Lisa says

    I fell in LOVE with the Amethyst floral necklace, ‘Wisteria’. Its just beautiful!

    Larger Picture

    Product ID: 91871

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    Amethyst floral necklace, ‘Wisteria’

  85. Molly says

    Oh my. I love when you have these giveaways – it gives me an excuse to browse the whole site. :-)
    I’d choose:
    Silk batik shawl, ‘Javanese Blue’
    Cotton tote handbag and change purse, ‘Blue Iris’
    Sterling silver pendant necklace, ‘Inner Circle’

    So pretty.

  86. Karrie says

    It was hard to pick but I think I would go with the blossoming sterling silver hoop earrings Chanatip Na Lampoon. Now I really hope I win because I love the earrings so much!

  87. Jen says

    I think I would get a hammock or a hammock swing, just because my kids saw one in a store not that long ago and totally loved it . I’d definitely sit in it this summer too, though!

  88. Chris says

    What a great giveaway! I am ordering a gift for all of my children from the site especially since my oldest 2 are adopted. With Gabriella’s family being from Mexico, she is getting a mexican purse. Dante is getting something from Africa (since his birthmom is from there) and for Isaac I will find a special toy for him. I am also getting a hammock for my fiance since he does so much to help all of us out and needs to relax. I love this site!

  89. Mara says

    There’s an opal trio band set (rings) that would be perfect for me. I love opals and I love rings that set close to my hand.

  90. Val says

    I have never looked at Novica before – I was really impressed! I really liked a wollen knit bag – with colored blocks. Looks very well made!

  91. Alicia G says

    Now that winter has arrived, I would be so grateful to cozy up with the stunning grey alpaca throw.

  92. Ellen says

    Oh my!!!!! what an incredible range of wonderful things! It was difficult, but I’d choose the sterling silver Precious Ixora earrings. They are breathtaking….

  93. Naya says

    Fairly new to your blog but I’m loving it so far. So many interesting things on Novica. I really like the “Blossoming Constellation” sling bag.

  94. Shelagh Straughan says

    My son has loved our backyard swings but is outgrowing them :( Having enjoyed time together in my dad’s hammock (while camping this past summer), we thought of replacing the swings with a hammock swing, and Novica has some wonderful ones!

  95. Karen says

    I love simple sterling silver earrings and found a pair from Aoy called “Twirling Ribbons ” that I would love!

  96. Jan Topping says

    Sterling silver heart earrings, ‘Bubbling Love’ really caught my eye, but then again, everything on this site is just so beautiful. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  97. Barbara says

    I would probably order the “Precious Love” heart necklace. Lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  98. Brenda Jones says

    I would buy the turtles love to read bookends…beautiful and perfect for my office at school!

  99. Courtney Pilling says

    I love Novica! Ahhh, so many great choices… but if I had to pick, I would spend the $100 on the Agate and garnet pendant necklace, ‘Lush Leaf’.

  100. Sarah says

    I like the Nativity stockings, the wood flutes, and the jewelry by your
    Favorite artist. Thanks for sharing this website.

  101. Callie says

    I’m glad I looked around the site. I didn’t realize they offered more than jewelry! It’s hard to choose a favorite item but the chess sets are currently on my mind!

  102. Mandy says

    I love the cotton shoulder bag called ‘Colors of my Ocean’ There are so many wonderful things it would be hard to choose. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  103. mari says

    ooh, love the new arrival handbag – mandalas – just gorgeous!
    I could totally shop there for gifts, and myself…

  104. Tami says

    I would choose the frangipani ring. It is a beautiful silver ring that is a flower with 5 petals. Reminded me of my family of 5 :)

  105. BethJoy says

    First, I would choose the colorful table game, Marble and onyx Chinese checkers, ‘Colorful Contrast’ by the Sierra Family in Mexico.

    It’s a beautifully crafted stone game set that I believe our family would gather around and enjoy hundreds of times, creating warm family memories.


    Richly veined marble, deep rose marble and sleek black onyx, plus three varied tones of natural stone…quality stone sculpting by the Sierra family would be beautiful and inviting in our home! “Grandma” was the expert Chinese Checkers player in our family, and she loved to engage her grandchildren in various table games, but most especially Chinese Checkers…this game would fondly remind us of her sweet hospitality and her love for spending happy days with her family.

