It’s been a long time, Mary Kay!

When I was a teenager, my mom and my sister and I used Mary Kay products faithfully…I had the skin mask, toner, balancing lotion, foundation, and some very bright shades of lipstick (Hot pink? What was I thinking??*)

*fortunately, the pictures of me with hot pink lipstick aren’t scanned, so I have a good excuse not to show you.

Anyway, I have soft spot in my heart for Mary Kay, and so I was delighted to receive a box of Mary Kay products to review.

Before we get to the makeup, we’ll talk about the TimeWise® products I received. Microdermabrasion, from Mary Kay, has two products that work together. The first is a slightly gritty wash, and the second is a rub-on lotion. I’ve been using it on one side of my face but not the other to see if there’s an appreciable difference, but I think it’s too soon to tell.

Fine lines are one of the main things this product is supposed to fight, so if you’ve got problems with those, you’d probably notice a difference more promptly than me (thanks to my oily skin, I have more zits than fine lines!)

In addition to the TimeWise® products, I also got a pile of makeup. Woo!

This is a pretty sweet Mini Compact for eyeshadow and cheek color. The mineral colors are all in magnetized, metal containers that stick to the bottom of the compact.

So they can’t fall out, and you can make your own customized compact by buying just the colors you want.

Underneath the makeup is a handy-dandy little compartment for brushes.

The mineral eyeshadow is easy to apply, and it stays put very nicely.

I think my favorite thing was the Mary Kay mascara, though. The Lash Primer goes on before the mascara, and you guys, I swear this makes the mascara work better. I got mascara to stick to my very skimpy bottom lashes, and my top lashes looked way better than usual.

I got several different varieties of mascara as well, but hands-down, my favorite was the Ultimate Mascaraâ„¢.

In general, my main complaints about mascara are:

a) clumping,

b) the way it comes off over the course of a day (I know that could be fixed by using waterproof mascara, but usually I don’t want to mess with that.)

c) clumping.

I hate clumpy mascara.

I’m pleased to report that with the Ultimate Mascaraâ„¢, I’ve had little to no trouble with clumping, and once it’s on, it stays on. The combo of the Lash Primer and the Ultimate Mascaraâ„¢ makes my lashes look better than they ever have.

I also got to try out some NouriShine Plusâ„¢ Lip Gloss.

The two bright colors are a little loud for my complexion, but the Café Au Lait color in the middle is perfect. It adds just a little bit of color and shine and doesn’t scream, “I’m wearing lip product!” Love, love, love it.

Sometimes lip gloss is kind of sticky, but this is not. And it doesn’t leave a funky taste on your lips either.

The TimeWise® products are the most expensive of the bunch, but my favorite products, the mascara and the primer, are in the $15 and under range (so is the lip gloss). And honestly, they work so much better than the mascara I’ve used previously, I think they’re worth the extra money. If you’ve been having trouble with clumping or with mascara that won’t stay neatly on, you should totally give the lash primer and Ultimate Mascaraâ„¢ a try.

Speaking of that, one of you will get to try some Mary Kay products for free, courtesy of BlogHer!

To enter, just tell me your greatest beauty tip for an opportunity to win a fabulous Mary Kay gift basket.


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  1. Linda M says

    After showering, use a cool washcloth to rewash your face to close your pores. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables….healthy equals good complexion.

  2. Karen D. says

    I also have oily skin. Exfoliation works best for me. About a year ago, I discovered the method of using baking soda in your regular facial wash. It makes a wonderful exfoliating scrub, not too harsh. Gets rid of all the dead skin cells.

  3. ann says

    Lately I’ve been using food grade coconut oil as my only hair product and as moisturizer. I used to use mousse, or a spray gel, but now I only use coconut oil. I love it. My hair i

  4. says

    I haven’t used Mary Kay products since I was a teen either, but I think I’d like to give them a try again. Thanks for the chance to win the gift basket.

    My new favorite beauty tip is for face cleaning… I use just a small palmful of dampened baking soda for a good scrub on my face a couple of times each week followed by a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse for pH balanced cleaning. Love the results!

    • Julia H says

      My advice is drink plenty of water, always take your makeup off before going to sleep and, wear a moisturizer with sunscreen every day.

  5. says

    I LOVE that BlogHer has Mary Kay products to review!
    I am a Mary Kay Consultant but I’m NOT a gungho recruiting consultant. I did however have a great customer base. The Timewise products are BAR NONE the best I’ve ever used. I’m becoming more frugal to benefit my family but I also know that our face is our first impression to the world. Mary Kay products are well formulated and when used correctly, actually last several months, so breaking up the cost over AT LEAST three months it’s really affordable. I trust my skin and my family’s skin to Mary Kay. Three of my five kids use it(Velocity), and my husband and I use it(Timewise). Now I’m not knocking homemade skincare products, I just know what works for me and I know the company is incredible to their consultants. It just gets a bad rap in the media.
    BTW….I love the Ultimate Mascara too!!!

