1. BarbS says

    Cool idea! I’ll have to try to remember it when the weather gets warmer. (It will get warmer at some point, right?)

  2. Rebecca says

    I don’t garage sale either! Nor do I hold them. For me it is a lot of time and effort with little payout, though I know many who get everything at G sales. I find a trip or two to goodwill every week to be a more successful use of my time.

  3. Molly says

    Oh, but garage saling is so much fun! That’s how we furnished our first apartment. $200, a few weekends, and my pickup, and we had a well loved place. :-)

  4. Joyce says

    I tried yard sales last year after a long time and remembered why I don’t do it.
    First of all it’s a lot of energy in terms of driving around and getting in and out of the car all the time. In my neck of the woods (outside Richmond VA) people are crazy! Trying to find a parking place in a cul-de-sac with 10 other cars will pluck anyone’s nerves. After my adventure I only bought a couple of cookbooks. I’m definitely a thrift store kind of gal.

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