  106. Judy says

    Many beautiful choices, but I would choice the Gothic lace cross necklace since all my necklaces were taken when our house was broken into this summer.

  107. Bambi Mayer says

    They have some great gifts on the site and I can see why you love Aoy’s jewelry so much. I really loved her Dewdrop earrings!

  108. Nancy from Mass says

    Wow, i just spent 30 minutes on that site adn there is no way I could choose one item! There are just too many wonderful things on that site!

  109. Deb says

    I would choose the pearl and amethyst necklace, “Glorious.” Beautiful, and amethyst is my birthstone. Many of the home decor items also caught my eye. Too many cool things to be able to choose just one thing!

  110. Andrea Cassell says

    I love, love, love the earrings that were titled Floral Reign. So pretty!!! Their website is full of such beautiful things. I would be happy with anything!

  111. Sarah says

    There are so many items that I would love to have myself or give to others. The one that drew me in was the set of glass vases called “Amethyst Hurricane”. There are a few people I can think of that would love to receive that set!

  112. csugasuga says

    Hello Frugal Girl! I love so many items on the Novica page, but the Radiant Nature Fibert baskey caught my eye at 49.95!

  113. Kristyna says

    I would definitely pick the “lingering turtle” teapot… and blue infinity scarf!

    Love quality items that support the artists. (and not our disposable culture)

    Kristyna :)

  114. Frances says

    For now I’ve got my eye on the women’s batik robe, ‘Paradise Peacock.’ Great present for someone else or for myself!

  115. Julie says

    …in a home decorating mood since buying our home, so I have my eye on the “Earth Majesty” area rug. Gorgeous!

  116. Danny says

    So many beautiful items to choose from. I would pick the Jade pendant necklace, ‘Lilac Jocotenango’.

  117. debbie m says

    I usually decorate with things from my travels, so I eagerly looked through the wall art beautiful choices. Then I found the drinkware! Gorgeous dotted blue martini glasses need to be mine.

  118. Bobbie says

    I would choose the ‘Golden Camel’ poncho by Alfredo Falcon. It looks so soft and cozy and it’s on sale! I watched the video that explained his products and I knew I wanted one of his items when he said that when he was little, he told his father that he wanted a sweater. His father said make one yourself. He did. It took him two days and he said he has been knitting ever since. Such passion is a joy to see!

  119. getting there says

    I love this site, there’s so much to choose from! I like dangle type earrings so I would choose Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Ping River Flows’.

  120. Kim W says

    I love the Loyal Heart earrings. I have two daughters and I think they both need a pair of those. : )

  121. Stacy Turk says

    Hi there!! Novica is a great site!! I loved the “Amazon Owl” leather shoulder bag. Sooo cute and unique!

  122. Chrissy says

    The sterling silver bracelet titled ‘Spellbound’ I love good quality silver jewelry that you can wear with any outfit. However if I won I would probably end up using the gift card towards Christmas presents for others.

  123. says

    Another great giveaway for a great cause! I am finding it impossible to choose between the Saa paper parasol in “Raining Elephants” and the palm-and-bone-link bracelet, which reminds me of a bracelet my husband gave me when we were dating that has been lost for years.

  124. jacqui says

    I went to the Novica site looking for gifts for my daughters. Then I started noticing things I love! But I finally landed on something for my step-mom. She and my dad loved traveling to Mexico when they were younger and The Aztec Star necklace from Mexico would be a sweet reminder of those trips!

  125. StephaniePH says

    Love all the variety! I’d choose the pearl floral bracelet called Snow Blossom for myself and then use the balance on Christmas gifts. Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. says

    I love the Sterling Silver “Love Knot” bracelet and the “Thai Bamboo” band ring. Right now my daughters are learning the hard way that if you don’t take care of things they can be taken away, so I’m going to be a little selfish…if I won I’d purchase something FOR ME!!!