  6. Cheryl S. says

    After applying all of your makeup including lipstick dust lightly with loose powder all over…It helps set your makeup…

  7. ani mia says

    Wash and moisturize at night. I also read recently that you should put you moisturizer on before your toner dries on you skin which I never knew, but I like the way it makes my skin feel.

  8. Beth in TX says

    No attempt to win here. I’m just interested in knowing what all the eye shadow colors are in the 2nd picture with the compact – the three in the compact and the one in the other case. Thanks.

  9. joy says

    Wash morning and night. Drink plenty of water. My Mom was a huge MK fan she used the Timewise line and looked 20+ years younger than her real age.

  10. Katie says

    Love Mary Kay! Fav beauty tip – put cucumbers under an eye mask, gets rid of puffiness around eyes, and feels great!

  11. Sherri says

    I love Mary Kay. I still use their Velocity Cleanser. I think it is suppose to be for teenagers, but it is the only cleanser I have used that doesn’t dry out my skin and cause me to break out. I also have my daughter hooked on it, so I hope we win. Thanks

  12. Shauna Douglass says

    I have very sensitive and oily skin. I have to watch what I wash my face with and what to put on it!!! I used to use Bare Minerals but still had breakouts, but was better than the store stuff. Then I got brave and decided to try the Mineral powder from Mary Kay! LOVE IT!!! My face cleared up even more!!!! I still get break outs, but man…what a difference:)!

  13. Roxy Pittman says

    I love and use Mary Kay! What I do is use the microdermabrasion and then the botanical mask followed by Biore pore strips on my nose and chin and then next morning all of my pimples are gone! I don’t know how it works but I live doing that beauty routine!

  14. Roxy Pittman says

    My biggest beauty tip is dont pop zits! I notice the difference when I leave my face alone or when I mess with it. They tend to spread when they are popped.

  15. ks says

    Get a good night’s sleep and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! It makes such a difference in how your skin looks.

  16. Jennie D says

    My favorite beauty tip is lots of water, and a little blush. I am always surprised by how much healthier I look with just a touch of blush on my cheeks (especially in my pasty white winter months!).

  17. Elle says

    Neat, natural-looking eyebrows (not over-plucked thin lines) open up the eyes.

    BTW, I love Mary Kay Satin Hands Hand Cream. It’s fragrance free and it really does last through several hand washings!

  18. Barbara says

    For great looking skin, I use as little product on my skin as possible – no foundation, and I rarely use soap or cleansers on my face. I just use a bit of moisturizer after a shower and a touch of blush.

  19. Rebecca P says

    I love using the facial highlighting pen. It helps lighten my dark circles under my eyes and I can use it for pimples too.

  20. Heather Anne says

    My beauty tip is to nurture the important relationships in your life. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who lives in peace with God and others. :)

  21. says

    As a mother of little ones, my best beauty tip is to get enough sleep (if you can). That, and loving the body and face you’ve been given, can make up for a truckload of makeup. Although, wearing sunscreen every day doesn’t hurt, either.

  22. says

    Always lotion and prime your face before putting any makeup on. It helps the makeup not to cake and makes for a much smoother natural looking finish. Plus it comes off easier at the end of the day.

  23. Stephanie says

    lash primer? I’ve never heard of it but I’m interested! I started using the eye primer by MK and it’s made a world of difference in keeping eyeshadow in place – love it!

    • Raye says


      I love my eye primer from Mary Kay. Before I just used a major brand of eye shadow but by noon time the eye shadow was a crease in my in eye lid. Using the MK eye primer keeps my eye shadow in place on my eyes all day and evening long!!

  24. Rachel says

    Baby Oil is one of my favorite products. It takes off eye makeup like nothing else I’ve ever tried, plus it leaves the eye area moisturized after. win-win. I also use it at the end of my shower on my legs – just a few drops goes a long way!

  25. Melanie says

    I found that baby wipes remove waterproof eye makeup pretty well along with the rest of my makeup. They’re non-drying and they haven’t clogged up my pores. Hey, if they can clean my baby’s dirty bottom and not irritate his delicate skin, then it can’t be all that bad!

  26. says

    make a mix of warm water and salt (salt water) and dab this on with a cotton ball to areas that are broken out. Zits, inflammed areas from plucking or wax, etc. It decreases the inflammation, drys out the area, and speeds recovery time

  27. Dawn says

    I usually put some blush on my eyelids along with my cheeks instead of eye shadow. It adds a warm color without adding extra time.

