Wanna see some recent Goodwill finds?

Before I started shopping at Goodwill regularly, I thought there wasn’t really much good stuff there. However, Katy’s sharing about her Goodwill finds inspired me to give mine a try. So every now and then, I like to share some of my Goodwill finds to hopefully inspire some of you!

Gym Shirt

Though I’ve been going to the gym since last November, I haven’t really had a very good shirt to wear (I’ve been wearing old ratty tank tops). So, when I saw this brand new with tags shirt at Goodwill, I snapped it up.

I think it was $5 and I’m really pleased with it. It’s lightweight, sleeveless (this is fabulous because I am so not a person who can work out in sweats and long sleeves), and the neck opening provides plenty of coverage without being chokingly high (I hate shirts with tight neck openings).

A Zoe shirt

This next item was definitely not a necessity type of purchase, but I do love it so. You know how I adore white clothing for little girls, and so this shirt caught my eye.

It’s in great shape, fits Zoe perfectly, and only cost $1.25. Shweet.


I’ve never seen Duplos at a Goodwill before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Having priced Duplos on Ebay (I even bought some there for Zoe a few Christmases ago), I knew that $5 was a very decent price for two one-gallon bags.

Duplos are designed for the preschool crowd, but all 3 of my girls still looove to play with them. They’re always building houses and castles and cars for various other little toys to use (most often the Japanese Eraser animals!). Because the castles they build are elaborate and are generally x3, it’s not unusual for them to run out of blocks, so I knew these blocks would come in handy.

Of course, because we don’t know exactly where these blocks have been, the girls gladly gave them a soapy bath in the tub (I didn’t tell them to put their feet in, but you know how children and water are. ;) ).

A dress for Sonia

I had to shorten up the straps a bit on this one (the shoulder ties are fake, so I had to actually sew the straps), but it was a pretty easy fix.

Some handy-dandy ribbon

I found this in the Target bins…some throw packaging without a throw.

I love to salvage packaging ribbon when it’s real cloth ribbon (that’s how I added the blue ribbon trim on Zoe’s fish dress), so I asked if I could have it for free, and the employee said yes.


I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do with it, but I’m certain I’ll come up with something.

Have you found anything fabulous at a thrift store lately?

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  1. says

    You found some great things, all of which were perfect for your family’s needs! My most recent Goodwill gem was a toddler Ravens jersey for my son for 50 cents! Since we are in Delaware, most of the sports items at our Goodwill are Philly teams, so I was really excited to find something Baltimore!

  2. Jonathan says

    I helped some friends pack a moving truck recently. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon. In the stack of trash, there were all sorts of ribbons from gifts. Crate and Barrel has some incredibly strong cloth ribbon. Strong enough I rolled it up and told them to use it to strap stuff down in the truck. Of course, it says Crate and Barrel all over it, but perhaps you could dye it? If there is one around, you might check to see if they have scraps.

  3. says

    Brilliant! I’m on a real jag right now dressing my wee one in white and have been lucky enough to find them all at our local resale store.

    You don’t mind a whole bunch of white dresses when each of them cost a dollar (I splurged and got one for $2.00 :))

    The duplo’s are great but they hurt like heck when you step on them in the dark.

  4. says

    I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought a beach towel for $1.50, (it was priced at $3, but was 50% off. We somehow go down a beach towel every year, and had been keeping an eye out for one) and a 99 box of super cute stationary for my 7-year-old niece whose birthday is coming up and is moving from Seattle to NYC. I will buy a set of “forever stamps” to go with the stationary and tell her it’s to write to her West coast friends and family.

    Great finds, and you can always keep an eye out on Craigslist for Duplos, and maybe even post a Freecycle ad.


    P.S. Lookin’ good, bay-bee!

  5. says

    Around here, we have Savers, my personal favorite! Took my baby boy shopping, and brought along my 36 week belly… and ended up with 3 pairs of 18 month boy’s shorts and two adorable onsies in great shape (one Polo Ralph Lauren!) for the boy on the way. This cost me a mere $11. Thank you, Savers (and Mom, for teaching your girls to appreciate thrift shopping).

  6. Cindy says

    Where is the largest thrift store in TX ? I never knew there were Goodwill Super stores til I went to TX!! I have 13 grandchildren, so I definitely shop thrift stores for clothes and toys, I have found great deals on like new stuff.