  127. Bess says

    I would choose the Sterling silver anklet, ‘In Diamonds’ because the design is simple, yet it has a big impact! Kind of like me :)

  128. Jamie Stone says

    What a great website! My favorite item that I have found so far is the sterling silver heart ring called “much love”. I think this is a great website for Christmas shopping – thank you for telling us about it!!

  129. Donna says

    Inspired by your lovely earrings, I would choose a similar pair of sterling silver dangle earrings – “Songkran Joy”. Even the name is beautiful!

  130. ledith says

    Virgin Mary with the Boy. I am a sucker for things that look like religious icons. Some of the stuff on here is gorgeous.

  131. Kait says

    I’d love the ‘wind chime’ earrings. Not sure how much I’d get to wear those in the next year or so with a six month old who likes to grab at everything!

  132. Ted S. says

    There are many great earrings on here. WOuld love the sterling silver hanging ones, for my wife’s Christmas gift.

  133. Lindsey says

    Silver stud earrings, distraction. I love silver jewelry, give me that over gold any day. Thanks for hosting this give away!

  134. Laurie says

    HI- I would totally love to win the gift certificate at Novica so I could buy my mom a well made pair of silver hoop earrings for Christmas. I really liked the “blossoming style” made in Thailand. They just look like my mom’s style! Thanks and may God bless your day!

  135. Laura Z says

    Oohh! What a great giveaway! I love all of the talavera style ceramics made by the Castillo family. I also like the “friendship” turquoise earrings by Alok Jain, but I suspect that if I won I’d use it to buy gifts for my daughters. My seven year old would love the soapstone chess set! I really like almost everything in the Novica catalog. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  136. Amy Hedberg says

    Something about the Brass and wood tic-tac-toe game really caught my eye. I think I would choose that as something beautiful to display in my home that our whole family can play with!

  137. Michelle says

    Wow! I’m loving the Novica bracelets, especially the “Love Knot.” Definitely going to peruse the website further for gift ideas. Thanks for the introduction :)

  138. Amy Hedberg says

    The Brass and Wood tic-tac-toe ‘Challenge’ really caught my eye. I think I would choose it because it would be beautiful to display in our home, and the whole family could use it!

  139. lori says

    I love fine jewelry as well, classic ideas that you can pass along. I would choose the pearl jewelry set called Lunar Magic. Beautiful work!

  140. Marla says

    It’s too hard to decide what I would get. I would spend a few hours debating and deciding. But I love to support fair trade and small businesses. I’d probably lean towards a nativity.

  141. renee says

    I love the Moonlit Goddesss Large Sterling Silver Hoops. Hoops are all I wear and these are awesome!

  142. Carrie says

    I love all of the owl sculptures they have. I would definitely get the “Jade Owl” with the gift certificate. :)

  143. Jessica says

    I love the teardrop sterling silver floral reign earrings and the onyx drop earrings… It seems I am loving earrings right now. It really is too hard to pick!

  144. Kelly says

    Dear Frugalgirl: I just went online and ordered a beautiful and unusual scarf as a Christmas present for my boss—she is very generous employer and it is always a challenge to find a gift that she will really appreciate (although she always tells me not to get her anything – she loves to give but has a harder time receiving!) Thank you so much for passing along this great website — I’m sure I’ll be ordering more from it in the future!

  145. Lesley says

    I love the Sterling silver dangle earrings, ‘Early Rain’. There are so many beautiful pieces though – it was hard to choose!!!

  146. Anissa says

    So hard to choose. The dragonfly stuff is so nice. I also like the tear drop earrings. I love the nice rugs too. Great site and very reasonable prices too. Wish me luck!

  147. Jen says

    Love so much of the stuff! One thing I like a lot is: Sterling silver pendant, ‘Africa Sankofa’. so lovely!

  148. Karina says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I love the Munay Silver Cuff bracelet. Actually, I would get two, one for my mom and one for me!

  149. says

    I chose the “Joyous Love” sterling silver heart necklace. It’s feels subtle and unique all at the same time. :) You weren’t kidding when you said they had a great variety. I think I’m going to keep them in mind more often when it comes to giving gifts to the special people in my life.

  150. Kelly says

    I checked out Aoy’s beautiful jewelry and love her “Empathy” earrings. Of course, just about anything she makes would make me happy. :-)