  28. Karen says

    True beauty comes from the inside so all the advice about eating healthy, drinking lots of water, getting daily exercise and good sleep are spot on. I would add that inner peace, management of stress and solid relationships are vital. A fulfilled woman is a beautiful woman.

  29. says

    I read–and have used with some success–a tip that if you mix four parts lotion with one part salt or sugar, it makes for a good skin scrub that won’t irritate your skin. A lot of microdermabrasion products make my sensitive skin go haywire, so this is a decent alternative.

  30. Laurie says

    I have fine line wrinkles but also still have acne- what a combo! I’ve found if I wash faithfully with Cetaphil morning and night it helps both!

  31. jen says

    My best easy tip is to mix moisturizer with your foundation or concealer to make it look more smooth and natural.

    My best not-so-easy tip is one I learned from the woman who did my makeup for my wedding in Japan. She soaked a cotton pad in some very watery milky lotion (or you can water down regular moisturizer) and tapped it against my face repeatedly until my skin felt cool to the touch. To do the whole face can take 10 or 15 minutes or more, but it closes your pores and makes your skin feel very soft and firm. I can’t take that much time every day, but I try to do it before putting on a lot of makeup for a special event.

  32. Courtney L says

    Best beauty tip: Wash your face before bed, get plenty of sleep. (Two things that I find difficult to do with little children in the house…but one day I will be there!)

  33. Lauren says

    I like to use an eyeshadow primer under my eyeshadow. The eyeshadow stays on all day and the color is more vibrant and even.

  34. says

    I just discovered BB cream. I love it as my foundation and, as a bonus, it has sunscreen! So I’m getting a double dose (in my moisturizer as well). My skin also looks great from using it.

  35. Nicole M. says

    I use a cream eye shadow on my lids and then apply eye shadow (regular powder) on top and it holds it really well all day with richer color.

  36. Chrissy says

    Just got the lip balm, two part product. I like it! I have always appreciated Mary Kay’s business ethic. That and the high quality make it “economical.”

  37. Bekah says

    I slather on my favorite chapstick and gently exfoliate lips with a warm, damp washcloth. It creates a smooth surface for balms, gloss and lipstick!

    thank you for the giveaway!

  38. Mrs. R. says

    Thank you for entering me. Would LOVE to pamper myself with a MK beauty basket!

    My favorite beauty tips–for prettier skin, especially–are to cut down on sweets (which I don’t do often enough!) and drink LOTS more water (which I’m starting to do—yay!).

  39. Mrs. R. says

    Help, please: When I follow the link, above, to the BlogHer site, then follow the link there to leave my name and E-mail address, it won’t let me.

    It’s requiring a “Sweepstakes Prompt,” and doesn’t give any info re: what that is OR where to find it.

    Can anyone help? Thank you. :-)

    • says

      I believe the prompt is the question above:

      To enter, just tell me your greatest beauty tip for an opportunity to win a fabulous Mary Kay gift basket.

      Does anyone else think that might be it?

  40. Alice says

    Oh, I do like their mineral makeup.

    My favorite beauty tip is that you can use crushed-up asprin on blemishes to help draw everything out and reduce redness. It works better than the various creams that I’ve tried, plus it’s cheap and avoids the whole animal-testing issue.

  41. Tonya says

    It came to my attention this fall that the lack of make-up in my cabinet meant that I didn’t even have a mascara, which I almost always have, so I don’t think I’m a good one for recomendations, and I need a new Mascara!

  42. says

    I’m a big MK fan myself, but I haven’t been able to bring myself around to shelling out for their mascara yet. Now I’m tempted!

    (PS: the TimeWise products actually made my face worse, but it turns out that they have a very generous return policy. Even after using the product for a month, I was able to do a direct exchange – the full amount I paid toward the stuff that didn’t work was applied to my new product. I switched to the the botanical line of cleanser, and it’s just marvelous. Moral of the story: if you try something and it doesn’t work, talk to your representative. )

  43. says

    I’d actually appreciate some beauty tips!! But for me, I always wear mascara (even if not wearing any other makeup!) and wash face before bed and in the morning.

  44. Cheri says

    It’s not my tip but it has worked so well for me. After showering moisturize from head to toe, well even between your toes. I have always struggled with athletes feet and this has virtually erased it. It seems like it would do just the opposite but not for me:)

  45. Rebecca K says

    A new thing I’ve started just this year is using a make-up primer. Not something I would have bothered with when I was younger, but I love it. It really does help the makeup stay on longer and gives your face a smooth finished look. Highly recommend it!

