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You know, some miscellany.


We finally bought a generator this summer, because our power routinely goes out even during thunderstorms. Before the hurricane hit, Mr. FG and I joked that now that since we have a generator, the power probably won’t go out.

And we turned out to be right.

But of course, I’m grateful whenever we don’t have to use the generator.


Could someone explain to me how the junk drawer gets so messy??

For someone who claims to want to live with less stuff, that drawer was awfully full.

Also, could someone tell me why I had a package of fabric dye in the junk drawer?

(probably not.)

That pile there wasn’t even everything that was in the drawer, sadly enough.

But, it has once again been restored to order.

It’ll probably stay this way for, oh, about a week.


What’s that?

You don’t routinely take drawers out of your dressers and stack books on top of them?

Well, I don’t either. But this decidedly-not-an-heirloom dresser had drawers with issues. To be precise, the bottom panels kept sinking and popping out of the back piece, which made everything in the drawers sag.

This has been happening for a while, but since the whole drawer is made out of particle board and other not-solid-wood materials, I didn’t really think it could be fixed. Nails and screws don’t work well in particle board, after all.

But then I realized that maybe glue could do the trick. So, I spread glue on the bottom piece and on the groove in the back side, pushed the pieces together, weighed them down with books, and hoped for the best.

Much to my delight, the glued pieces held together very nicely, so I proceeded to fix the other drawers as well.

I don’t think this dresser is going to be handed down to my grandchildren or anything, but I’m pleased that its useful life has been extended a bit.


I volunteered to bring rolls to a funeral recently, so I made a triple batch of basic dinner rolls. I think they look kind of beautiful, don’t you?

It’s a good thing I didn’t quadruple the recipe, because the triple recipe used nearly all of my baking sheets.


In October, I took another trip to the Aldi headquarters (so fun!)

I’ll tell you all about it this week, now that the Christmas series has concluded.

Aaaand, I think I’ll try to squeeze in an America’s Test Kitchen giveaway too.

It’s gonna be a good week. ;)


  1. says

    I’m glad to hear that you didn’t lose power during the storm, and were all safe. I’m also excited to hear about the Aldi trip. We don’t live very close to our local Aldi, but do sometimes make the trip out there. I went last week because we were having a party, and noticed they had organic butter for half the price it is in the supermarket. Needless to say, I stocked up!

    I was late to post my food waste this week, but I wasted the last bit of a bunch of coriander (cilantro), which made me think of you and your battles with coriander! It is so hard to use up a whole bunch, and it always bolts when I grow it.

  2. says

    The dinner rolls look very nice. Now my daughter is hounding me about making them. Anything baking/cooking related excites her to pieces. :)

  3. says

    Now on the subject of junk drawers this is what I’ve done to address the problem. It’s a kinda “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em'” philosophy. To stop multiple drawers becoming untidy I’ve designated a true junk drawer (it’s half size). Anything goes in there – anything. If I find a spring or a bit of a toy, or even a random piece of fabric – in it goes (unless I absolutely know it is redundant and won’t be that tiny bit of crucial bit of lego!). I have a theory these things breed – so by containing it I’m alleviating the situation.
    The best thing about this drawer is that all the kids who visit automatically head for it. Lot’s of fun is assembling things and creating games from their finds.
    Also takes the stress off me, hunting things down all the time – it tends to be in there!
    (it gets culled twice yearly)

  4. jen says

    Right before my daughter was born we moved from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished cottage and had to quickly find some dressers. I would have loved to buy more well-made furniture, but we had to settle for some assembly-required particle board jobbies. Well, almost two years later we’ve had the same problem with the drawer bottoms sinking in. Recently I took a hot glue gun and ran it around the bottom and it seems to be working. Fingers crossed!

  5. Julie says

    It may not be an heirloom, but extending the life of anything is good! Better than sending it to a landfill. :) And I have NO idea why you’d have that dye int he drawer, but I know I am bad for occasionally buying things I SWEAR I am going to do a project with and then it never happens. I’m not sure how they slip through, but I try to keep all of my ‘project’ stuff together but it never fails that something gets through and ends up stuck in a random drawer or shelf. LOL

    You know, I don’t even know who won the last contest? I try to keep up with all of the posts and things, but I know things slip through… who won the previous one?

    • Kristen says

      Yep, that’s what I figured…I probably couldn’t really donate it if it was in bad shape, so it would indeed end up in the landfill.

      I edited the giveaway post to announce the winner, but think I failed to announce it in a separate post. Shana from CO was the winner. :)

  6. David says

    We bought a generator about 5 years ago because we too live in an area that loses power when they just FORECAST rain! Our first outage came when we were on vacation! And our seconad same, we were away. The third outage we were out of town and my daughter called and asked if they could borrow it because they had lost power too. She used it, and returned it!
    Last week -Hurricane Sandy. I moved the generaator to the front of the basement door, Checked it’s oil went to the gas station and purchased 20 gallons of gas.
    Certain we were at last to make use of our generator.
    But no loss of power!! In a Hurricane!! Come on now.
    All I can say is that my prediction of, “Now that we have purchased a generator we will never again lose power.” has come true. You could say that it has achieved what we wanted and expected no more power outages.
    (The same thing happened with our snowblower, no snow since we purchased it. My new projection is that it will not snow until my snowblower seizes up from lack of use!)

  7. says

    Hi Kristen, a lovely post this morning. I have an old kitchen with drawers with the same problem and I’m going to use your tip and ‘give it a go’.

  8. says

    My son’s drawer has been sitting in the basement and on the hubby’s “to do” list for a really long time. Maybe I’ll tackle that beast myself! I’m sure I can find some wood glue around here somewhere (maybe in the junk drawer?? lol). Your rolls really are beautiful! Maybe I’ll try something other than crescent shapes this Thanksgiving. :)

  9. robbiekay says

    Hi Kristen. I don’t know about others, but I’d be interested in hearing how the two of you chose your generator. That is a purchase that we are looking in to.

    In my experience, just because one person in the household wants to live with less stuff, doesn’t mean other members of the household are on the same page. :) DH seems to think that a junk drawer is a necessity. Since we have such crummy, cheap cabinets, I let him have the two drawers that are so terrible that I can’t stand to use for his junk drawers. However, whenever we can upgrade to new cabinets, bye-bye junk drawer!

    And yes, I want some of those rolls. In my tummy, please.

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