  7. Kim C says

    I went Thursday and got 5 misc crosses for my wall. They are already a brown/black
    combination and distressed so I don’t have to do anything, but hang them. I’ve been wanting some for several years, but wouldn’t fork over $100 for a set. These were a sweet $1 each! My birthday is in July so as I was putting them in my basket I was singing, “Happy Birthday to me….” My daughter was doing the eye roll and laughing until…..She found the complete set of the Mortal Instruments Series books for $4.50! She has been wanting this set for several years and I wouldn’t let her buy them because of the price. (She got them at the library, but she wanted her own set so that she could re-read them again an again) Then, you guessed it, she was singing the happy birthday song and I was the one laughing! LOL
    Also, got a small wooden toy box/padded stool for my son’s room for $1. Saw a similar one online for $100! He is 3 and it has some very juvenille prints on the side and a slightly stained red cushion so I plan to sand it, paint it red and cover the cushion with denim to match his room. Now he’ll have a stool to sit on to play with trains and I only spent $1 !
    Total for the day? $10.50 I LOVE me some Goodwill!

  8. says

    The white top and the blue dress are darling! We have boys and I find once they’ve passed the toddler stage it’s hard to find clothes for them in decent shape. But we occasionally find a gem on our thrift store trips! I need to schedule another one in soon. It’s been too long!

  9. Elizabeth says

    This wasn’t from goodwill, but I recently found a casio keyboard with a stand for $20 at a garage sale. My kids, who love music, were dying for one and a comparable new one would have been over $100. They play it all the time. It is truly one of my very best garage sale finds EVER.

    Kristen, I love your blog!

  10. Mary says

    I found a beautiful, expensive queen size comforter-that looked like new for $12 at Goodwill -and it washed beautifully. However, the next time I went back, they wanted $20 for a well used one! The Goodwill near our church is in an expensive suburb & is a good place to find really nice “like new” books for kids for for 50 cents or less.

  11. Susanne says

    i have a couple of goodwills near me. in the past, i have found fabulous skirts there–banana republic, ann taylor, loft, jcrew, even anthropologie! they are usually around $3-8. i get so excited when i get something for so cheap that is know is so expensive!! lately, i have not been too pleased with the clothing–maybe it’s just a seasonal thing?

  12. Marian says

    Susanne, I’ve found Goodwill to be very seasonal. Right around now I found good things, presumably because people are doing Spring/Summer cleaning and decluttering.

  13. Amy says

    We have Thrifttown here in CA and it is way less expensive than goodwill. On top of their everyday low prices, they have frequent sales. I stocked up on shorts for my two boys, and a few cute skirts for myself, for 99 cents each.

  14. Libby says

    I laughed when I saw the three girls on the edge of the bath – they are arranged in red, white, and blue order! How patriotic :)

  15. Janet says

    Sunday I went to the Goodwill in Goldsboro, NC. Found a large tan recliner in perfect condition for $42.96. I sat in it with the sticker in my hands until my SIL could drive there as I had driven my car to the store.

  16. says

    I always feel like whenever I go to goodwill, someone else got the items I needed or wanted. I suppose because I don’t have the great finds that you do. I usually have better luck in the bins at certain stores, but maybe one day it will extend to goodwill.

  17. WilliamB says

    Ahem. What’s wrong with old tattered t-shirts? I’ve been running in them for d/e/c/a/… many years.

  18. Hazel says

    Not from a thrift store, but an older friend in the village was decluttering her wardrobe and passed 2 huge bags on to me for DD1, who is 12 and so becoming more particular about clothing. She is also 5’4″ and a UK size 10-12, so clothes are getting expensive and there is a constant trade off between what she’d like, what fits her and what I consider appropriate for a 12 year old! She doesn’t want anything too skimpy or revealing, but some shops seem to think she should…

    DD thought it was her birthday, I think- brand new or barely worn clothes, including jeans and all very good brands, so she’s thrilled and I’ve saved a fortune!

  19. Deedra says

    i recently went to Goodwill while visiting a larger town (where i live there isn’t one) i got a few good finds!! a good good good golf bag with rain cover and stand for $4.00!! a brand new camcorder bag with strap (tags still attached) for $4.00!! and a tennis racket backpack for $4.00!! wooohoo i am ready to go back each month LOL

  20. Amanda-Beth says

    Don’t be affraid to to turn old clothes new if you like the fabric say it dosent do you justice as a shirt turn it into skirt or vest. Also take your time if you are rushing you will never find anything in thrift store you need to take time to look for the peices tjat you need or want for whatever pourpose.

  21. LC says

    I LOVE shopping at Goodwill :) I started when I was pregnant with my 2nd son and found 3 pairs of maternity pants (which would normally cost over $50 ea in-store) for only $30 total! Since then, I’ve found a good pair of lounge pants, a good denim jacket, a few cute tops, some clothes for my little one, and just yesterday, I found a cute 3/4 sleeve sweater (perfect for fall) and my proudest find: a practically brand new brown leather hobo purse, very similar (possibly even BETTER) to a purse I’d been coveting at Walmart that cost $32 – the purse I found was only $9.99 ^_^ Needless to say, I will continue shopping there!

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