  46. Cheryl says

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Drink lots of water and use a good facial moisturizer with sunscreen! I LOVE Mary Kay! It is the only makeup that doesn’t cause me to break out!

  47. WilliamB says

    I’m not interested in the make up so please don’t enter me, but I have a question and a comment.

    The question: you say you were compensated with both the products and for the review. What would you have done if you didn’t like the products? Have you ever turned down outright compensation because you didn’t like a product? (Guess that was two questions.)

    The comment: for mascara that doesn’t smear you need smudge-proof mascara, rather than waterproof mascara.

    • Kristen says

      If I honestly hated all of the products, then I’d have had a conversation with BlogHer about it and figured out what to do.

      However, that hasn’t happened thus far, primarily because I am extremely picky about what I will accept for review purposes. I will only say yes to review products that I’m pretty sure I can happily write about. For instance, I know I won’t like processed foods like cake mixes, so I don’t respond to offers for reviews of products like that.

      In this case, I’d had a positive prior experience with Mary Kay, so this didn’t fall into the cake mix category. ;)

  48. Sarah says

    The oil cleanse method for deep cleansing and removing makeup without stripping your skin of those good natural oils! easily found by googling oil cleansing method.

  49. Jessica says

    I love to use baby powder in between days of washing my hair. It does wonders for that greasy hair feeling and keeps my hair from drying out since I don’t have to wash it every single day.

  50. Shaylin Morgan says

    I just went to a MaryKay party and it made me wish I could try everything! Love al the products. My tip is to wewar sunscreen all the time! Even living in the rainy PNW I still use a foundation with sunscreen everyday!

  51. Alyssa says

    I really want to try this! My tip: use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to remove mistakes made when applying mascara. :)

  52. Melissa says

    My best beauty tip: After the initial morning cleanse and make-up ritual, don’t look in the mirror too often! Project your beauty in how you care for others. Then wash up before bed, and start fresh in the morning.

  53. Kathy M says

    I don’t wear a lot of makeup anymore but I am a firm believer in moisturizer. I love lash primers, too, as I usually wear mascara and a bit of lip color. Thanks to you and BlogHer for the give-a-way.

  54. Crystal H. says

    Very important…never, ever go to sleep with makeup on. EVER. No matter how tired you are. It’s terrible for your skin!

  55. cathy says

    My daughter is only 11 but is very much looking forward to her Mary Kay party on her 13 th birthday. I am looking to her having a great foundation in skin care.

  56. Sara says

    My greatest beauty tip is to get plenty of rest, eat heathy and drink plenty of water. You skin will thank you for it. :-)

  57. Laurie R. says

    Eyeshadow primer makes all the difference when applying powdered eye shadow. Lasts so much longer. {Is it OK that I got this beauty tip from my daughter?}

  58. Maria says

    Moisturize morning and evening (after washing your face) especially around the eyes and the mouth to avoid wrinkles. People tell me that my face looks exactly the same as it did in high school which is pretty good since I graduated in 1986! Now if I could only go back in time and be a size 7 again! : /

  59. namastemama says

    I have recently started using jojoba oil as my cleanser. Swear by sunscreen. Agree that water and whole foods make the skin and hair beautiful. I couldn’t find a natural mascara that stayed on so I do use MK ultimate mascara. It’s da bomb.

  60. Vicki F. says

    I have discovered that the oxi pads for acne do a good job removing extra oil from my skin, even after I just washed my face. I cut my pads in quarters, and use one quarter per day.

  61. says

    My makeup tip would be to use a *light* application of white just under the eyebrow to really make the eyes “pop!” I also use a blush brush to blend the colors on the eyes slightly. I really like Mary Kay! :)

  62. Veronica says

    I live by a few. My top three are
    1) sunscreen everyday even in the winter
    2)don’t go to sleep wearing your makeup. You take the time to put it on, take the time to take it off.
    3)In a rush? Make concealer your best friend.

  63. Ashley Kolb says

    My tip is to make sure to use eye shadow primer on your lids so that it lasts longer. I used to skip it and my eyeshadow had mostly faded about halfway into the day but now that I use primer it stays on perfectly till i wash it off!

  64. karenmed409 says

    I use a moisturizer under my makeup and switch out in summer months to wear a sunscreen under my makeup instead. It does the same trick and doesn’t dry my skin

  65. Dawn says

    This may sound lame, but sleep is my beauty secret. I think I always look better after a good night’s sleep, whereas when I’ve had bad sleep, no amount of make up fixes the problem! :)

  66. Melissa says

    My greatest beauty tip is also a health tip: Drink lots of water. I battled skin “issues” for years and then for health reasons I started to drink much, much more water and my skin cleared up and has stayed that way ever since.

  67. Lisa Brown says

    Greatest beauty tip: don’t stress. Stress is so hard on skin and can prematurely age you.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  68. Eva says

    No matter how exhausted you are at the end of the day, always wash your face before going to bed. (I often have to remind myself of this one!)

  69. Jenny says

    Water- lots of fruit and vegies- exercise- I’m a firm believer in having a healthy inside to have a healthy outside! and train yourself to SMILE frequently when you’re young because when those wrinkles do come in they will at least be happy wrinkles and not sad ones!

  70. Lorraine says

    I don’t know if I have any make-up tips, but rinsing my hair with cool water before getting out of the shower real does leave it shinier!

  71. Ashes says

    Always curl your eyelashes! If there’s one thing you have time for in the morning, make it the eyelash curler and mascara, it make you look awake (even if you don’t feel awake!).

    I love Mary Kay so much. I’d scream if I won this, lol.

  72. Tracy Clements says

    My tip would be to moisterize w/ SPF and remove all makeup every night. A quick tip is to smile, it increases your face value. ;)

  73. Judy says

    Beauty comes within yourself but if make-up makes you feel better put it on with a beautiful smile and start your day with kindness:)

  74. Ashley S says

    When you are finished applying eye shadow, dip a q-tip in liquid makeup remover and run under your eyes and in your eyebrows to catch any leftover makeup particles : )

  75. Tina Ray says

    Mary Kay’s Satin Hands kit is the berries. Especially if you live in a state that has cold weather. Love love love this product.

  76. Meghan Kilgore says

    My best beauty advice for anyone is to be happy with what God has given them, love those around them, and let the light of love and joy shine through them. Oh… and moisturize! :)

  77. Clio says

    I don’t know if I am more beautiful to look at… but when I pray regularly I am certainly MUCH more beautiful to be around :)

  78. Cheryl says

    A few drops of rose hip seed oil, mixed with a carrier oil such as almond or avocado oil makes a great anti-aging moisturizer and over time will make age spots disappear. I had a smallish one on my forehead and after about a month of daily treatment – spot was gone and has never come back. And without harsh chemicals!!

  79. Natasha says

    I love using face scrub every other day, and washing my face in the evening is a must. Works wonders for me. Also playing up my favorite features like my eyes and lips.

  80. Jen G. says

    I love the Mary Kay TimeWise products!! My beauty tip is this: even if you have oily skin (like me!), you should still use moisturizer every day, even in the summer. If you deprive your skin of moisturizer, your skin will produce MORE oil to compensate. That is the opposite of what I want!!!

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  81. says

    My tip is to apply moisturizer before foundation, then I dot on the foundation and use a makeup sponge to smooth the foundation. I set it with a little loose powder. This gives even coverage that does not look cakey. It feels very natural.

  82. Kim C says

    This will sound weird, but Preparation H for hemroids for under your eyes to reduce eye puffiness. I read that models use this when they don’t get enough sleep and it really does help. It used to work better before they changed the formulation, but it still helps a lot. Vasline is my other go to. A lady at our church looks 20 years younger than she is so I asked her secret.
    She told me that it was all she used to cleanse her face & moisturize. She said that’s all she’s used for years! It works because I’ve tried it and what could be cheaper?

  83. Kimberly Yue says

    I know it may not sound frugal, and maybe not everyone wears lipstick, but if you do, I think investing in the lip primer Mary Kay offers is well worth it! I find I rarely need to touch up my lipstick and it lasts all day, which saves money and makes me happy b/c I know my make up isn’t fading throughout the day. I wore their primers (lip and eye) for my sister’s wedding, and while she had to keep retouching her make up all day long, I made it through without one touch up! So this product is very recommended and not just hype :-)

  84. Elizabeth says

    My best beauty tip is to not overpluck your eyebrows no matter what the trend is at the time. They sometimes don’t come back as full as they were. If you’ve already done this, though, fill them in with some pencil or powder and follow with clear mascara or brow gel. In my opinion, a well groomed, somewhat full, natural looking brow makes your face look balanced and your eyes look bigger. The gift basket looks really nice. Kristen, love your blog!!

  85. Melissa says

    Apple cider vinegar is one of my favorite beauty tools, and has been used for decades. Dampening a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and then smoothing it over face, neck, chest, or upper back has worked for me as a homemade toner for my acne-prone complexion as I transition into turning 30. Also, it helps during the summer when it is hot and humid and you need your skin to feel refreshed and clean. Dilute with water if full strength is too strong and then dip the cotton ball in the solution. Avoid under the eyes, eyelids, lips, and directly under the nose, as it can be too harsh for those areas and smells strongly. Once applied, close your eyes for a few minutes if it’s strong, and then wash off with cold water; wash off within several minutes so that it doesn’t make your skin too dry, sensitive, red, or with a burning feeling. It has helped clear up my skin and even prevent a breakout before it starts. I also dilute half a cup with a half cup of water (to remove scent) and pour it on to the lower half of my hair in the shower after shampooing to remove residue and to condition, then rinse it out. My hair feels very clean and is soft and manageable afterwards.

  86. says

    My best beauty tip is if you are going to do your hair all fancy, like in an updo, don’t wash your hair that day, it’ll stay put better if it’s a bit dirty.

  87. says

    If I only have a little time to do makeup, the biggest difference I can make is by covering my dark circles (no matter how much sleep I get, I still have ’em) and putting a light layer of mascara on. It brightens my eyes and makes them pop. Any more time, and I put some color on my lips and cheeks. :)

  88. Ann S says

    I’ve been trying to switch over to “green” products for my beauty regimen, and have recently hopped on the ACV as toner and conditioner train. It really is worth a try if you are interested – there’s a ton of info you can find online.

  89. Kelly says

    My skin (and my husband’s too!) cleared up when we started eating gluten free. And eating LOTS of veggies. Might not work for everyone, but it’s been great for us!

  90. Melody says

    I have very dry skin, so my tip is to moisturize with Lubridem at least once a day, all over! And ALWAYS wear sunscreen….at the 30 level.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mary Kay!!! And my consultant is a beautiful Christian SAH mom, she’s the best!

  91. Amanda says

    I’ve recently been “washing” my face with a castor oil/sunflower oil mixture in the shower. Rub it in real good for 2 minutes, then use a hot washcloth to steam the good oils into your pores and get all the yucky oils out :) Rinse!

  92. Lori says

    When my face was breaking out, I would only use one side of a pillow per night, flip it the next night and then get a fresh one the next night. It made a difference.
    What is BB lotion????

    • says

      I always make sure I moisturize and use sunscreen on my face before applying make-up. I try to find a moisturizer with SPF in it, but if that isn’t an option, I’ll just mix my moisturizer with a little sunscreen.

      Also, during the summer, when it’s too hot to wear my powder foundation, I’ll just mix a bit of the powder with my moisturizer and wear that!

  93. Deb H says

    My advice: learn to sleep on your back! I had been sleeping on my right side every night for years and now I’m seeing a huge difference in the amount of wrinklege (not a word, I know) on my right side versus my left! I hope this Retin-A kicks in soon…

  94. Jackie S says

    Love the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. I think it works really well for people who wear contacs, doesn’t smudge or flake off. Absolutely the best!

  95. TracyDK says

    My Gramma always said that no amount of make-up can make a Goat look like Marilyn Monroe, so less is always more. :) In my opinion, the best tip I can think of is instead of buying those super expensive eye make-up removers, buy a trial size of Johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo. Get a rag wet, put a wee bit on it, rub it into your eyelashes REALLY good to get the mascara and liner off. Make sure you look up and get your bottom lid really good too. Also, you can open your eyes with the soap on them and it not hurt. It’s just really weird. This is also REALLY good if you suffer from styes. (I have blepharitis and found out from an opthamologist when I was 10.)

  96. Barbe says

    As soon as you step out of the shower and pat your face dry, apply moisturizer on the face and neck right away. In the winter/fall use a cream based moisturizer and in the spring/summer use a gel based moisturizer. This has been one of the greatest tips I learned so far.

  97. Katrina says

    I have always used a dermatologist tested soap for my face and body. So soap and water and lots of moisturizer.

  98. Wendi says

    After finishing foundation when you are ready to do your eyes, cheeks and lips, start with the lips. Lip color brings everything together and makes the rest look so much better as it’s being applied. Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Sandra McDonald says

    A little bit of hypoallergenic, loose powder on the upper lashes before applying mascara makes the lashes look thick and longer. Apply powder with a Q-Tip (be sure to shake or blow off any extra powder before applying to lashes), then apply mascara with a light touch. Next, flutter those lashes at object of your affection! YOU GO GIRL!

  100. Sandra McDonald says

    My second bit of advice which often gets overlooked (or not thought of at all) is to wash your hands before applying or removing makeup. And never be afraid to try a different color or shade of lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish. You can be a little different but still be you!

  101. kari says

    My favorite is to use alovera gel when you wax or pluck your eyebrows. It cools them down and helps remove the redness quickly.

  102. Wild Orchid says

    My favorite beauty tip is to put a little white eyeliner along the inner corner of the eyes to make them appear bigger.
    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  103. Melody says

    Not really a ‘tip,’ but the best thing I ever learned was that my breakout-prone skin was sensitive, not oily, and I needed to be gentle with it. No scrubs, toners, or benzoyl peroxide. I use a gentle cream cleanser, wear mineral makeup, and spot-treat as needed (which is seldom) with a 2% salicylic acid gel. My skin has cleared up wonderfully.

  104. Laurie says

    If have oily hair that tends to make your face oily use a large powder brush to dab in some baking powder – at your hairline. It’s invisible and has no scent. Just don’t do it with a black shirt on while you apply!

  105. Debbie says

    I was advised to take flax seed oil by my opthamologist for dry eye syndrome. I started applying a little topically around my eyes also to see if that would help. The results were amazing. The fine lines were less noticleable, and my skin was softer and firmer. Now, I just break one capsule open and apply to face, neck and hands.

  106. Teresa says

    Getting plenty of sleep and moisturize. I got super busy with the family running to practices and games after working all day, trying to keep up with the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. as a Mom – noticed my skin was really dried and bags under eyes. Moisturizing and rest really helps.

  107. Maggie says

    My favorite beauty tip is to drink lots and lots of water. It balances your skin and promotes cell repair. I have really dry skin & it’s always dryer when I don’t drink enough water.

    Happy holidays! :)

  108. Tricia says

    My “beauty” tip…make your own deodorant. It is super simple with coconut oil, baking soda and arrow root or corn starch. It is the best deodorant I have ever used and super simple to make and super cheap!!1

  109. Lisa says

    It may sound silly, but I read that if you don’t mositurize your ears, they end up telling your age. So when I mositurize, I make sure and get my earlobes as well.

  110. Vicki says

    Exfoliate with baking soda. Take a little baking soda and add just enough water to make a thick paste. Rub it all over your face then rinse off. It is naturally ph balanced, so it’s fine to use on any skin type.

  111. Micki says

    If you are like me and don’t wear makeup much, my tip is to throw out the old and get new every so often. Aparently it can harbor germs and for those of us with contact lenses, can cause itchy/puffy eyes.

  112. Becky says

    I always add a little bit of my favorite moisture lotion to my foundation and it seems to give me better coverage and a bit of extra moisturizing during these cold, dry winter months. (I took the Frugal Girl’s advice and just recently started using some Mary Kay products and I absolutely love them.)

  113. Melanie Tiner says

    The biggest skin care advice I can give is to wear sunscreen all of the time and do not lay out in the sun or in a tanning bed. I speak from experience.

  114. Meg says

    It took me awhile but I’ve finally learned to keep it simple (although sometimes I probably keep it too simple)! It’s extremely freeing not to have to put on a lot of makeup to “look like myself” in the mornings- but a little bit of tinted moisturizer and some mascara go a long way on even the busiest days!

  115. Josie Cooper says

    No tips since I never found a good way to apply makeup, which is why I need help and would love to try Mary Kay!

  116. Charlotte Benfield says

    I add a little bit of cornstarch to my loose powder make-up. It not only makes the make-up last longer but also absorbs some of the oil from my face (I have oily skin too).

  117. Leslie says

    Lots of great tips being shared! I’ll add one I haven’t seen – I use eyeshadow primer not only on my upper eyelids, but underneath my eyes too. It stops mascara and eyeliner from migrating.

  118. Melina H. says

    For winter skin or skin that’s really dry or has excema, use moisturizer with ceramides, it really helps to retain moisture in skin.

    Also, when stressed try to relax the face, I often notice I start wearing a permanent frown otherwise!

  119. Lynda says

    I will go ahead and tout another Mary Kay product. Their makeup remover is incredible. I use it to remove eye makeup, liner, mascara, shadow quickly and easily. You don’t have to fight to get the makeup off. One of the best products I own.

  120. Melissa says

    Coconut oil is a great moisturizer before bed-wash face with warm water & then rub a tiny bit into skin on face and neck. I’d love to try some Mary Kay products.

  121. Kim says

    Make sure to regularly get a good night’s sleep. Even the prettiest makeup can’t hide a tired face. After all, it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing!

  122. Lee Ann Dezern says

    I love Mary Kay products in fact I use the cleanser, moisturizer and foundation. I would love to try some of these products as well.
    The best beauty tip is wash your face prior to going to sleep. Drink lots of water, get plenty of fresh air and sleep.
    Sunscreen can work wonders. I am 51 and I have several people tell me I look like I am in my late 30s.

  123. Nancy Carlson says

    Feeling peaceful because of faith in Jesus Christ is the best way to be beautiful. The smile and actions of a peaceful woman is a thing of beauty.

  124. DIANE says

    Well my best beauty tip comes from my grandmother who lived to 94 years old. Use vaseline on your face to prevent wrinkles….i have to say grandma had beautiful skin on her face and just a few wrinkles at 94

  125. Rachel O says

    Here is something that has served me well to maintaining healthy skin, use minimal make-up, and when you do pick out your make-up make it something light in weight and natural.

  126. Kathy says

    Good old advice from mom, still works for me at age 50. Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, exercise daily, get fresh air, smile and have fun, don’t fret, worry, or smoke (makes wrinkles), always remember to wash off your makeup before going to bed, and always remember to moisturize your face before applying makeup.

    I still get carded when we go out, so it must have worked. Thanks mom!

  127. Melissa says

    I used Mary Kay products growing up and loved them. The face mask made my skin feel so soft and renewed. Also, I always felt the make-up made my face looked fresh and not over-done.

  128. Shaun says

    I love Mary Kay products and especially the blotting papers for freshening up oily skin without removing your makeup. Try them!

  129. says

    It works every time…The greatest beauty top I’ve learned is put on a moisturizing mask before putter on makeup. The foundation will absorb much better.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  130. Kiersta says

    Even the most sleep deprived of Mommies can look well rested with a little gloss and mascara… I always keep both in my purse

  131. Mel says

    After experiencing adult acne… my payback for clear skin through High School, I have found Mary Kay’s Acne Treatment to be incredibly beneficial. It most certainly has helped stop a baby pimple from giving birth to triplets by cutting down the bacteria, and drying it up!

  132. Maria Ehlers says

    I used to have issues with breakouts along my jawline. I started using baking soda as a daily facial scrub about 3 years ago, and I have not had a breakout since. Just add enough water to make a paste, scrub your face and rinse with clear water. Be sure to use a moisturizer with sunscreen, also.

  133. Brandi Lang says

    I too used Mary Kay when I was a teen… I sort of fell away from it when I got to college because suddenly it was my responsibility to pay for my own makeup and beauty and it was just too expensive. But here is my beauty tip: Brush and floss your teeth!! Sounds easy but it’s a great confidence boost when you know your breath is fresh and your teeth are sparkly clean!

  134. Jennifer says

    Use baby oil to remove make up. It’ s less expensive than make up remover, and works really well on water-proof mascara.

  135. Susanna says

    I love Mary Kay (when I bother with makeup that is) I was really bummed when they replaced the liquid foundation that that cream to powder stuff – I really don’t do makeup well – never learned. as someone else said in their reply, I’m reallynot one to give makup advice either but I do have one piece of advice – well maybe a couple! ;-) – young skin doesn’t seem to need ‘help’ but start early taking care of your skin…and another thing I learned – work with what you have! I’m pale and when in my teens wanted to look tan – um, darker foundation does NOT make a pale face look better – I’d been better off just enhancing what I had not trying to make a new face!

  136. Jennifer C. says

    Drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Also, eating well and being active will help with your overall appearance and health.

  137. Debra Ford says

    Over the years, the best advice that has helped me long term to to use the best moisturizer you can possibly afford – now that I’m older, I go for the best serum I can afford!

  138. Terry says

    Oh Please enter my name in your sweepstakes! I haven’t tried Mary Kay in years but have certainly been looking lately to completely change my makeup routine. My friends and sister-in-laws would be happy to try something new for a change too and if I was looking good, they’d want to know how!
    My favorite beauty tip; After I use up any sample size jar (Clinique eye cream for example) I wash out the tiny jar and fill it with my favorite moisturizer or face cream. I keep it in my makeup bag and when my skin looks dry or dull I dab it lightly over my makeup for a quick glow.

    Terry T.

  139. Rhea says

    For beautiful skin, less is more. It’s not necessary to use harsh abrasive products or microdermabrasion to have a clear complexion! Also, get a good night’s sleep — no makeup in the world can beat a well-rested and glowing visage!

  140. Danielle says

    Use your ring finger to apply eye makeup. It is softer on the sensitive skin. Also, apply lotion to your face and neck every night before bed!

  141. anash says

    a beauty tip that i received was to put vaseline on your hands and cover with cotton socks overnight forsoft hands! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  142. Vicki F. says

    Afte wash my face, I go over it again with an oxy pad. I cut them in qarters to stretch them. They get off more dirt and oil than the soap and water did, and exfliate my skin.

  143. Herlinda says

    For oily eyelids: Use Mary Kay primer then use oil mattifying powder. Instead of brushing eyeshadow pat it onto eyelid.

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